Nick Bacon


Lost City Angels ~ Lost City Angels (new)

by Unknown (Hardcore & Punk Music)

Lost City Angels: Nick Bacon, Ron Ragona (vocals); Drew Suxx (guitar, background vocals); Duggan (bass, background vocals); Adam Shaw (drums).Recorded at Grandmaster Studios, Hollywood, California. Personnel: Nicholas Bacon (vocals, guitar); Ron Ragona, Duggan, Drew Suxx (vocals); Drew Indingaro (guitar); Adam Shaw (drums); Mike Pellegrino (background vocals).Audio Mixer: Andrew Alekel. Recording information: 09/09/2001-09/14/2001.The Lost City Angels' eponymous debut is a hard album to view objectively. The group has an enthusiasm and sloppy reverence that is infectious, especially when it comes to punk-pop (which at times can be quite generic). But the songs aren't terribly memorable, instead consisting of momentum and energy instead of hooks and melodies. Some punk rock works fine with this equation, but by the end of the album one can't help but want more from this talented bunch. Glimpses of the bandmembers' potential shines through at certain moments, but nowhere is it more obvious than "Caught in Time." Backed by nothing more than an acoustic guitar, Ron Ragona's cigarette-scarred voice delivers a tale of lost youth with a forcefulness that balances the wistful lyrics perfectly. Oddly enough, they then follow it up (and end the album) with another winner, "Dreamgirl 89102." A high-octane tune that brings to mind the melodic hardcore of early T.S.O.L, they build the song on an awesome rockabilly guitar bit and temper it with a thrashing (and memorable) chorus. If only the rest of the album showed this sort of songwriting talent, then this would be a knockout. As it stands, this is a decent debut that holds a lot of promise but only delivers toward the end. ~ Bradley Torreano
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