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Ben Stein explains why he will vote for Donald Trump

Economist and author Ben Stein on the Trump University lawsuit and why he will vote for Donald Trump.

Ben Stein's Sandpoint: A Visual Diary

Mr. Stein, I usually very much enjoy your posts, but when it comes to photography I'd strongly urge you to keep your day job. These aren't even good snapshots. Speaking as someone who also lives in a place that is both exquisite beyond words and

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What Would Ben Stein Do

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The National Poetry Review

The National Poetry Review

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The National Poetry Review, Winter 2009 Issue: Poetry, Essays, and Interviews by Jeannette Allee, Cindy Beebe, Ben Berman, Sarah Blackman, Sam Byfield, Patrick Carrington, Mark Conway, T. Zachary Cotler, J.P. Dancing Bear, Oliver de la Paz, Teresa Chuc Dowell, Angie Estes, Judith Harris, Dyani Johns, Ted Kooser, Dorianne Laux, Tony Leuzzi, Amit Majmudar, Beth Martinelli, Darren Morris, Mia Nussbaum, Rita Mae Reese, Melissa Stein, Lee Upton, Angela Vogel, Karen Volkman, Lesley Wheeler, and Martha Zweig *Author: Sage, Cj *Binding Type: Paperback *Number of Pages: 108 *Publication Date: 2009/01/01 *Language: English *Dimensions: 8.50 x 5.50 x 0.26 inches

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The Gift of Peace

In ancient Hebrew prayers, the highest wish that any worshiper can offer to another is that the Almighty will give the worshiper ''the greatest of gifts-the gift of peace.' Ben Steins The Gift of Peace comprises more than 500 lessons about how to live life in a state of peace. Drawing from wisdom learned in 12-step meetings and from his own meditations, Stein reveals the guideposts that have taken him (over the last 16 years) to a life incomparably more serene and uncomplicated than it once was. The lessons in The Gift of Peace are about surrender to God, about turning envy around, about realizing ones own unimportance in the universe, and about achieving humility through actions as well as thoughts. Through repeated readings, these homilies, especially upon waking and at bedtime, offer...

What Would Ben Stein Do?

SO,WHAT WOULDN'T BEN STEIN DO? There are so many terrible ideas to avoid. For instance, Ben Stein wouldn't marry someone who refused to work or was a diva or had a drug problem. Any of those choices would be really bad. He wouldn't spend his entire paycheck and leave his bank account empty. He wouldn't arrive late to an appointment. (Most definitely not!) He wouldn't drive an ugly car. He's fairly certain he wouldn't pierce any part of his face. He also wouldn't preserve tax cuts and expect money to trickle down from the sky. And he would never invite a drunken stranger into his home (again). What Would Ben Stein Do? Read this book, and find out. His answers to your questions about life, work, money, relationships, and everything in between are all inside.

