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The contrary but intertwined journeys of Rosen and Darnold

One's the wunderkind who's too smart for his own good. The other's the career underdog who's grinded his way to the big stage. And in 2017, their paths will 

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Actor M Guide

7 Keys to Prophetic Protocol

Have you found it challenging to determine whether a prophetic word was from God, or when how and whom to share it with? Are you unsure of how to receive and judge prophecy? In this concise guide to prophetic protocol, Sam Medina shares a Biblical perspective which will give you clarity and enable you to experience the full benefit of the prophetic ministry.

Leadership in Public Organizations

Now in a completely revised and updated Third Edition, Leadership in Public Organizations provides a compact but complete analysis of leadership for students and practitioners who work in public and nonprofit organizations. Offering a comprehensive review of leadership theories in the field, from the classic to the cutting-edge, and how they relate specifically to the public sector context, this textbook covers the major competency clusters in detail, supported by research findings as well as practical guidelines for improvement. These competencies are graphically portrayed in a leadership action cycle that aids readers in visually connecting theory and practice. Including questions for discussion and analysis and hypothetical scenarios for each chapter, as well as an easily...

The contrary but intertwined journeys of Rosen and Darnold - 247Sports

It’s July 2014, and 19 of the best high school quarterbacks in America are in Beaverton, Ore. One of them, Josh Rosen , is easy to spot. At 6-foot-4, “Chosen Rosen” is confident bordering on cocky and blessed with an arm that spins what experts describe as a “beautiful ball. ” Another, Sam Darnold , is easy to miss. He’d started just two games as a junior quarterback before an injury ended his season, and few knew what to make of the stout, 6-foot-4 linebacker out of pads. Already committed to UCLA, Rosen flashed everything that made him a generational prospect. Rosen questioned the playbook on more than one occasion and Elite 11 head coach Trent Dilfer, a Super Bowl champion, called him out for needing to “buy into” coaching. Rosen and Darnold grew up 63 miles apart: Rosen in Manhattan Beach, Calif. , – a well-to-do Los Angeles suburb along the coast – and Darnold in San Clemente – a beach town just outside of the bustle of the big city. Close, but far away, their careers were then a similar distance apart following Elite 11. Darnold’s coaches were sending out his basketball tape to get football coaches to take a look. Rosen could’ve picked almost any school in the country. Darnold’s dad, Mike, played football in college. His mom, Chris, played volleyball. His sister, Franki, played volleyball at Rhode Island. One grandfather, Mike Sr. , was the college center for Washington Redskins great Brig Owns. The other, Dick Hammer, played basketball at USC. Darnold’s parents met while working out and found their first home on a bike ride. But Sam experienced his first longing at age eight, on a soccer field, of all places. Sam’s eyes strayed to a nearby field where Travis Wilson ’s Pop Warner team practiced. Wilson, a future Utah QB and Los Angeles Ram, was friends with Franki. Sam looked up to Travis, always the best athlete in town, and made a declaration to his dad: “I don’t want to do this. ” Rosen’s transition came later. A shoulder injury paused his tennis career for a time, creating an opportunity for his eye to wander toward football. Already wiry strong in junior high, Rosen moonlighted as a defensive end but focused on quarterback. John Bosco offensive coordinator Chad Johnson saw Rosen for the first time on a highlight tape Rosen submitted. The pocket broke down and Rosen launched the ball 40 yards off his back foot over the middle. It’s a throw that still gets Rosen in trouble, but it served as a “wow” moment for an eighth grader. On one side is San Clemente, white jerseys offset by a black and red helmet. On the other is St. John Bosco, decked in blue with golden domes. Led by Wilson, San Clemente moved onto the 2011 state semifinals with a 42-24 win. Part of Rosen’s issue is he doesn’t fit the traditional role of a college athlete. He speaks his mind – even if it isn’t always in the best interest of UCLA – and raises his voice when an issue concerns him (see the graphic above). “He’s not afraid to be different than the traditional student athlete. ” Rosen’s thought process and interests are varied. One day, Rosen dreams of taking a road trip with his friends to the music festival Bonnaroo. Inspired by the documentary “No Cameras Allowed,” he hopes to outfit an old-school short bus with some “craigslist couches” screwed into the paneling and throw GoPros everywhere to document the whole thing. He wants to make the drive to Tennessee with stops at the Grand Canyon and to boogie board down sand dunes. Rosen actively discusses this sort of mental chess with Wehrly. In high school, St. John Bosco head coach Jason Negro used Rosen’s interest in winning friends and influencing people for the school's benefit, taking Rosen to recruiting events for the general student population. These were one-on-one affairs, where school representatives would go into family homes in an effort to sell Bosco. Rosen was a natural. “He’s able to communicate outside the language of football,” Negro said. And where critics like Dilfer see an arrogant kid with poor “buy-in,” his high school coaches would paint a different picture. Johnson studied the playbook with Rosen prior to Elite 11, making flashcards of every play for Rosen to memorize. Each was named after a different Elite 11 alumnus. Studying brought questions about several plays. Rosen wanted to ask for clarification to ensure the plays were run correctly. But Rosen’s quest to know “why”.


  1. One's the wunderkind who's too smart for his own good. The other's the career underdog who's grinded his way to the big stage. And in 2017, their paths will 
  2. On Tuesday afternoon, the Mont Belvieu industrial suburb east of Houston recorded 51.12 inches of water since Harvey's arrival, breaking the highest previous record of 48 inches for a single storm, from Tropical Storm Amelia in Medina, Texas, in 1978.
  3. GREENCASTLE — Last season's record reflected the growing pains for the Greencastle-Antrim varsity football team. Now, many of those same players return looking to forget a 2-8 campaign that featured its fair share of struggles. “We're a year older, a
  2. @sam_kallhoff Right!!!!
  3. @sam_amick @MarkG_Medina @warriors Ha, Sam! A friend gave me a Cuban about a year ago and I chewed on it for a month.


Sam's Famous Carrot Cake (baking soda, buttermilk, carrot, cinnamon, eggs, flaked coconut, flour, raisins, salt, vanilla extract, vegetable oil, walnut, sugar)

Sam Choy's Oven-Roasted Kalua Pig (banana leaves, liquid smoke flavoring, sea salt, pork chops, water)

Green Eggs And Ham Sam I Am Recipe (nonstick cooking spray, eggs, ham, salt, food coloring)

Sam's Duck Rice (duck breasts, olive oil, shallot, garlic, cinnamon, rice wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt, black pepper, spring onion, brown sugar, rice)


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Sam Medina, Actor: Olympus Has Fallen. Sam Medina. Sam is an ethnically ambiguous actor who now makes Los Angeles, his new home. A descendant of Asian ...

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Picture a Day May 24, 2011 - Arnold Wurzbach House in Rio Medina
Few people in San Antonio are unfamiliar with the name 'Wurzbach'. The family was one of the early settlers in the area, arriving from Germany in the 1840's, and the Wurzbachs were prominent landowners and developers for decades. The most well-known member of the family was Harry M. Wurzbach, who represented San Antonio in Congress in the 1920's. Harry Wurzbach Road runs from Loop 410 to the entrance of Fort Sam Houston, and there is a major freeway, Wurzbach Parkway, that runs the length of the city from I-35 to Ingram Park (the highway is currently under major construction, literally a few hundred feet from where I live). In addition to Bexar County, the Wurzbachs are also a common name in neighboring Medina County. On the northern outskirts of Rio Medina, along FM 471 several miles north of Castroville is the old Arnold Wurzbach house, easily visible from the highway. Now overgrown with brush and clearly not occupied, but there is an active farming operation next door....

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