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Geoff Reeves

An interview with actor Geoff Reeves at the Sundance Film Festival.

Judy Davis directs husband Colin Friels in Faith Healer at Belvoir

That's why I'm here." All this, of course, occurred before celebrity culture had gained its super-power – the internet. Davis finds it's much worse now, not necessarily for her in particular, and says she'd like to see cameras in phones banned because

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Constructing Green: The Social Structures of Sustainability

Mit Press (Architecture Books)

Price: $30.37 ( Show details )

Constructing Green: The Social Structures of Sustainability

Mit Press (Architecture Books)

Price: $30.37 ( Show details )

Peter Brook

Peter Brook

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $84.43

This fascinating study chronicles Peter Brook's development, concluding with some of his most recent and innovative work.

Actor R Guide

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

This is an in depth reference work devoted to the movie trivia game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. It is far better and more complete than the terrible, short book by the games creators, which was mostly pictures and empty space on the page.

Internet Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy Television Series, 1998-2013

This is the first ever compilation on Internet television and provides details of 405 programs from 1998 to 2013. Each entry contains the storyline, descriptive episode listings, cast and crew lists, the official website and comments. An index of personnel and programs concludes the book. From Barry the Demon Hunter to Time Traveling Lesbian to Hamilton Carver, Zombie P.I., it is a previously undocumented entertainment medium that is just now coming into focus. Forty-eight photos accompany the text.

Underappreciated Music: July 2016; the links to the reviews, samples and more (new material)

What was the first song you remember engaging with. the one you found yourself singing as a child. (Or later, if your interest in music came later in life. ) I suspect mine might've been "Happy Together" by the Turtles, though as an infant I was apparently a Monkees fan, as I would watch the series with my sitter. (I was born in 1964, and the Pre-Fab Four appeared on the scene in 1966. ) I was blessedly free of TV theme songs, because we didn't have a TV set in our house until I was seven-and-a-half. However, I first saw some TV at my grandmother's house in the preceding year, 1956. This, then, was the theme song of the day [for the 1950s The Adventures of Robin Hood series] which went through one's little head constantly (it was sung by Dick... ulletin , more than a little breathless: "Back in 2013, Washington, D. C. 's Corcoran Gallery of Art opened an exhibition titled 'Pump Me Up: D. C. Subculture of the 1980s' — an archeological goldmine of relics from the capital city's long-lost... The show's most unbelievable treasures were unearthed from what's perhaps D. C. 's most important subculture ever: its vibrant hardcore punk scene, championed by seminal label Dischord Records (founded by Minor Threat members Jeff Nelson and Ian... " were striving for than she was (the tendency to try to make very melodic if still visceral punk, or to interact with such other DC musical expressions as go-go--which has as much if not a little more claim to Most Important Local Musical... Donna and I first met Dave Allen of Branch Manager when he was something like assistant manager of the Cineplex Odeon theater where we tried to catch the first film version of Isaac Asimov's "Nightfall," until the film, which looks like it was... Dave and I would later work together for a couple of years. I became one of the loudest and most consistent fans of Jawbox in the local "alternate" press. they were kind enough to have Donna and me over to their house for an interview for the radio show (pre-blog) Sweet Freedom (I also went to Pam Bricker and Gareth Branwyn's house to record an interview, as this was one of Branwyn's less physically... Donna got deeply involved with Positive Force DC. I helped out with a few of their projects, so was adjacent while Riot Grrl DC was flourishing. while Mark Hand , Eric Mason , Nancz Ryan and we put out a zine, or several, but one in collaboration, and Donna, for much of the early years, cohosted radio "Sweet Freedom". Donna's hardcore (and other punk rock) segments of the show often got the most vociferous fan response. In true Creem magazine fashion (in the Dave Marsh years), I always felt punk had a kinship with free jazz, and twelve-tone and later classical music. and, of course, by extension, my greatest musical love, third stream music. And I'd run many spoken word recordings, including eventually being the local presenter of The Progressive magazine's Second Opinion and RadioNation (from The Nation magazine) in the shifts at Fairfax, VA and Philadelphia stations. I also wrote up Positive Force DC for The Progressive , which apparently inspired a rather longer article from a member of Girls vs. Boys in The Nation. I didn't have the wit, the one time I was around Kenny Inouye, to ask if he knew/ remembered my old friend Laura Nakatsuka from the days when her father had been press secretary to the Other Hawaiian US Senator till 1977 (and only Republican... )(His band Marginal Man was breaking up about the time I was being seriously introduced to the DC punk scene. though my first attendance at the old 9:30 Club had been in 1984, to see the Bangles, and the Intentions opened for them.


