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Michael Jackson & Mj Cole - Bilie Jean & Sincere

Michael Jackson & Mj Cole - Bilie Jean & Sincere M. J. Cole / MJ Sincere - Bilie Jean.

Helmut Kohl: World leaders pay tribute as coffin of German reunification leader draped in EU flag

World leaders have gathered to pay tribute to the “architect of the world order” Helmut Kohl at the first ever memorial of its kind for a European politician. Draped in an EU flag, the former German Chancellor's coffin sat in the centre of the European

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Alliance Lee Fields & Expressions - Emma Jean (Instrumentals)

Alliance Lee Fields & Expressions - Emma Jean (Instrumentals)


Price: $21.98

Release Date:03/17/2015;Notes: Instrumental version of Lee Fields & The Expressions' "Emma Jean" record. Soul legend Lee Fields has re-teamed with the Expressions for his new album Emma Jean. The full LP went out June 3rd on Truth & Soul Records & Itunes. Coming at a time when many new artists are trying to emulate the soul and swagger of the 1960s Mr. Fields showers us with authenticity on the 11-track set, highlighted by the first single "Magnolia". Hear the refreshed cover of the JJ Cale track that embodies the late, great American singer/songwriter and the Tulsa Sound he helped create. Since releasing his first album in 1969, Fields has continued to make music for the last 45 years. And having been on the road, touring non-stop for the better part of the last decade, it's evident that Fields has hit an elevated stride both as a recording artist and live performer. Emma Jean is the follow up to Fields' widely praised first two Truth & Soul albums, 2009's My World and 2012's Faithful Man Lee Fields & The Expressions have forged a distinct soulful sound and a grown style with this album. They've pushed their sound in new directions, moving from being content as contemporary soul music royalty to instead delving into and exploring it's next steps. There's a sharper wisdom in the songwriting-from the having loved, lost, and learned vibe of "Don't Leave Me This Way," backed by crooning guitar and wailing horns, to the sophisticated arrangements and studio acumen that's paired with Lee's straightforward sincerity in "Just Can't Win." Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys wrote "Paralyzed," and having Emma Jean mixed and partially recorded at his Nashville studio, the country soul and bluesy rock are immediately noticeable. It brings a different kind of strut to the album, but Fields-born and raised in North Carolina-is right at home with the Southern soul sound. In fact, it feels like a natural progression: an organic, refreshingly pstep. Like past releases from this

Revelation, Pt. 2: The Fruit of Life

Revelation, Pt. 2: The Fruit of Life


Price: $14.31

Recording information: Circle House Studios, Miami, Florida; Lionsden Recording Studio, Miami, Florida; Tuff Gong Recording Studios, Kingston, Jamaica. Coming five years after the rootsy Revelation, Pt. 1: The Root of Life, Stephen Marley's 2016 LP Revelation, Pt. 2: The Fruit of Life is a more electronic and studio-driven effort, which in the case of this artist/studio whiz kid, is a plus. Instead of Capleton and the Cast of Fela, the guest artists here are primarily from dancehall and hip-hop, the latter being well represented by Waka Flocka, an MC who's a surprising asset on the sure declaration of self, "Scars on My Feet." Waka returns later for the aptly titled "Tonight (It's a Party)" that also adds DJ Khaled and Iggy Azalea to the mix, but if seeing the names Busta Rhymes and Konshens together on one cut suggests another club track, "Pleasure or Pain" is both an utterly serene love song and a chilled-out highlight. This weighty effort is also deep from the start as "Babylon," featuring Junior Reid and Dead Prez, "Revelation Party" featuring Jo Mersa Marley, plus "So Unjust," featuring Rakim and Kardinal Offishall, are all compelling revolution songs that follow the album's epic intro. Odd that Nina Simone's name has fallen off "Father of the Man," as early versions of the single listed her next to Wyclef Jean as a "featured" artist, but the song is sincere and beautiful, as is the Rick Ross feature "The Lion Roars." Stephen's production is compelling, elaborate, daring, and yet tasteful throughout, while his lyrics - like his brother Damian's - offer plenty to savor once all the sonic brilliance has sunk in. File this massive effort next to Damian's Welcome to Jamrock, Stephen's own diverse 2007 release Mind Control, and maybe even Dad's 1976 "Roots, Rock, Reggae" breakthrough, Rastaman Vibration. ~ David Jeffries

Helmut Kohl: World leaders pay tribute as coffin of German reunification leader draped in EU flag - The Independent

