Bob Balaban


Original Cast - You're a Good Man Charlie Brown (OCR)

by Unknown (Miscellaneous)

You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown (Enitre Company) Schroeder (Reva Rose) (Skip Hinnant) Snoopy (Bill Hinnant) My Blanket & Me (Bob Balaban) Kite (Gary Burghoff) Dr Lucy (Gary Burghoff) (Reva Rose) Book Report (Bob Balaban) (Gayr Burghoff) (Reva Rose) (Skip Hinnant) The Red Baron (Bill Hinnant) T-E-A-M (Entire Company) Queen Lucy (Bob Balaban) (Reva Rose) Peanuts Potpourri (Bill Hinnant) (Bob Balaban) (Gary Burghoff) Little Know Facts (Bob Balaban) (Gary Burghoff) (Reva Rose4) Suppertime (Bill Hinnant) (Gary Burghoff) Happiness (Entire Company) You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown (Barbara Minkus) (Clark Gesner) The Doctor Is In (Barbara Minkus) (Clark Gesner) My Blanket & Me (Barbara Minkus) (Clark Gesner) The Kite (Barbara Minkus) (Clark Gesner)
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