Matters of principle part 2

My original Matters of Principle piece was more or less of a rant, my version of shooting from the hip about what I see in a world full of contradictions that are called principle. Ben Bernanke’s following is a good example of intelligent people overlooking the plainness of events. Bernanke is the inflation targeter’s inflation targeter, having authored or co-authored much of the scholarship on inflation targeting for the US, while also assuming the role of inflation targeting thought leadership within the profession. When one considers the generalized body of thought about inflation targeting, it’s hard to miss the possible downsides of the Phillips Curve reasoning regarding the tradeoff between inflation and employment combined with the situation immediately... Even in the hypothetical, it would be somewhat rational for someone of Bernanke’s particular conviction to do what had to be done that might include tightening policy and leaving it that way regardless of the ensuing circumstances. It’s a tough job to do. But I suppose that from an inflation targeter’s point of view, someone’s got to do it. To assume otherwise is to assume that Bernanke did not know what he was doing, and consequently lacks credibility. I have, in the past, been particularly tough on Bernanke, in my view as holding him accountable for being wrong. Some have suggested that because his policy was wrong, but well-intentioned, it does not make him evil, and I’ve been wrong to suggest any other intent. From Bernanke, we have never heard, “I was wrong, “or, “Inflation targeting is the wrong approach because it is not worth the cost. ” No, and I doubt we will ever hear it because of the sort of view of the world it takes to be able to consciously implement the basics of IT, the view of indifference like all of us are not really human beings, just dots on a chart. IT is wrong in the most profound sense of the word “wrong. My critics have also been partly correct regarding my harsh treatment of Bernanke, because for all of his faults, Bernanke isn’t really where the buck stops for the economic calamity of the Great Recession. The most obvious source of the root cause in my view is that we had two oil men in the top posts at the White House for eight years, the President and VP. We had legislation favorable to the involvement of financial institutions in black gold, oil... Oil prices went into the stratosphere with calls of, “Drill, baby, drill,” unheeded, only to be permanently lowered again with a provision in Dodd-Frank that forced the financial institutions to divest oil assets and now ramped up domestic... Poor oil market policy was then compounded by appointing proponents of a strict inflation targeting monetary regime to the Fed to deal with the resulting inflation, which they did. It might be said that Bernanke’s role may have been as completely unwitting. If my generalized speculation about policy mistakes that lead to economic crisis is anywhere near the mark, the world of politics then looks entirely different than the view one might get from media outlets. And indeed, to me, it does look entirely different. The Obama administration doesn’t look as bad as organizations such as Breitbart paint it. After all, we ramped up domestic drilling, we did do some QE, not enough, but we did, Timmy and Jeremy Stein were asked to resign, AND we had financial... Therefore, when I hear talk of Donald Trump as being self-interested, with implications that others are perhaps not, though it is difficult to imagine Hillary as purely public service-minded given available information concerning her foundation. or talk of Trump’s rather bold stupidity and inability to support him because he says he wants to follow the law rather than manipulate it to his advantage, I wince because it is difficult to make sense of evil called good when the purveyor of it... Comparatively, any damage Trump might inflict through bumbling mishap, could genuinely be called bumbling mishap, to which many commentators of which I am aware, especially Bernanke followers, out of a well of good will, have seemingly not been... Perhaps for those commentators, it might feel more rewarding to be correct in characterization of policy mistakes as bumbling stupidity, because the reality of the choice we face in politics is not one about what is good for society.


  1. Mr. Stein, I usually very much enjoy your posts, but when it comes to photography I'd strongly urge you to keep your day job. These aren't even good snapshots. Speaking as someone who also lives in a place that is both exquisite beyond words and
  2. At the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton listed things she would give away free. Hillary also said that she would raise taxes on, and go after, the wicked corporations. A corporation is not a creature of monsters. It is men and women who
  3. After a tension-filled opening day of the Democratic National Convention that saw Senator Bernie Sanders endorse his former rival Hillary Clinton, we host a debate between Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein and Ben Jealous, former NAACP 
  1. RT @NoraFarr: Did Ben Stein Just Demolish Trickle-Down Theory And A Raving Trump Surrogate Too? Did He? Bueller?
  2. Did Ben Stein Just Demolish Trickle-Down Theory And A Raving Trump Surrogate Too? Did He? Bueller?
  3. Did Ben Stein Just Demolish Trickle-Down Theory And A Raving Trump Surrogate Too? Did He? Bueller?


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Ben Stein
"Ben Stein is simply the best commencement speaker! There is a buzz in the auditorium before he takes the podium. His status as a cultural icon precedes him.

Ben Stein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ben Stein speaking at a gala in honor of the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, or TAPS, Washington, D.C. in 2008



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Ben Stein Sues Kyocera for Religious Discrimination

Ben Stein Sues Kyocera for Religious Discrimination
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Ben Stein

Ben Stein
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Epic Fail!
Background info for the “EXpelled Exposed!” set has been moved here. By Quidam.

Ben Stein will speak at Penn State Erie at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 1.

Ben Stein
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Did Ben Stein Just Demolish Trickle-Down Theory And A Raving Trump Surrogate Too? Did He? Bueller?
Sign the pledge: I will Get Out The Vote to defeat Trump Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, which is frightening.We must make sure his hateful rhetoric does not even come close... Sign the petition to Republicans: Trump's comments on Khan family are ...

Ben Stein Exposed as a Total Keynesian
During an appearance on FOX Business, Ben Stein attacked Donald Trump's plan to cut taxes for business. He justified his objection by saying, "I think the evidence that tax cuts stimulate business in any kind of meaningful way at least, not to sufficient ...

Ben Stein: I Want to See Trump's Taxes
Ben Stein said Saturday that "I want to see" Donald Trump's tax returns because they will confirm whether he can do a better job revitalizing the American economy than Hillary Clinton. "I want to see Mr. Trump's tax returns," Stein — the economist ...

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