Spenser Leigh


Spring Rain (Seaside Seasons Series #1)

by The Doubleday Religious Publishing Group (Fiction: Other Fiction Books)

In this first book of the Seaside Seasons series, Leigh Spenser, a young teacher and the single mother of ten-year-old Billy, is thrown into conflict. Clay Wharton, the boy's estranged father, comes home to Seaside, New Jersey, to await his twin brother's death from AIDS. Threats against Billy's life ratchet the tension tighter, as Leigh wrestles with both tough and tender feelings for her old flame. Clay's own conflict, as he seeks to come to grips with his brother's lifestyle choices and the needs of the boy he fathered, underline the issue of God's forgiveness in the hearts - and lives - of this modern-day family. An emotionally gripping read! From the Trade Paperback edition.
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