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Victoria Silvstedt - Calendario 2002

Victoria Silvstedt immortalate per i 12 mesi del 2002, nella magia dell'isola corsa di Cavallò.

Victoria Silvstedt attends star-studded screening of American Pastoral in New York

Fashion momentarily overshadowed film as a host of stars gathered for a screening of new movie American Pastoral on Wednesday evening. But while special emphasis was placed on the forthcoming film's illustrious cast, Swedish model Victoria Silvstedt 

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Jennifer, Nadine, Victoria and Psychokinetic Telepathy

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New TV4-farmer Sigrids secret in the lap of luxury – the Express newspaper

After the night with the 21-year-old Erik, she became the most talked-about participant in this year’s “Farmer seeks wife”. Now, says Sigrid Bergåkra, 43, about his previously unknown glamorous life as a fashion model – and her friendship with Victoria Silvstedt. – If you are told that you are beautiful so do people think automatically that you can’t be a smart entrepreneur, ” says Sigrid Bergåkra. Sigrid Bergåkra is a 43-year-old hästbonde from Söromåsen in the province of Hälsingland. She is looking for her big love in this year’s "Farmer seeks wife". In the season’s third episode got the viewers see Sigrid tell Linda Lindorff that she and the farmer Erik Bäckman, 21, had taken a liking for each other and spent the night together. Sigrid told in the programme that they felt a passion, and that she has not experienced such a feeling since the 1990s. But they chose to continue to seek love among their correspondents. Afterwards, have Erik Bäckman directed strong criticism against the program, and how they chose to show the event on tv. He has also said that he regrets his participation, while Sigrid said that they had a nice night together. Sigrid Bergåkras career Sigrid Bergåkra is an entrepreneur, mother of three daughters 9, 12 and 15 years. On her farm, she runs a ridgymnasium. When she was 15, she began working as a fashion model, among others, in Hamburg, where she shared an apartment with aspiring supermodel Claudia Schiffer. If one is beautiful or looks good it is nothing you have the benefit of in the long run. But we have no contact today, we were tonårskompisar, ” says Sigrid. Sigrid Bergåkra mean that there may be prejudice against her given her background as a model. If you are told that you are beautiful so do people think automatically that you can’t be a smart entrepreneur. Among the most important thing that happened to me is that I came in on the ridgymnasium when I was 17 years old, ” says Sigrid. She tells us about her friendship with Victoria Silvstedt. We ride together, we have different life but try to keep in touch and be seen when we have time. We have a lot of fun when we meet, and laugh a lot. Victoria is a smart girl, some people may not believe. READ MORE: Criticism of Erik after the hot night. Sigrid Bergåkra in the “Farmer seeks wife” 2016 It was her colleague who reported her to the “Farmer seeks wife". It is tough to stay alone at the farm and look after yourself. My colleague had seen it at close quarters for a long time, and heard me complain. I had a särbo in southern Europe in a few years, and it was a hard trial. “Farmer looking for wife” was the last straw, it is not easy to find someone. With the farm and the children, it can be a hard life. Sigrid Bergåkra look back on this summer’s adventure as a positive experience. Her participation in the tv-box has also allowed älgjaktslaget had other topics of conversation. – In älgjaktslaget as I am with so we’re talking more of a feeling now, that is cute. In the past it was mostly the weather and the wind, ” says Sigrid. Which girl are you more vulnerable, and you should as well as talk about their private feelings and sex. My children and brethren, look at the program with me. I got the support of them after the section where I talked about the night with Erik. They said "yes you Sigrid, we understand that it is intrigue and it is all about emotions".


  1. Fashion momentarily overshadowed film as a host of stars gathered for a screening of new movie American Pastoral on Wednesday evening. But while special emphasis was placed on the forthcoming film's illustrious cast, Swedish model Victoria Silvstedt 
  2. De 2006 à 2011, Victoria Silvstedt a animé tous les soirs de la semaine sur TF1 La Roue de la fortune. Au côté de son complice Christophe Dechavanne, la coanimatrice jouait parfaitement son rôle de blonde un peu Barbie avec beaucoup d'autodérision.
  3. Naomi Campbell emulated Princess Grace of Monaco at the Princess Grace Awards Gala on Monday night in New York City. The supermodel looked radiant in a textured pearl evening gown that showed off her fit physique. The dress flared out behind the 
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Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe (flour, heavy cream, strawberry jam, sugar, butter, cake, raspberries, eggs, powdered sugar, milk, baking powder, salt, vanilla extract, zest)

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Victoria Silvstedt - Official Site
victoria silvstedt official site model, actress, singer, performer, television personality and celebrity

Victoria Silvstedt - Wikipedia
Born: Karin Victoria Silvstedt (1974-09-19) 19 September 1974 (age 42) Skelleftehamn, Sweden: Occupation: Model, actress, singer, television personality

Сильвстедт, Виктория — Википедия
Карен Виктория Сильвстедт (швед. Karen Victoria Silvstedt, род. 19 сентября 1974 (19740919), Шеллефтео, Швеция


Orange Baloon Nipple 11-10-09 -- IMG_9512
Very interesting orange balloon nipple.
Victoria Silvstedt
Model Victoria Silvstedt und Hermann Bühlbecker auf der Bacardi-Party in Südfrankreich
Foto: Ufuk Sevinc

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