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Guided Meditation for Detachment From Over-Thinking (Anxiety / OCD / Depression)

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And just like that… The house was quiet! Heather Cox Rosenberg‎

Mark Conlin via Tallahassee Museum Facebook page. WE ARE BACK!!! Happy First Day of School from a few. None. WE ARE BACK!!! Happy First Day of School from a few of our Sealey Superstars! # 2k1617 # LCSFirstDay Sealey Principal Demetria 

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The Long Stem Is in the Lobby

The Long Stem Is in the Lobby

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The Long Stem Is in the Lobby

Artificial Stone 4: Post-Coade potteries

While Eleanor Coade’s factory was the dominant player in the artificial stone market in the late 18th and early 19thc there were others. A few using their own magic mixtures and from the 1820s onwards others began using the new invention of Portland cement. This post is about two of them – Mark Blanchard and John Marriott Blashfield whose careers ran in parallel through the mid-late 19thc. Their architectural and decorative faux stone and terracotta work can be found all over the country in buildings like the V&A, as well as structures like Chelsea Bridge, and their garden statuary, urns and other ornaments are in many historic... Lets start with what happened to Coade’s factory and equipment. Some of working moulds were bought by Mark Blanchard who had gone to work at the Lambeth factory in the very last days of its existence. He was still only 23 when he set up on his own account as a manufacturer of terracotta architectural ornaments and sculpture in Blackfriars Road, south London. Unsurprisingly much of his earlier work is remarkably similar in both material and design to Coade’s pieces. Blanchard also made scagliola [artificial marble made largely from plaster] at a different site. His short involvement with Coade was clearly a selling point because even as late as 1869, when Coade’s factory had been out of production for about 30 years, he was still advertising using the Coade image of the defeat of Time and claiming he was... Although his adverts always refer to his products as “terra cotta” it was actually stoneware: a vitrified ceramic material, like Coadestone, which was fired at very high temperatures for a very long time. Like Coadestone it was noted that “examples…had stood very well for years”. His earlier items have a buff colour similar to Coadestone but he presumably also experimented with the formula a little, as in later years he also manufactured pieces with much stronger colours, although he still referred to them as terracotta. He won the prize medal at the Great Exhibition for his “materials and workmanship in terracotta”. His prizewinning work attracted the admiration of a rival terracotta maker John Marriott Blashfield. [The spelling of terracotta varies – sometimes one word , sometimes two words and sometimes just to be confusing it’s hyphenated]. Blanchard was, however, only one amongst many heirs to Eleanor Coade. By 1851 there were enough other manufacturers in Britain to merit a separate class at the Crystal Palace for terracotta/artificial stone exhibits. Not all were direct successors to Mrs Coade, since even when she was at the height of her success, other manufacturers were experimenting with different kinds of cement. He patented a new kind of cement in 1796 that was used for stucco work. By the 1840s it was being manufactured by Wyatt, Parker & Company, in Poplar, who had also invented a slow-setting cement or ‘tarras’ for stuccoing, and casting. In 1845 John Marriott Blashfield bought a share in Wyatt Parker and took over its factory. It’s often thought that Blashfield had also obtained moulds from the defunct Coade works, but the timings seem wrong, and instead, it seems that “with the kind liberality of some of his earliest patrons” he collected “some hundreds of casts” of... He also chose the “best sculptors” and soon had the largest “gallery of specimens” seen since the dispersal of Coade’s collection. [Interview with Blashford in the Stamford Mercury , 18th Feb 1859]. Blashfield had previously been connected with the Minton pottery in Stoke, and had manufactured tiles, published designs for mosaic flooring and made scagliola. Once in charge at Wyatt Parker, Blashfield began manufacturing plaster of Paris and a range of other specialist cements on a massive scale. These were used in many significant buildings including the Houses of Parliament, London Docks, the British Museum and even exported to help build the Winter Palace at St Petersburg. He leased over half the building plots for Kensington Palace Gardens – now one of London’s swankiest addresses – but he overstretched himself, couldn’t sell the houses he had built and went bankrupt with debts of £40,000. To recover he sold his.


  1. Mark Conlin via Tallahassee Museum Facebook page. WE ARE BACK!!! Happy First Day of School from a few. None. WE ARE BACK!!! Happy First Day of School from a few of our Sealey Superstars! # 2k1617 # LCSFirstDay Sealey Principal Demetria 
  2. Mike Hunt took third place with 6lb 3oz. Others: 4 Tony West 6lb 2oz, 5 (tied)Dave Sealey and Rob Manns 5lb 9oz. Mark Bowden weighed in 142lb 6oz from peg 53 to win the Hill View open match at Todber Manor. Chris Martin was second with 142lb 2oz 
  3. You don't forget the times he made Gary Pallister look like a mug or left Les Sealey scrambling for fresh air. You remember forever Most people are only starting to make their mark on this world at that stage and it's been taken away from him. In
  1. RT @jamiespencer155: Not many players return to #MUFC after leaving. Only Mark Hughes, Les Sealey and Mark Bosnich in the last 80 years.…
  2. Not many players return to #MUFC after leaving. Only Mark Hughes, Les Sealey and Mark Bosnich in the last 80 years. Not counting Scholes.
  3. RT @mufcinfodotcom: 3 of 3 Signed for #mufc twice Hughes, Mark Bosnich, Mark Sealey, Les Scholes, Paul Pogba, Paul


