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Jerry Orbach interview on Late Night 2002

Detective Lennie Briscoe.

Law & Order Fan Launches Kickstarter To Transform Car Into Jerry Orbach Memorial Vehicle

Like all obsessive fans, we miss original-flavored Law & Order and its wise-cracking star, the one who put baby in a corner, Jerry Orbach (we also really miss Jerry Orbach's eyes, which technically speaking are still gazing at the world). But no one

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Treat Williams & Jerry Orbach & Sidney Lumet-Prince of the City

Treat Williams & Jerry Orbach & Sidney Lumet-Prince of the City


Price: $19.97

Prince of the City: Special Edition (Dbl DVD)

John Flynn & William Forsythe & Jerry Orbach-Out For Justice

John Flynn & William Forsythe & Jerry Orbach-Out For Justice


Price: $14.97

Out for Justice (DVD) Steven Seagal stars as a Brooklyn cop who ruthlessly pursues the drug dealer accused of murdering his best friend in this hard-edged action thriller.

Actor O Guide

Jerry Orbach, Prince of the City

(Applause Books). Today the late actor Jerry Orbach (1935-2004) is best remembered as the world-weary New York City Detective Lennie Briscoe from the Emmy Award-winning NBC television series Law and Order . But that work only accounts for 12 years of a 50-year career that spanned stage, screen, and television. From the moment he landed the role of the Street Singer in the 1955 off-Broadway revival of The Threepenny Opera , he distinguished himself as a major performer in popular musicals and plays, including The Fantasticks , Carnival , Scuba Duba , Promises, Promises , 6 RMS RIV VU , Chicago , and 42nd Street . Jerry Orbach also appeared in over 40 films, with Crimes and Misdemeanors ; Prince of the City ; Dirty Dancing ; and the voice of the candlestick, Lumiere, in Disney's Beauty...

Remember How I Love You

Every morning for the thirteen years he was on Law & Order, Jerry Orbach wrote his wife a short love poem and placed it next to her coffee cup before he left for work. Over the years Jerry wrote hundreds of notes -- all of which Elaine cherished and preserved. Now dozens of Jerry's most meaningful poems to Elaine, along with stories from his amazing career and their enduring romance, tell the tale of their life together. With essays from some of Jerry's dearest friends and a foreword by Sam Waterston, Elaine created a collection of funny and moving poetry and a tribute to a wonderful marriage and a dearly loved man. The world remembers Jerry as a legendary Broadway actor, Baby's father in Dirty Dancing, and of course the wisecracking detective Lenny Briscoe on Law & Order. But to his...

Law & Order Fan Launches Kickstarter To Transform Car Into Jerry Orbach Memorial Vehicle - Gothamist

You can learn all about the project, "The Jerry Orbach Memorial Art Car," over at the Kickstarter —it's worth visiting just to watch the video intro, which utilizes a classic Jack McCoy cross-examination to great effect. Bird explains why he's chosen Orbach as the object of his low-rider tribute, not that he needed to sell us on it:. Jerry Orbach has long functioned as a source of personal and artistic inspiration. Many years ago, I found myself in a rut--I was about to be unemployed, and the most exciting thing in my life were "Law & Order" marathons on TNT. But in Jerry Orbach's character of Detective Lennie Briscoe, I found a spark. Here was a man made weary by the world, who nonetheless persevered. I got off the couch, and put together an art show. I made a "Law & Order" coloring book , which was the first thing I ever did that became a viral hit, and that has snowballed into an entire career making ridiculous pop art. I owe a lot of good things in my life to Jerry Orbach. His own life was also filled with kindness. He wrote a love note to his wife every day before heading to the set of "Law & Order," and he famously donated his corneas after passing away. If that's not the type of person we should be remembering through art, then who is. That all makes a lot of sense—but choosing a golden voiced god like Orbach is the easy part. The harder aspect is figuring out what a tribute to him looks like (it's not like you can just paint a replica of his Eye Bank subway advertisement. ), and that's the part where we all have to use our imaginations. I don't know [what it'll look like]. Rather than being locked into a design I come up with, I want to rely on the input and creativity of the people who will actually be doing the work. The design will also be determined by budget. The minimum fundraising goal will cover an airbrushed mural of Jerry on the hood, a sparkly new-from-the-ground-up paint job, and some pinstriping flourishes. The more we raise over that minimum, the more intricate the design can become. I also want to bring backers into the design process, using video updates to document the selection of the car and interview the artists involved. I know "art car" might conjure images of a Santa Cruz hippie gluing Happy Meal toys all over their VW, but I want to assure you that what I'm going for is something sleek and beautiful, befitting both the art form and the subject. I want to make something as rad as Jerry Orbach.


  1. Like all obsessive fans, we miss original-flavored Law & Order and its wise-cracking star, the one who put baby in a corner, Jerry Orbach (we also really miss Jerry Orbach's eyes, which technically speaking are still gazing at the world). But no one
  2. There are very few people who love actor and Broadway star Jerry Orbach as much as artist Brandon Bird. Bird has so much respect for Orbach that he's launched a Kickstarter project to paint the late actor's face on the side of a used sedan because
  3. For nearly a dozen years now, the world has been cruelly deprived of Jerry Orbach, the Bronx-born character actor who made a name for himself through numerous Broadway and off-Broadway roles before conquering film and television. But, even though the 
  1. Be Our Guest (Album ver.) (Angela Lansbury, Chorus - Beauty And The Beast) by Jerry Orbach #벅스
  2. This ep of Murder She Wrote has Vic Tayback and Jerry Orbach boi-oi-oing!
  3. .@thesavvy Watching a rerun of Law & Order. Jerry Orbach era.


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Jerry Orbach - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jerome Bernard "Jerry" Orbach (October 20, 1935 – December 28, 2004) was an American actor and singer, described at his death as "one of the last bona fide leading ...

Jerry Orbach - IMDb
Jerry Orbach, Actor: Law & Order. Jerry was born in the Bronx. His father, Leon, was a former vaudevillian actor, and his mother, Emily, was a radio singer. His ...

Jerry Orbach - Wikipedia
Jerry Orbach (New York, 20 oktober 1935 - Manhattan, New York, 28 december 2004) was een Amerikaans acteur. Hij werd onder meer bekend met de televisieserie Law & Order.

Jerry Orbach -

Jerry Orbach -
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File:Jerry Orbach 1965 press photo.JPG - Wikipedia, the free ...

File:Jerry Orbach 1965 press photo.JPG - Wikipedia, the free ...
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Jerry Orbach | People I

Jerry Orbach | People I
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Jerry Orbach watches over the F Train
He donated his eyes to science. Did you know that? He did, and the subway ad says so and he's a good man because of the decision he made.
Jerry Orbach Way
I know, right?? I just stumbled on this. RIP J.O.
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The Jerry Orbach Memorial Art Car is a thing that needs to happen, especially if they promise to bring it to Houston for the next Art Car Parade. On being a cafeteria Catholic in American politics. Complete with dissenting view to accompany it. Roger Maris ...

Pittsburgh Public Theater Presents THE FANTASTICK'S
The Fantasticks premiered Off-Broadway in 1960 and ran continuously for 42 years. After just a four-year break it was revived at New York's Jerry Orbach Theater (named for The Fantasticks' original star), where it continues today. The musical has always ...

Demented Dozens: Legendary Garbage - CineMania - Home Of The B-Movie Fan
In 1977, he rubbed elbows with Christopher Walken, Burgess Meredith, Jerry Orbach, Beverly D'Angelo, and John Carradine in The Sentinel. In 1978, he took part in the only version of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers that you've actually watched more than once.

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