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Eddie Quillan - I Surrender Dear


Eddie Quillan dubla ''I Surrender Dear'' no filme ''The Tip-Off'' (1931), dirigido por Albert S. Rogell. Link para ver o filme completo:.

Ford Motors

These things must stay, while one of the lightest ways to carry the past is through the vessel of song, and Ford's films ring out with folk music: Eddie Quillan's strummed “Going Down the Road Feeling Bad” in Grapes, elsewhere African American

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The Mandarin Mystery (dvd) (black & White)

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Actor Q Guide

Clark Gable

From the acclaimed author of Joan Crawford comes a riveting and uncensored biography of Clark Gable. The archetypal male of his era, Gable was named “King of Hollywood” in 1938. But as David Bret reveals, the star was not quite who he seemed. One of Gable’s best-kept secrets was his bisexuality. Bret recounts Gable’s failed marriages to women who turned a blind eye toward his affairs with actors Earl Larimore and Rod La Rocque, among other men. Bret also reveals how a pseudo-scandalous paternity suit and the actor’s wartime accomplishments were no more than elaborate publicity stunts created by studio chief Louis B. Mayer in order to exaggerate Gable’s masculinity and heroism in the public eye. With passion and accuracy, Bret uncovers the truth behind one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

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The silent film era is brought to life in this collection of interviews with 23 stars of the silent era: Lew Ayres, Madge Bellamy, Junior Coghlan, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Dorothy Gulliver, Maxine Elliott Hicks and 17 others.

Ford Motors - Artforum

A DILEMMA IS AT THE HEART of John Ford ’s cinema: You are going on a long journey. Sometimes this journey crosses physical space—the plains and deserts and mountains of the American West, say—though even standing in a single spot, one passes through time, the length of a life and the lives of generations. In Ford’s film of Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath (1940) there is an extraordinarily moving scene in which, as the Joad family load up their jerry-rigged moving truck for the long, hard trip to California, Jane Darwell’s Ma Joad remains behind to... These things must stay, while one of the lightest ways to carry the past is through the vessel of song, and Ford’s films ring out with folk music: Eddie Quillan’s strummed “Going Down the Road Feeling Bad” in Grapes , elsewhere African American... Beyond sorting physical possessions, the voyager must decide how they will prioritize their freight of memories. Here is how this is described in the opening narration of Ford’s How Green Was My Valley (1941), delivered by an unseen adult narrator as he prepares to leave the South Wales mining town where he has spent all of his days, remembering his boyhood... Strange that the mind will forget so much of what only this moment has passed and yet hold clear and bright the memory of what happened years ago, of men and women long since dead. You can go back and have what you like of it if you can remember. The words may come from the author Richard Llewellyn , whom Ford was adapting, though the sentiment is one he well understood. In part at least, what is being described here is the sentimental and physical preparation of the migrant or immigrant, a mind-set that was more than an abstract for him. John Ford was born near Portland, Maine, in 1894 and christened John Martin Feeney. both of his parents had come from Ireland some twenty years earlier, at a time before easy transatlantic communication was available to men of modest means, when to say goodbye to one’s homeland and everything that one had known was a more or less... When he was about twenty, John followed his older brother Francis west to find work in the motion picture industry which had recently taken hold in Southern California. He produced his first two-reeler in 1917 and, save for an off year in 1944—when, as head of the Office of Strategic Services’ photographic unit, he filmed the immediate aftermath of the D-Day landing—wouldn’t go a year without at least one movie... The Museum of the Moving Image’s twenty-film Ford retrospective includes relatively canonical titles like Grapes of Wrath , How Green Was My Valley , and The Quiet Man (1952), one of several works in which the director reckoned with his Celtic... The earliest work screened (and the only silent) is Upstream (1927), a backstage comedy thought lost forever until it was discovered in the New Zealand Film Archive in 2009, while the earliest great work is Pilgrimage (1933), in which Henrietta... MoMI is calling its retro “The Essential John Ford ,” though it might have played twice as many titles without resorting to filler, and these numbers alone speak something to Ford’s stature. (It’s an all-celluloid retro, and it’s a shame I have to specify this point—here I’m as inclined to nostalgia as Ford. Ford is one of the mightiest figures in international cinema, and one of the greatest American artists in any medium, full stop. I don’t say this to settle the musty dead air that comes with the word “masterpiece” over his work—I cannot overstate how alive with feeling Ford’s best films are, or their sheer pictorial beauty—but by way of noting the curious fact that, while... This absence may or may not be connected to the fact that Ford has been filed under.


  1. These things must stay, while one of the lightest ways to carry the past is through the vessel of song, and Ford's films ring out with folk music: Eddie Quillan's strummed “Going Down the Road Feeling Bad” in Grapes, elsewhere African American
  2. As the mother of accused killers Richard Cromwell and Eddie Quillan, Brady delivers the film's most well-rounded and – by far – most moving performance. Unfortunately, Young Mr. Lincoln turned out to be her final film. Brady, who had won a Best
  3. [Update 2: This is indeed Eddie Quillan (d. 1990) in an undated photo from his Mack Sennett days, stamped March 5, 1984, by The Times library.] [Update: Please congratulate Mary Mallory, Eve Golden (who gets bonus points for interviewing our mystery 
  1. Classic movie, The Tip-Off (1931) with Ginger Rogers, Joan Peers, Eddie Quillan and Robert Armstrong https://t.co/gHUjIcLl1x via @YouTube
  2. Mystery Of The Riverboat: Chapter 04 ( Robert Lowery, Eddie Quillan, Marion Martin) https://t.co/j9zfazypLl


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Boiled Crayfish Ala Eddie Weisheit Recipe (salt, crab meat, cayenne, potato, corn, lemon, celery, onions, garlic)

Bloody Maria (Mary's Spanish Cousin) (celery seed, lemon juice, hot sauce, tomato juice, tequila, worcestershire sauce)


Eddie Quillan - Wikipedia
Vaudeville and silent films. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, into a family of vaudeville performers, Quillan made his stage debut at the age of seven alongside ...

Eddie Quillan - IMDb
Eddie Quillan, Actor: The Grapes of Wrath. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 31, 1907, Eddie Quillan was seven years old and already performing in ...

John Ayers - Wikipedia
John Ayers; No. 68, 67; Position: Offensive guard: Personal information; Date of birth: April 14, 1953: Place of birth: Carrizo Springs, Texas: Date of death:

Eddie Quillan

Eddie Quillan
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Eddie Quillan

Eddie Quillan
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Eddie QUILLAN: Biographie et filmographie

Eddie QUILLAN: Biographie et filmographie
Image by www.notrecinema.com

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Former 49ers C Fred Quillan Passes Away at Age 60
Quillan was a two-time Super Bowl champion and played all ten of his NFL seasons as a member of the 49ers (1978-87). Former San Francisco 49ers center Fred Quillan passed away on Monday, Sept. 12th at the age of 60. A two-time Super Bowl champion, Quillan ...

Playing the role of Cam Newton ... Christian Ponder?
The 49ers had six defensive linemen in uniform for Monday’s game: Arik Armstead, Ronald Blair, DeForest Buckner, Quinton Dial, Tony Jerod-Eddie and Mike Purcell. Et cetera – Fred Quillan, a 49ers center for 10 seasons, died Monday. He was 60.

Nobody's Home (1955)
Because of their constant bickering, Wally (Wally Vernon) and Eddie (Eddie Quillan), who occupy duplex apartments in the same house, vow to move away from each other. But a crooked real ... See full summary »

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