  1. That's why I'm here." All this, of course, occurred before celebrity culture had gained its super-power – the internet. Davis finds it's much worse now, not necessarily for her in particular, and says she'd like to see cameras in phones banned because
  2. Hartford Ave., 4512-William F. Carbine Jr. and Cynthia E. Nunley to Geoffrey B. Baumann, $319,900. Naples Ave. .. and Jerri Ann Parry, $397,000. Briardale Lane, 8901-Bryan C. and Dianne M. Reeves to Orion Lee and Kimberly Meissner Gilliam, $370,000.
  3. 9634 Brunswick Drive, Brentwood, The Estates of Bonbrook; Buyer: Audrey Emille and Kenneth McCrea Zebley; Seller: Colleen M and Kevin D Niswender; $625,000. 1845 Wadebridge Way, Brentwood, . 514 Sydenham Drive, Franklin, Lockwood Glen; Buyer: Natali


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Geoffrey Lewis - IMDb
Geoffrey Lewis, Actor: Double Impact. Talented and highly capable character actor Geoffrey Lewis, with rustic (sometimes sour-faced) looks, grew up in Rhode Island ...

BELLAMY'S PEOPLE - Geoffrey Allerton - YouTube
Simon Day a comedy genius ... This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

Herts Rgt Officers died -
Second Lieutenant Geoffrey Fontaine LAMBERT. Died of wounds 15th April 1916, aged 21. Geoffrey was educated at Lancing College and joined Inns of Court O.T ...

20 september 2011 names geoffrey m reeves geoffrey m reeves

20 september 2011 names geoffrey m reeves geoffrey m reeves
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Geoffrey M. Reeves | All Actors Photo Gallery

Geoffrey M. Reeves | All Actors Photo Gallery
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Geoffrey M. Reeves Picture

Geoffrey M. Reeves Picture
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2013 Canada Army Run: local half-marathon runners  (page 1 of 2)
Page 1 of 2 (see below) Page 2 of 2 (click here) =================================================== Sept. 22, 2013 @ 9 a.m. (the half-marathon start time) This year, about 22,000 runners are expected to participate in the 5 km or 21.1 km (half-marathon) Canada Army Run race events. The Canada Army Run, now in its sixth year, continues to be the fastest-growing race event in Canada. The runners listed below are: a) local (Ottawa-Gatineau and area) half-marathon participants, who b) registered through the Running Room. The lists are sorted by community and first name, as follows: (page 1) A. Ottawa, Ontario B. Gatineau, Québec C. Kanata, Ontario D. Nepean, Ontario E. Orleans, Ontario (page 2) F. Other Ontario, by community G. Other Québec, by community - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - A. Ottawa Residents 1…….Adam Lyle 2…….Adam Martin 3…….Adam Stone 4…….Aili Ignacy 5…….Aisha Suhail 6…….Alain Auger 7…….Alan Chan 8…….Alastair Stewart 9…….Alec...
Langton Matravers: Church of St George (Dorset)
Durnford School War Memorial The tablets either side of the window list the names of 51 former pupils of Durnford School and two masters that died in the First World War. All except one were officers, mostly Captains and subalterns. Many went on to study at public school and university, a few seem to have excelled at sport. I've organised their names here by the date that they died. While a few died in the UK or on campaigns in Palestine and Egypt, the vast majority of these men died on the Western Front. See also: Vere Egerton Cotton, The Durnford Memorial Book of the Great War, 1914 - 1918 (London: War Memorial Committee of Durnford, 1924). An alphabetical list can be found on the Roll of Honour pages: 1914 Lieutenant Walter Edward Hill, 3rd Bn., attd. 1st Bn., North Staffordshire Regiment; died 25 September 1914, aged 22; buried in Soupir Churchyard, Aisne, France (B. 1.); son of the Rev. Canon C. Rowland Hill and...
Cookstown Masonic Temple
Everyone else disappeared quickly into the night. SE Brian Aikins and Zerubbabel John Kelly, a Ruling Principal. Royal Arch Masons Link: District 9. Zerubbabel (Hebrew: זְרֻבָּבֶל, Modern Zrubbavel, Tiberian Zərubbāḇél; Greek: Ζοροβαβέλ, Zorovavel; Latin: Zorobabel) was a governor of the Persian Province of Yehud Medinata (Haggai 1:1) and the grandson of Jehoiachin, penultimate king of Judah. Zerubbabel led the first group of Jews, numbering 42,360, who returned from the Babylonian Captivity in the first year of Cyrus, King of Persia (Ezra). The date is generally thought to have been between 538 and 520 BC.[1] Zerubbabel also laid the foundation of the Second Temple in Jerusalemsoon after. In all of the accounts in the Hebrew Bible that mention Zerubbabel, he is always associated with the high priest who returned with him, Joshua (Jeshua) son of Jozadak (Jehozadak). Together, these two men led the first wave of Jewish...

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Ion Beam Treatment of Ohmic Contacts to n-TYPE Hg1-xCdxTe
Data provided are for informational purposes only. Although carefully collected, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The impact factor represents a rough estimation of the journal's impact factor and does not reflect the actual current impact factor. Publisher ...

Diane Reeves sings out in many musical styles
That should be the case when she and her band, which features ace San Diego pianist Geoffrey ... Reeves said, speaking from her home in Denver. “The arrangement of a song might be different from night to night. I might say: ‘I’m feeling this song ...

'Motown Black & White' exhibit makes Michigan debut at Saginaw's Castle Museum with Martha Reeves visit
Martha Reeves, who with the Vandellas helped forge the Motown sound ... County History's "Motown Black & White" exhibit at a members-only reception from 5 to 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 5. She'll return Tuesday, Oct. 6, for the museum's Lunch and Learn program ...

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