He skillfully negotiated the dissolution communist East Germany with former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and relocated the capital to Berlin. Together with French counterpart Francois Mitterand, he was the architect of the 1992 Maastrict Treaty, which established the euro and EU, which he ardently supported. Medvedev, the Russian Prime Minister, described Mr Kohl as the “the architect of the world order”, adding: “In Russia, we'll remember him as our friend – a wise and sincere person. It concluded with the German national anthem and excerpts from Beethoven's 9th symphony “Ode to Joy”, which is used as the EU anthem. Mr Kohl, who died on 16 June at the age of 87, was to be buried at a funeral in Germany later on Saturday. It was taken by helicopter on to his birthplace in Ludwigshafen, being carried in a procession and then transported to Speyer Cathedral along the Rhine for a Catholic requiem to be attended by 1,500 mourners. The resting place of many rulers of the Holy Roman Empire, the cathedral was seen by Mr Kohl as a symbol of European unity – a place he showed to contemporary leaders including Mr Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher. But the mass will be boycotted by Mr Kohl’s sons, since their father will not be laid to rest alongside his first wife and their mother, Hannelore Kohl.


  1. World leaders have gathered to pay tribute to the “architect of the world order” Helmut Kohl at the first ever memorial of its kind for a European politician. Draped in an EU flag, the former German Chancellor's coffin sat in the centre of the European
  2. “Everyone is talking about millennials but what is nice about Jean Paul Gaultier is that we work closely with him and so our objective and the way we work is to deliver the most sincere, unexpected and fun story. The perfumer suggested the honey note
  3. I offer my sincere condolences to his family, and to the people and authorities of Germany. An architect of peace, Helmut Kohl worked with François Mitterrand to build a free, strong, and united Europe based on democratic values. This visionary
  1. RT @JustinTrudeau: My sincere thanks to the first responders, staff & volunteers who worked in the rain to keep us all safe at #Canada150 o…
  2. @FML_Nation @JeffHar18906046 @Pumpa2001 @nmys @whispersgrande @GeorgetteRoark @vhfancc @SaxonInfidel @nandi2523…
  3. RT @DidierGolemanas: 'If I'm sincere today, what does it matter if I regret it tomorrow ?' José Saramago By Jean Gaumy Lisbon, Octobe…


Aunt Jean's Chicken Wings (beef broth, chicken, garlic, honey, soy sauce)

Jean's Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup (black pepper, carrot, celery, chicken, egg noodles, ginger, vegetable oil, water)

Salmon With Fruit Salsa by Jean Carper (orange marmalade, banana, flaked coconut, salsa, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, olive oil, hot pepper, red onions, salmon, spinach, spinach)

Jean's Lamb Shanks (garlic, ginger, lamb, mint, orange juice, soy sauce, white wine)


cabinet de voyance allo-voyance divine, Voyance par téléphone au 01 84 07 77 20 , notre cabinet vous présente son équipe vous proposent une consultation de ...

Jean-Jacques Rousseau - Wikipedia
Jean-Jacques Rousseau (/ r uː ˈ s oʊ /; French: [ʒɑ̃ʒak ʁuso]; 28 June 1712 – 2 July 1778) was a Francophone Genevan philosopher, writer, and composer of ...

Jean Hagen - Wikipedia
Jean Hagen (August 3, 1923 – August 29, 1977) was an American actress best known for her role as Lina Lamont in Singin' in the Rain (1952), for which she was ...


... here are the words written over ten years ago, as Ruth told what she remembered of her grandfather, the colorful and notorious Constable Pogue ... "The granddaughters are Ruth Blair, secretary of the First United Methodist Church of Johnson City, Texas, Joy Feuge, pianist for the First United Methodist Church of Johnson City, Texas and Marie Leach who infrequently darkens the door of the First United Methodist Church of Johnson City, Texas. Ruth remembered Constable Pogue as a very stern man (GET YOUR ELBOWS OFF THE TABLE--SIT UP STRAIGHT!) and believed that he operated out of Goldthwaite, Texas. Cousin Amy, however, is the family historian and all pertinent data will have to wait until we can get in touch with her." "Time passes, the trail of Constable Pogue is growing cold and still no word from Amy. Joy says it wasn't Goldthwaite it was one of those other county seats with a gold name." "Late night comes, sleep doesn't. The creative juices are...
Paul Jean Clays - Ships Lying Near Dordrecht [1870]
Paul Jean Clays (November 27, 1819 – February 10, 1900), Belgian artist, was born in Bruges, and died in Brussels. He was one of the most esteemed marine of his time, and early in his career he substituted a sincere study of nature for the extravagant and artificial conventionality of most of his predecessors. He painted the peaceful life of rivers, the poetry of wide estuaries, the regulated stir of roadsteads and ports. And while he thus broke away from old traditions he also threw off the trammels imposed on him by his master, the marine painter Theodore Gudin (1802–1880). Endeavouring only to give truthful expression to the nature that delighted his eyes, he sought to render the limpid salt atmosphere, the weight of waters, the transparence of moist horizons, the gem-like sparkle of the sky. [Oil on canvas, 75 x 110.2 cm]
Ils ont beau se cacher. L'amour le plus discret - Laisse par quelque marque échapper son secret. Jean RACINE

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