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Dr. No (1962): James Bond shags Miss Tao


British Agent James Bond (Sir Sean Connery) manages to make love and outsmart spectre agent and secretary, Miss Tao (Zena Marshall) All copyrights go to .

Today in Athens County History

Local Sports: No holding back on this OU football recap headline, "Punchless Bobcats play dead against Marshall." Larry Grimes had In Advertising: The Palli Rae Shop at 36 Public Square in Nelsonville offered a fall fashion line with Zena Jeans

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The Brief, Madcap Life of Kay Kendall

" Comedic film actress Kay Kendall, born to a theatrical family in Northern England, came of age in London during the Blitz. After starring in Britain's biggest cinematic disaster, she found stardom in 1953 with her brilliant performance in the low-budget film, Genevieve. She scored success after success with her light comic style in movies such as Doctor in the House, The Reluctant Debutante, and the Gene Kelly musical Les Girls. Kendall's private life was even more colorful than the plots of her films as she embarked on a series of affairs with minor royalty, costars, directors, producers, and married men. In 1954 she fell in love with her married Constant Husband costar Rex Harrison and accompanied him to New York, where he was starring on Broadway in My Fair Lady. It was there that...

Daniel Blum's Screen World, 1964

August 29 – September 4, 2016

ROMANCE OF ROSY RIDGE, the movie 1947. The one guy in this photo is Van Johnson who was the star of the big budget MGM film Romance of Rosy Ridge , filmed up around Felton. The girls in this photo are ( left to right) Bunty Braun, Joanne Nielsen, unknown, and Jolene Brogdan. I watched the crowd scenes carefully and couldn’t spot any of the girls in the film. Not since the Santa Cruz SCAN (Santa cruz Action Network) was acting and active a few decades ago have I felt, or inentified with, the energy that happened last Wednesday (8/24) in the London Nelson center at the first real public gathering of... Even the Santa Cruz Sentinel’s weekly Bernie basher Stephen Kessler was there and he actually applauded Bernie’s speech several times. More than 250 folks, including lots of young people, watched Bernie’s speech then stayed to adopt Our Revolution bylaws and elect local officers. It felt like there was a new and strong hope for our political future. Especially when it was announced that, like the Brand New Congress goal of the national O. R. organization, the local group will focus on a Brand New Council. That’s Santa Cruz City Council and as you can guess only Chris Krohn, Drew Glover, Steve Schnaar, and Sandy Brown of the council candidates were there. It’s very clear now just where the 10 (or 11. ) council candidates stand. Also predictable was that the pro developer, pro police, anti homeless “right wing” of the Santa Cruz Democrat Party The Democratic Women’s Club endorsed J. M Brown, Cynthia Mathews, Martine Watkins, and Robert Singleton, and we know what that means. If you want to watch Bernie’s speech go to www. So the combined membership of the People’s Democratic Club , and members of the ACLU Santa Cruz County, Affordable Housing Now. , Citizens Climate Lobby, Economic Justice Alliance, GLBT Alliance, NAACP Santa Cruz, Our Revolution, S. C. Chapter of the Sierra Club all met Monday night (8/29) to hear the 10 candidates (Nathaniel Kennedy was a no show) for their endorsements... London Nelson’s biggest meeting room was full with standing room only. As we’ve come to expect by now The Central Coast Labor Council, The People’s Democratic Club and OUR Revolution all voted to endorse the same four candidates Drew Glover, Steve Schnaar, Chris Krohn, and Sandy Brown. This will certainly be the team that draws the young voters, and draws the old timers back into campaigning and making solid changes in the Santa Cruz City Council. EARTHQUAKES AND SANTA CRUZ. We’ve all been reading, watching, and hearing about the earthquake tragedies in all those towns and villages in Italy last week. We’ve also seen numerous comparisions with our Santa Cruz location atop another seismic fault that is equally dangerous. It must dawn on more than a few of us…. just how prepared is our Santa Cruz city when/if the next”BIG ONE” hits. Has any citizen ever been informed as to iPhone, cell phone, internet, even land line phone numbers to call when the power goes out (Which it always does even with no earthquakes). Do we know where to go, which routes to drive to, any medical sources, any search crews to help when we need them. What about when Highway One north or south is blocked or Highway 17 is shut down. Are all the new high rise hotels being built in the county certified earthquake safe. I think there are dinky maps someplace online showing where the ocean will flow when the next tsunami rushes in. That’s it for tsunami help. Experts all tell us another big, very big techtonic plate shift/earthquake is coming within the next 30 years. Isn’t it up to the City Council to be sure we’re ready. Shouldn’t we be better informed and why don’t we know more about how any and all of our related City (and County) departments have prepared or are preparing. OUR REVOLUTION LOCAL DETAILS. Jeffrey Smedberg was/is one of the most active members of the Santa Cruz for Bernie team. He sent an email Friday 9/26 part of which reads, “Arguing that we will be more effective in local politics as a legitimate organization, Jeffrey Smedberg presented draft bylaws, developed by the Organizational Structure Project Team founded at...


