Manning Redwood


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Bay Area folks choose meditation, hikes, over demonstration

Some Bay Area organizations are offering people upset about Donald Trump's election spaces to decompress and reflect inauguration day and over the 

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Redwood trees near Damnation Creek Trail

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P.G. Wodehouse and Hollywood

"This book covers Wodehouse's Hollywood career from his early efforts in silent film, to his contributions in television, to posthumous adaptations for the screen"--Provided by publisher.


Fat Man and Little Boy

Watched the 1989 movie FAT MAN AND LITTLE BOY on DVD this evening. Rarely is a film so poorly cast. Paul Newman can be a fabulous actor — by coincidence, the night before, I was watching brilliant clips of him in THE VERDICT as part of a PBS documentary about Sidney Lumet — but he was terrible as Manhattan Project head General Leslie R. Groves,... And, holy crap, Dwight Schultz is awful as J. Robert Oppenheimer. Neither actor is aided by a crappy script (by Bruce Robinson and Roland Joffé) and stiff direction (by Joffé), but Schultz is simply out of his depth. it’s no surprise that this film ended his career as a movie leading man. Vilmos Zsigmond has lensed some visually great films (including CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND), but his work here was pedestrian at best, and the fill lighting in the outdoor scenes (actually Mexico, sanding in for Los Alamos) is so bright as... Much of the film is also hampered by crappy ADR. Groves and Oppenheimer are very difficult characters to play. for me, the gold standard is Brian Dennehy as the former and David Strathairn as the latter from the TV movie DAY ONE, which came out the same year as FAT MAN AND LITTLE BOY. Newman isn’t the worst Groves I’ve seen — that would be Manning Redwood from the BBC OPPENHEIMER miniseries, but Schultz IS the worst Oppenheimer. The film adds a subplot that sadly doesn’t fit. In real life, AFTER the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Canadian physicist Louis Slotin was killed when criticality was accidentally triggered during a demonstration he was making at Los Alamos. His quite horrible decline and death would have been a sobering thing for Groves, Oppenheimer, and others at Los Alamos to witness while the decision about whether to actually drop the bombs on civilian targets in Japan vs. conducting a... To move this tragedy up to BEFORE the bombs were dropped required contriving that Groves COVERED UP the accident and HID IT from Oppenheimer — which simply isn’t true. Anyway, it’s not an awful film. But it does underscore just how difficult it is to capture the drama of the Manhattan Project on film or TV.


  1. Some Bay Area organizations are offering people upset about Donald Trump's election spaces to decompress and reflect inauguration day and over the 
  2. The Obamas installed the cedar and North American Redwood swing set in March 2009, shortly after moving to the White House. The set has four swings, including a tire swing, a slide, a fort, a climbing wall and climbing ropes. Daughters Malia and Sasha 
  3. From their two rear decks, they look onto redwood-forested peaks and soaring raptors. Mount Tamalpais is so close that you almost feel you could stroke its rough green Jane Manning, who has sold real estate in the area since 1986, said that most


Hot Dogs 'n' Rice (hot dogs, green pepper, ketchup, rice, onions, vegetable oil, water)

Strawberry Sandwich Cookies (almond extract, almond, powdered sugar, eggs, flour, lemon juice, salt, margarine, strawberry jam)

Mandarin Orange Cheesecake (butter, chocolate, cream cheese, orange marmalade, sugar, whipped topping)

Potato Bacon Chowder (bacon, celery, milk, onions, potato, black pepper, salt, sour cream, water)


Redwood – Wikipedia
Redwood bezeichnet. einen Küstenmammutbaum; einen Riesenmammutbaum; einen Nationalpark in den USA, siehe Redwood-Nationalpark; der Name eines Softwareherstellers ...

Redwood | Definition of Redwood by Merriam-Webster
Define redwood: a very tall evergreen tree ... 1: any of various woods (such as brazilwood) yielding a red dye. 2: a tree that yields a red dyewood or produces red or ...

The Northern California Lindy Society - Serving the Swing ...
The Northern California Lindy Hop Society is a non-profit group dedicated to promoting the American dance form known as the Lindy Hop

Manning Redwood

Manning Redwood
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Manning Redwood

Manning Redwood
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Manning Redwood, Patrick Bachau, Christopher Lee & Mie Hama

Manning Redwood, Patrick Bachau, Christopher Lee & Mie Hama
Image by


"Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something." -- Robert Heinlein
I like my trees like I like my men: beardy.
Muir Woods. kodak portra 800 tumblr:
Sunrise, Russian River  (September 2012)
I'm working on a portfolio of Sonoma County pictures. Of all the famous areas of coastal California I love it the most. This shot was taken just after sunrise in a grove of redwoods just outside Monte Rio on the Russian River. (This is a poor man's portfolio: each picture is reduced to 5x7 inches, though the originals are full-size.)
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Stressed about Trump and the inauguration? Breathe
Outdoor Afro, a national group that encourages African-Americans to reconnect with the outdoors, will be hosting a 3-mile hike at Redwood Regional Park on Saturday ... be able to reengage,” said Rev. Laurie Manning. “We wanted a place for people ...

Caltrans works to reopen Route 299
“Our contractor Steve Manning has been very cautious ... The contingency service further connects with Redwood Transit System in Fortuna. Natalya Estrada can be reached at 707-441-0510.

US sues Oracle, says it pays white men more than others
The Labor Department said the lawsuit is the result of a review of Oracle's equal employment opportunity practices at its headquarters in Redwood Shores ... Obama defends decision to commute Chelsea Manning's sentence President Barack Obama firmly defends ...

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