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Mark Rolston Interview - Aliens, Shawshank Redemption & Supernatural

Mark Rolston Interview - Aliens, Shawshank Redemption & Supernatural.

AI Is Changing Our Brains

By Mark Rolston 5 minute Read. In 1976, philosopher Julian Jaynes issued the provocative theory that recent ancestors lacked self-awareness. Instead, they mistook their inner voices for outside sources–the voice of God, say, or the ghosts of their

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When Silence Screams

Living with bipolar disorder is not just a struggle for the individual; it affects everyone associated with that person as well. When Silence Screams chronicles author Katherine Fogg’s life living with bipolar disorder, severe anxiety, and social phobia from her teenage years to the present. Her searing journal entries talk not only of the struggles she has encountered living with bipolar disorder but also of the emotional ramifications associated with living such a tormented life, relentlessly experiencing severe emotional ups and downs and overwhelming depression. Spanning more than a decade, When Silence Screams begins when she is sixteen and experiencing the anticipation and excitement of her junior year in high school. We don’t hear from her again for a full year and by then the...

SXSWi Uncensored: The Complete Oral History as Told by the Entrepreneurs, Geeks, and Dreamers Who Remade the Web

ÊSouth by Southwest InteractiveÑalso known as Ògeek Spring BreakÓÑis one of the most important cultural and economic incubators of the new millennium. Every March, more than 30,000 people, including a WhoÕs Who of innovative executives and entrepreneurs, flock to Austin for the five-day festival. They debate the future of business and the Internet. They launch groundbreaking new products and history-making sites. They wheel and deal. They party. They wake up and do it all over again. How did a gathering of a couple hundred multimedia enthusiasts two decades ago balloon into one of the worldÕs largest, most-buzzed-about festivals? SXSWi Uncensored is the topsy-turvy, sometimes contentious, frequently messy, but ultimately triumphant chronicle of the making of a phenomenon. Author David...

AI Is Changing Our Brains - Co.Design (blog)

It’s our digital self–a version of us that is quickly becoming inseparable from our physical self. I call this comingled digital and analog self our “Meta Me. ” The more the Meta Me uses digital tools, the more conscious it will become–a development that will have tremendous social, ethical, and legal implications. How Your Meta Me Works We may think we’re in control but we’re not. The notion that we have digital versions of ourselves has been around as long as we’ve had social media accounts, but we’ve always been the ones typing in the update and clicking the like button. But digital systems are becoming smarter, and they’re taking decisions away from us. LinkedIn prompts us to “congratulate” contacts when they reach a milestone. Our interaction has been reduced to just one click. It’s very easy to see a time when the need for that last click will go away and our Meta Me will take over the duty of congratulating. Most people aren’t aware of how much of their decision-making they have already relinquished to their Meta Me. Smart thermostats set the temperatures in our homes. Our phones navigate for us. If you’re dependent on Waze to get to a restaurant across town, there’s a good chance you don’t know where you are in the city, and you don’t need to know. At that point, you’re not the one making the decisions. And the more we rely on computers, the more fully realized our Meta Me will become, and the more we will cede our day-to-day decision-making to it. Eventually, we’ll do this without knowing, or even caring, until our Meta Me is representing us... Smart systems aren’t just acting as personal assistants working on our behalf. Software is created by people. There are businesses, political groups, and other potentially bad actors that are trying to influence our decisions. Let’s say your Meta Me arranges for a self-driving car to pick you up from work and take you home. That car might be sponsored by a company that wants to drive you down a street filled with billboards and storefronts advertising their brands, rather than taking you on the fastest and most efficient way home. The manipulative potential of AI became sharply clear after the 2016 U. S. election, when armies of bots were used to spread viral political ads. Computer algorithms analyzed social media behavior to develop predictions about people , and then customize ads in real time based on the response. Samuel Woolley, an expert in computational propaganda at Oxford’s Internet Institute, explained to Vox why AI-powered machines are such an effective tool for political communication: “One person controlling a thousand bot accounts is able to not... If your Meta Me is making decisions on your behalf—even recommending who and what to vote for—what data is that decision based on. You might think you’re immune to the power of the Meta Me–that you wouldn’t grant a computer so much control over... But consider research going on in Arlington, Virginia, at the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA). There, scientists are exploring implanting computer chips in the human brain to read their speech-related brain waves, allowing people to “speak” to others through a computer without actually saying a word. The project is called “Silent Talk” and the goal is to create user-to-user communication through thought. Yes, such a technology still feels like science fiction, but it signifies the depth of our willingness to integrate with computing systems. Will You Be Responsible For Something Your Meta Me Did Without You Knowing. If we choose to be dependent on machines and give more independence to our digital avatars, we have to also be aware of the larger implications of what it means to have a digital representative. It may be early days, but we are already bumping into situations in which our digital selves are being treated as our real selves. For example, this year the Department of Homeland Security confiscated an American couple’s mobile devices and demanded their passwords at the Canadian border, claiming it was the government’s right to search belongings if they had probable cause...


  1. By Mark Rolston 5 minute Read. In 1976, philosopher Julian Jaynes issued the provocative theory that recent ancestors lacked self-awareness. Instead, they mistook their inner voices for outside sources–the voice of God, say, or the ghosts of their
  2. Byron Reese: This is Voices in AI, brought to you by Gigaom. I'm Byron Reese. Today, our guest is Mark Rolston. He's the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of argodesign. He's a renowned designer with a twenty-five year career of creating for the
  3. When a janitor at the police station goes batshit with a shotgun and shoots multiple cops, including Riley, Harrigan and his confidante Lt. Harry Brown (Mark Rolston) suspect that the cop killings are connected somehow. But how? Why would random people 
  1. Weekend discovery: Mark Rolston was offered The Human Centipede via Skype, told the director he had a vivid imagination, and hung up on him.
  2. " #AI is #changing our #brains " by Mark Rolston @MarkRolstonArgo of @ArgoDesigned via @FastCoDesign #AI_Speaks
  3. Guest photos - Daphne Ashbrook at 3.50, Frazer Hines 3.55, Hadi James 4.00-4.05, Mark Rolston 4.10, Wilf Scolding 4.15, Vladimir Furdik 4.20


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Mark Rolston - IMDb
Mark Rolston, Actor: The Shawshank Redemption. Mark knew he wanted to be an actor at age nine; he took his career and studies to Europe to fulfill his dream.

Mark Rolston - Wikipedia
Mark Rolston (born December 7, 1956) is an American character actor known for his various roles in numerous, well-known films including Aliens, Lethal Weapon 2, The ...

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View the profiles of people named Mark Rolston. Join Facebook to connect with Mark Rolston and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to...


Mark Rolston
Mark Rolsten, Chief Creative Officer of Frog, chats with Chris Albrecht of GigaOM about Designing for Social. He argued that decoupling computers (physical) from computing (capabilities) is key to future interaction possibilities.
TEDxAustin - Mark Rolston
Notes drawn live during TEDxAustin on sticky notes. See a video of them all:
Mark's 2010 TED notes
Mark Rolston is the chief creative officer of Frog Design and here's some of his TED2010 notes.

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