  1. Local Sports: No holding back on this OU football recap headline, "Punchless Bobcats play dead against Marshall." Larry Grimes had In Advertising: The Palli Rae Shop at 36 Public Square in Nelsonville offered a fall fashion line with Zena Jeans
  2. Jill Maddren; Sandra Maddren; Shanmuga Maheswaran; Tim Maheswaran; Khalid Mahmood; Zena Mahmoud; Angela Main; Mark Major; Jason Malcolm; Shaun Barry Malcolm; Chad Male; Kevin Malham; Thomas Mallinson; Patrick Mallon; John Manning; Alan Mansell
  3. "Unfortunately due to the weather, poor Marshall from Paw Patrol had to leave before the end due to having very wet fur and soggy paws but will be back when he's dried off next year. "There were also great attractions for the children such as bouncy
  1. Zena Marshall James Bond Dr. No 8x10" Photo #C1143 https://t.co/ept4kqMzNo https://t.co/GmTtpoNxZo
  2. ZENA MARSHALL rare #'d 1/3 Millhouse Roll Cake Tobacco Style card No. 796 https://t.co/qhzf8IlvTE https://t.co/x9SEesRIkT


Zena Marshall - IMDb
Zena Marshall, Actress: Dr. No. Striking, dark-haired beauty Zena Moyra Marshall was born of French (from her mother's side) and English/Irish (her father's) ancestry ...

Zena Marshall - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Zena Marshall; Born: Zena Moyra Marshall (1926-01-01) 1 January 1926 Nairobi, Kenya: Died: 10 July 2009 (2009-07-10) (aged 83) London, England: Nationality: British

Zena Marshall - Biography - IMDb
Striking, dark-haired beauty Zena Moyra Marshall was born of French (from her mother's side) and English/Irish (her father's) ancestry in Narobi, Kenya.

Zena Marshall | Chickipedia

Zena Marshall | Chickipedia
Image by www.mademan.com

James Bond Database: Zena Marshall

James Bond Database: Zena Marshall
Image by jamesbonddatabase.blogspot.com

Zena Marshall - ‘Dr. No’ - 1962 | BOND GIRLS -OH OH 7 | Pinterest

Zena Marshall - ‘Dr. No’ - 1962 | BOND GIRLS -OH OH 7 | Pinterest
Image by pinterest.com

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Today in Athens County History
"Punchless Bobcats play dead against Marshall." Larry Grimes had the only score, a punt-return touchdown. In Advertising: The Palli Rae Shop at 36 Public Square in Nelsonville offered a fall fashion line with Zena Jeans. From the Sunday, Sept. 15 ...

Daniel Craig 'offered $150 million to return as Bond'
Actress: Ursula Andress Nationality: Swiss Bond Movie: Dr. No Year: 1962 Actress: Eunice Gayson Nationality: English Bond Movie: Dr. No (1962) and From Russia With Love (1963) Actress: Zena Marshall Nationality: English

Fort Smith schools consider ending Rebel mascot, ‘Dixie’
Others say the district that borders Oklahoma needs to let go of the symbols. Fort Smith Public Schools spokeswoman Zena Featherston Marshall said the district was unfazed by a lawsuit filed Thursday in Sebastian County Circuit Court. The lawsuit ...

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