Alaa Oumouzoune


Alaa Oumouzoune 2004 Showreel

Alaa Oumouzoune tricking in 04.

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Screen Enemies of the American Way

American films, like America itself, have long been fascinated by the threat of outsiders posing as citizens to destroy the American way of life. This book tracks real-world fears appearing in the movies—Nazi agents, Japanese-American spies, Communist Party subversives, Islamic sleeper cells—as well as the science-fiction threats that play to the same fears, such as alien body-snatchers and android doppelgangers. The work also examines fears inspired by World War I German spies, the Japanese-American internment and the McCarthyite witch-hunts and shows how these issues, and others, played out on screen.


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Lisa y Julien están casados y llevan una vida feliz junto a su hijo Oscar. Pero su vida se tambalea una mañana cuando la policía detiene a Lisa por asesinato ...

Убийство в Восточном экспрессе (2017) — актеры и съемочная ...
От «Мио, мой Мио» до «Американского психопата», Бэтмена и вице-президента США — в ...

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