Walter Brennan


Reminiscing With Walter Brennan - Cd

by Cd (Country Music)

EU-only collection. Somewhere between outer space and the inner man stands Walter Brennan. Whether it be projected on a screen in a motion picture or tugging at the heart strings of a young lass on a recording. There is a bit of earth and heaven in the way he reaches into all of us. In this collection we capture the unique style and poignant performances on tracks such as: "Dutchman's Gold"; "I Believe"; "Tribute to a Dog"; "Old Rivers"; "Boll Weevil" and the classic "Old Shep" all of which he brings to us with a twinkle in his eye and some with a tear. Every selection on this wonderful CD has its own story, its own shade of meaning, its own emotional impact. As you listen to the songs you can almost picture him, crumpled hat in humble hand as he recalls some of his favorite narratives. Jasmine.
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