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'We've lost a king': Juliet Stevenson on Alan Rickman - BBC Newsnight


Juliet Stevenson pays tribute to actor Alan Rickman * SUBSCRIBE to get our latest videos http://bbc. in/1iouM30 *

Julie Graham, Juliet Stevenson and Joe Dempsie star in One Of Us

​Julie Graham and Debra Stephenson starred alongside each other in Bad Girls back in the day, and they are back in the same programme now as the thriller One Of Us continues. It is the third episode of this four part series and Rob, played by Game of 

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Juliet Stevenson - Jane Austen - Sense And Sensibility

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Juliet Stevenson - Emma CD

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Stevenson, Juliet Emma CD

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Black Beauty Read & Listen

A horse in nineteenth-century England recounts his experiences with both good and bad masters. Illustrated notes throughout the text explain the historical background of the story.

The Tear Thief

In the evening, between supper and bedtime, an invisible fairy slips into homes to steal tears of shame, fear, pain, and sadness, then climbs to the moon where she transforms the sackful of droplets into something wonderful.

Unfinished #5

Consider the Lobster by David Foster Wallace was not a fun book for me. I originally picked up Wallace's collection of essays as part of the Read Harder Challenge for Book Riot. I couldn't help but be intrigued by the title, and I thought it seemed like an interesting thing to pick up. however, I quickly regretted my decision. Dense and verbose, Consider the Lobster was an ill fit for me for the simple fact that it was not that interesting and Wallace has a lot to say. I'm sure Wallace had a point to make and, perhaps, others may enjoy his style of writing, but I couldn't find it in myself to enjoy much of what I was reading. He has an interesting sense of humor, which I didn't mind, but I wasn't entirely sold on the subject matter--or the never-ending foot notes. The first essay is about the porn industry. I was a little flummoxed as I started to read and, if I'm being honest, partially horrified. I wouldn't say I'm a prude, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't bothered by the graphic descriptions of what the porn industry does and what some of the men and women experience in their daily working lives. It was a little weird, and it wasn't something I could enjoy reading. I found myself feeling like I'd been unexpectedly scarred. It's not something I enjoyed, and it's definitely not something I'll attempt to read again. I picked up The Madman's Daughter by Megan Shepherd on a whim. I was intrigued by the eerie cover and the story, which promised to be gruesomely scintillating and slightly macabre. As a spin-off from H. G. Well's classic novel, The Island of Dr. Moreau , it picks up with Dr. Moreau's daughter, Juliet, and follows her dangerous path to reunite with her father--and the boy she once loved. Although I probably ruined it for myself by reading the reviews of other readers (and inadvertently catching spoilers), I would probably have put Shepherd's book aside anyway. It just didn't feel quite right to me. I think the narrator was pretty interesting, and I think the author did a pretty good job of creating a singular voice. The author did a decent job of creating a unique Gothic atmosphere, borrowing from the works of H. G. Wells, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. moreover, I thought Shepherd made a fair attempt at incorporating history into her work. The Madman's Daughter had the architecture in place--the grim atmosphere, the subtle history woven into the story, the grisly story--and it could have been a great novel. Likewise, I realize the character can't help the way she feels. However, I would have much preferred if Juliet was a little more concerned about her survival once she's out on the streets and her livelihood once she makes up her mind to find her father, a man who is known for his vicious vivisection and his... I can't remember why I started to read A Gentleman Always Remembers by Candace Camp, but I can clearly remember when I decided that it wasn't worth the time or effort to finish the novel. Sometime in chapter two, I completely lost interest and decided to put it aside because I couldn't find anything redemptive in the characters, or the plot, or the setting--or, well, anything else. In my opinion, it was just a bad novel. A very bad novel. I didn't think Eve was an incredibly endearing female protagonist, and, for some reason, I found Fitz to be rather preposterous. I didn't care for either of them--or any of the other characters involved, to be perfectly honest. They all felt like caricatures: stiff, stagnant, boring. I also noticed the story wasn't all that great, either. I don't mind love stories, but this one felt a little contrived. And the blackmail thread of the narrative felt silly, just another unnecessary way to propel the novel forward, because it doesn't have much substance. Moreover, I wasn't a fan of the writing. I didn't like Camp's style or her language or her inability to pace the story properly or develop her characters. So, yes, I can safely say I didn't like A Gentleman Always Remembers. "I could use restraint, silence my body, and make sure it sends no message at all rather than risk the wrong message. I choose a short black dress, high platform wedges trimmed in gold like a lasso.


