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Workouts with fewer reps could yield better results

Date: January 13, 2017; Source: University of Stirling; Summary: Time-poor people who do fewer repetitions during high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts may get better fitness benefits than those who complete more, according to an analysis

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Workouts with fewer reps could yield better results - Science Daily

Experts from Scotland's University for Sporting Excellence have reviewed existing studies that investigate the benefits of regularly performing repetitions of a special type of high-intensity cycle sprint known as 'supramaximal'. They found doing fewer repetitions of these sprint intervals on a bike may lead to greater improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness. Dr Niels Vollaard, Lecturer in Health and Exercise Science in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport, said: "Lack of time is frequently cited as one of the main barriers to people becoming or staying physically active. High-intensity workouts have begun to tackle this problem, allowing people to get maximum health benefits while working out for a shorter time. "We found improved cardiorespiratory fitness does not suffer when people complete fewer sprint repetitions and that this may even produce better results. The findings of this research are only applicable to 'supramaximal' exercise, which requires specialised exercise bikes that enable very high exercise intensities. Whether HIIT workouts at lower intensities also benefit from a low number of sprint repetitions is not yet known. Previously, it has been assumed that performing more repetitions of high-intensity exercise will produce greater improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness. In this analysis, published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise , scientists found that after performing two maximal sprints, each additional sprint in a training session reduced the overall improvement in fitness by around... Dr Vollaard added: "For the first time, we have evidence to suggest an indicator of fitness levels is improved more by doing fewer repetitions of high-intensity exercise. "To encourage more people to become active and help increase the health of the population, we need to investigate the optimal duration and number of sprint intervals people could undertake on a bike, while getting the same benefits as longer... Fitness levels were measured by VO2max, the maximal amount of oxygen the body is capable of utilising in one minute, which is accepted as one of the best indicators of future health and risk of premature death.


  1. Date: January 13, 2017; Source: University of Stirling; Summary: Time-poor people who do fewer repetitions during high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts may get better fitness benefits than those who complete more, according to an analysis
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Richard and Suzanne's Famous Red Beans and Sausage (sausage, bacon, bay leaves, olive oil, garlic, green pepper, green onion, red pepper, red pepper flakes, salt, butter, water, yellow onions)

Grilled Cabbage by Richard (butter, cabbage, olive oil, black pepper, salt)

Richard's Chicken Breasts (butter, chicken, rosemary, flour, marsala wine, mozzarella cheese, olive oil, onions, mushrooms, poultry seasoning)

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Richard Rogers - Wikipedia
Richard Rogers was born in Florence in 1933 from Italian parents. His father, William Nino Rogers (1906-1993), was the cousin of Italian architect Ernesto Nathan Rogers.

Richard Rogers - Wikipedia
Richard George Rogers, barone Rogers di Riverside (Firenze, 23 luglio 1933), è un architetto italiano naturalizzato inglese ...

County Durham and Darlington - Mr Richard Stirling

County Durham and Darlington - Mr Richard Stirling
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Richard Stirling - Characters - Crownies - ABC TV
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Richard Stirling - Film and Theatre Author

Richard Stirling - Film and Theatre Author
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The Square Mile
The City of London is the ancient heart of the capital. As the City’s boundaries have remained almost unchanged since the Middle Ages, it is now only a tiny part of the metropolis, though it remains a notable part of central London and holds city status in its own right. To the left is Tower 42, standing 600ft and completed in 1981. In the middle are two new skyscrapers, the Leadenhall Building and 20 Fenchruch Street. On the right is 30 St Mary Axe, designed by Norman Foster and nicknamed "The Gherkin". The City is today a major business and financial centre, ranking alongside New York City as the leading centre of global finance.
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Last chaingang of the season taking the untypical Deanston-Mini Braes-Kippen Flats route
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