Mark's English Sausage Rolls (dijon mustard, eggs)

Mark's Clam Chowder (butter, celery, flour, half and half, clams, onions, black pepper, potato, salt)

Mark's Nearly Famous Sloppy Joes (barbecue sauce, ground beef, black pepper, brown sugar, celery, parsley, green pepper, ketchup, lemon juice, liquid smoke flavoring, onions, salt, white vinegar, worcestershire sauce, mustard)

Mark's Mambo Margaritas (limeade concentrate, tequila, lime, strawberries, lime)


Andrew Sealey 1 28/05/16 - YouTube
Andrew Sealy came to Paultons park on a day out with his wife and had arranged in secret to meet a 15 yr old girl to engage in sexual activity. He had also ...

Sealey MC401 Motorcycle Workshop jack lift ramp Honda ...
Going over the sealey MC401 motorbike lift, a good bench/ramp bought from ebay second hand from a local dude. Nearly a quarter the price because he hadnt ...

kit Model No: Vs4960 - Power Tools :
Page 1 of 6 Instructions for: Petrol engine twin Camshaft & Diesel engine setting / loCking tool kit Model No: Vs4960 Thank you for purchasing a Sealey product.

Mark Sealey

Mark Sealey
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Mark Sealey

Mark Sealey
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Mark Sealey - Harry Potter Wiki

Mark Sealey - Harry Potter Wiki
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Mayor John Marks, CAII Board President Brian Sealey, Circuit Director Deborah Moore and others at Moe's VIP opening party for their new Mahan store on December 19, 2012 in Tallahassee, Florida.
Pictured, left to right: David Lloyd; unknown EMS professional; Tallahassee Mayor John Marks; Child Advocates II Board President Brian Sealey; Second Judicial Circuit Guardian ad Litem Program Circuit Director Deborah Moore; Starbucks District Manager Omega Wynn (behind); Florida Department of Children and Families Assistant General Counsel Kristen Krueger-Griswold; and Moe's Tallahassee owners Rob and Michele Atkisson. Photo Credit: Sealey
Codakia-rich fossiliferous limestone (Cockburn Town Member, Grotto Beach Formation, Upper Pleistocene; west of Pain Pond, San Salvador Island, Bahamas) 5
Fossiliferous limestone of the Grotto Beach Formation (Upper Pleistocene) along a trail due west of Pain Pond, northeastern San Salvador Island, eastern Bahamas. (photo taken by Mark Peter) The fossiliferous limestone shown above is dominated by fossil bivalves, principally Codakia orbicularis (Linnaeus, 1758) - the tiger lucine clam. This is part of the Cockburn Town Member of the Grotto Beach Limestone (lower Upper Pleistocene, Sangamonian, MIS 5e, 119-131 ka). --------------------------------------- The surface bedrock geology of San Salvador consists entirely of Pleistocene and Holocene limestones. Thick and relatively unforgiving vegetation covers most of the island’s interior (apart from inland lakes). Because of this, the most easily-accessible rock outcrops are along the island’s shorelines. ------------------------------ Stratigraphic Succession in the Bahamas: Rice Bay Formation (Holocene, <10 ka), subdivided into two members (Hanna Bay Member over North Point...
Bubble porosity & swash line on calcarenite bedding plane (Hanna Bay Member, Rice Bay Formation, Holocene; Grotto Bay, San Salvador Island, Bahamas) 4
Bubble porosity and subtle swash line preserved on a calcarenite bedding plane. Bubble porosity is a rarely preserved sedimentary structure in the rock record. It forms in the swash zone of sandy sediment shorelines. Waves crashing onto beaches results in water moving landward and elevationally upward before gravity slows the velocity and water returns to the ocean. Some wave water percolates downward, into the sediments, displacing air that normally occupies the spaces between the sand grains. This air moves upward and emerges at the sediment-water interface in the form of bubbles. After wave water washes back into the ocean, the sandy surface has an abundance of variably-sized holes, representing individual bubble emergence sites - this is bubble porosity. In the carbonate rock record, bubble porosity is thought to be one possible origin of fenestral fabric. The subtle demarcation between the bubble porosity/aeration holes in the left part of the above photo and the...

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Sawyer County relayers raise $44,000 for cancer society
Ackerman thanked Pastor Mark Wilson and Hayward Wesleyan Church for allowing the ... The top individual fundraisers were Joan Ackerman, $6,512; Barb Sealey, $5,811; and Cheryl Treland, $5,513. The sponsors of this year’s Relay For Life were Essentia ...

Compassionate bail to visit ill father
Defence lawyer Aaron Thompson told Craigavon Magistrates Court that while there was an initial proposal for a surety to accompany 25-year-old Mark Daniel Ward ... is in custody accused of the murder of Marcell Seeley in the Dingwell Park area of Lurgan ...

Results: Lee Valley Wednesday League 15
E/1/2/3/4 Women 1 Annabel Fisher Neon-Velo Cycling Team 2 Victoria Collins London Dynamo 3 Lucinda Kerr London Phoenix CC 4 Lesley Courtney Welwyn Wheelers CC 5 Marie Notermans VC Meudon 6 Jacintha Hamilton-Love Velosport Cycling Club 7 Anita Saycell ...

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