  1. ​Julie Graham and Debra Stephenson starred alongside each other in Bad Girls back in the day, and they are back in the same programme now as the thriller One Of Us continues. It is the third episode of this four part series and Rob, played by Game of 
  2. It is 25 years to the month since Anthony Minghella's Truly, Madly, Deeply convulsed Britain. The movie was a study, as the Mock Turtle might say, in laughter and grief. Playing Jamie, the dead lover who returned as a troublesome ghost, Alan Rickman
  3. But when we're dealing with frenetic emotion, it's also true to say that Juliet Stevenson (below) is made for the role of howling angry, stricken mother Louise, (a recovering alcoholic also, as it happens) and I also liked the interaction between
  1. Peter is involved in the refugee video along with Juliet Stevenson. It's harrowing but really hits home what refugees face
  2. Juliet Stevenson and Lia Williams to star in Mary Stuart to the @AlmeidaTheatre https://t.co/mjjmvOzopO https://t.co/aFEECmc3mA
  3. If I could have any artist's work on my sitting room wall it would probably be by Van Gogh #JulietStevenson #quotes https://t.co/hqI2h0UPOK


Juliet Stevenson - IMDb
Juliet Stevenson, Actress: Bend It Like Beckham. Juliet Stevenson was born on October 30, 1956 in Essex, England as Juliet Anne Virginia Stevenson. She is known for ...

Juliet Stevenson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Juliet Anne Virginia Stevenson, CBE (born 30 October 1956) is an English actor of stage and screen. She is known for her role in the film Truly, Madly, Deeply (1991 ...

Juliet Stevenson - Biography - IMDb
Juliet Stevenson was born on October 30, 1956 in Essex, England as Juliet Anne Virginia Stevenson. She is known for her work on Bend It Like Beckham ...

... previous engagement names juliet stevenson juliet stevenson

... previous engagement names juliet stevenson juliet stevenson
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Juliet Stevenson

Juliet Stevenson
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Juliet Stevenson Image 1 sur 8
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Juliet Stevenson: A Day In Detention
In this final day pass session at WOW 2014, come and listen to leading actresses Juliet Stevenson, Bryony Hannah and Cush Jumbo reading the searing testimony of refugee women locked up in the UK. More info about this event: wow.southbankcentre.co.uk/event/a-day-in-detention/
Words and Music, BBC Radio 3. Sounds of Shakespeare. Stratford on Avon. 23rd April 2016. P1320055
Juliet Stevenson, Tim Pigott-Smith, Ian McMillan.
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Andrew Scott Sherlock star Scott — who will play Hamlet — and actress JULIET STEVENSON (Gertrude) have previously been announced for the play, directed by the Almeida’s associate director ROBERT ICKE. LUKE THOMPSON also joins the cast as Laertes ...

Downton Abbey actress Jessica Brown Findlay joins Hamlet production
Sherlock actor Andrew Scott will play Hamlet in the 400-year-old Shakespeare play while Juliet Stevenson will play Hamlet's mother Gertrude. Robert Icke will direct the production, which opens in February. Brown Findlay has also previously appeared in ...

Sherlock’s Mark Gatiss: West End theatre an ‘exclusive club for white people’
Actors Mark Rylance and Juliet Stevenson have also complained about the price of West End shows. Gatiss spoke at a launch event for his new play The Boys in the Band, which opens at the Park Theatre in North London later this month. Tickets are priced from ...

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