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#239Preps Player Preview: Week 3

In limited duty, Immokalee quarterback Reynaldo Rosales has looked poised beyond his years under center for the Indians. Although the freshman has been utilized in a two-quarterback system with current starter Nathaniel Betancourt, Rosales has been 

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73: Identity: From Rizal to Syjuco

A few years ago I found my Filipino passport ( Pilipinas pasaporte ). I turned 25 in June (being born in 1991) and, like all melancholic writers going through life-crises, I wanted to examine where I came from. For the longest time I held the (now apocryphal) belief that I emigrated when I was 6 weeks old (with my mom and uncles), later finding out (erroneously again) that I was 6 months old during the exodus, all of this to self-legitimise myself as... (Citizenship didn’t come until 1997. ) When I referred to my passport, almost a decade later, I was surprised to find that I wasn’t registered as an emigrant until May 19, 1992 and that I didn’t leave the country until a week later on Tuesday the... Though Filipino by blood, my upbringing was filled with my Canadianisation. My grandmother ( Nanay ) decided against Tagalog in the house because she didn’t want me to grow up with an accent. it was English first. My dad left the Philippines as Guillermo Jr. and arrived in Canada Reynaldo or Rey because he believed it would afford him better jobs. I was lucky that my parents had the foresight to name me the relatively short John Ray , in comparison to other Filipino double names. Where one might harp on neo-/post-colonial mentalities here, I have no grudge against Canada or the cultural assimilation I experienced. I grew up with the proud assertion that I was a Filipino-Canadian—of which I’m still proud—even before learning about the cultural mosaic in Grade 5. Failing at basketball I excelled at hockey (much to the chagrin of my point guard dad). At home I ate rice and ulam (Google: “dish” or “entree”) and sometimes hot dogs and at school I ate rice and ulam and sometimes hot dogs. There was no conflict between the ethnic Filipino and national Canadian. In fact, there is no external conflict of identity a la a Chinese-Filipino debating the Spratlys or a Filipino-American debating the issue of naval bases. Here, the debate is chiefly internal: the uneducated Canadian against the suppressed Filipino. By trade I am a writer who loves history and literature. Where I am educated in Canadian history and English literature, I was uneducated in being a Filipino. Like many Filipinos in my position, either infant first-generation immigrants themselves or second-generation ones, I could not tell you of the gravity of: Rizal’s two novels and the Ilustrados’ Propaganda movement, the sustained Revolution for... I’ve returned to the Philippines four times: 1993, 2001, 2002, and 2007. I first felt the pull to learn more about the Motherland, the elusive pursuit of the “homeland”, on my second and third trips, visiting places that were only stories for the... After the summer of 2007 I was drawn into the rich history of the Visayas in Bohol and Cebu with the obligatory visits to Luzon’s Baguio City and Manila (again). Before starting Grade 8 I decided to take Spanish through to the end of high school so I could, on a basic level, use it as a stepping stone to Tagalog. ) In the summer of 2006 before Grade 10 I bought the Harold Augenbraum translation of Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere intent on reading it before our vacation. (I didn’t because I would fall out of love of reading. ) I wouldn’t return to my pursuit of the Filipino for a few years, though I did quote Charles Derbyshire’s translating Rizal in El Filibusterismo in my Grade 12 yearbook: “There are no tyrants where there are no slaves. ” I could not at the time, however, tell you what this meant contextually against the backdrop of the novel or in the Revolution. It wasn’t until the fall of 2014 that I started reading in earnest again after a summer of theological reads. This coincided with my personally deliberate introduction to Filipino literature with the book Ilustrado by Montreal-based Filipino writer Miguel Syjuco.


  1. In limited duty, Immokalee quarterback Reynaldo Rosales has looked poised beyond his years under center for the Indians. Although the freshman has been utilized in a two-quarterback system with current starter Nathaniel Betancourt, Rosales has been 
  2. Key newcomers: Josphin Ndjebe, Fr.; Jesse Reno, So.; Reynaldo Rosales, So.; Onesphore Nduwayo, So.; Cristofer Gonzales, Fr.; Ian Knapp, Fr.; Bradey Franks, So.; Jacob Cypret, Jr. Outlook: Coach Schreck has quietly built a strong program over the past 
  3. TWO YEARS AGO, the existence of the “Davao Death Squad” or DDS was enrolled and confirmed in the dockets of the Supreme Court of the Philippines.


Reynaldo Rosales - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Reynaldo Rosales; Born: Reynaldo Raul Rosales Paducah, Kentucky United States: Other names: Reynaldo Christian: Height: 6'

Reynaldo Rosales - IMDb
Reynaldo Rosales, Actor: House. Reynaldo Rosales was born on July 25, 1978 in Paducah, Kentucky, USA as Reynaldo Raul Rosales. He is an actor and editor, known for ...

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Reynaldo Rosales

Reynaldo Rosales
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Reynaldo Rosales biography, videos, weight, body & posts in twitter

Reynaldo Rosales biography, videos, weight, body & posts in twitter
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Reynaldo Rosales

Reynaldo Rosales
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Rivalry Revived: Naples Pulls Away From Immokalee in 102-Point Slugfest
conversion no good) NH – Joseph Sushil 65 yd interception return (Manny Cordova 2-pt. conversion) IM – Louis 75 yd interception return (Reynaldo Rosales 2-pt. conversion) Naples…Passing 26 Rushing 358 TOTAL 384…First Downs 14…Penalties 10 ...

Prep Football 2016: Naples, Immokalee renew oldest rivalry in Collier County
Immokalee has rotated quarterbacks, using both senior Nathaniel Betancourt and freshman Reynaldo Rosales at times this season. Kramer said stopping the dynamic quarterbacks is important, too. “You can see on film that (the Indians) are playing really ...

Pools reopen after summer reconstruction project
The original motors were made in Germany, but BISD was able to find a domestic source, he said. Monica Rosales, BISD aquatics administrator, said the main thing was to be “securely in compliance” with the federal law on the drains. “I feel like I’m ...

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