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Border-town play stuck on the border between genres

Written by Richard Montoya and directed by Sean San José, and starring both artists, the play, whose full title is “Nogales: Storytellers in Cartel Country,” was motivated by the 2012 killing of an unarmed 16-year-old boy, José Antonio Elena Rodríguez

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El Rey de la Rumba (King of the Rumba

El Rey de la Rumba (King of the Rumba

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Personnel includes: Peret (vocals, guitar); Manuel Malou (vocals, guitar, programming); David Byrne, Josel Santiago (vocals, guitar); Calabrita (vocals, Spanish guitar); Joah Garriga (vocals, accordion); Tonio Carotone, Nilo, Carol C, Elena Andujar, Pau Dones (vocals); Jordi Mena, Nico Rodriquez, Goar Inurrieta (electric guitar); Campa (accordion); Bob Sands (saxophone); Norman Hugh (trumpet); Professor Angel Dust, Toni Saigi, Daniel Txarras (keyboards); Vulgar, Juanlu, Carlos Rivolta, Javier Vacas (bass); Showarma, Sergio Castillo, Julien El Presi Charlet (drums); Luis Dulzaides, Nan Marcade (percussion); DJ Caesar (scratches); Toni Garcia, Nacho Lesco, Juan Maya, Eva Roche (background vocals). Producers include: Professor Angel Dust, Sergio Castillo, Joe Dworniak, Toni Garcia, Dusminguet. Engineers include: Freddy Martinez, David Montoya, Edu Olive. Personnel: Peret (vocals, guitar); Manuel Malou (vocals, guitar, drum machine, programming); Pedro Reyes Peret Juan, Cano, David Byrne (vocals, guitar); Calabrita (vocals, Spanish guitar); Joan Garriga (vocals, accordion); Oscar Dominguez (vocals, percussion); Elena Andjar, Tonino Cartone, Pau Dones, El Gran Silencio, Fermin Muguruza, Dani, Paloma, Sergent Garcia, Tonino Carotone, Carol C. (vocals); Professor Angel Dust (rap vocals); Mastretta (guitar, clarinet, saxophone, organ, Moog synthesizer); Oscar Benavides, Manuel Benitez (guitar); Goar Iurrieta, Jordi Sugar Sweet Mena (electric guitar); Juan Maya (Spanish guitar, palmas); Nacho Mastretta (bajo sexto, piano); Cuco (bajo sexto, Moog synthesizer); Luis Miguel Baladrn, Vincent Jogerst, Juanlu, Rubn Rodrguez (bajo sexto); David Aubaile (flute); Javier Anguera, Bob Sands (saxophone); Fabrizio Martinez, Julio Cevallos, Matthew Simon, Jos Manuel Bernal, Norman Hugh, Stefano Cecchi, Francesca Sandokan Antonozzi, Paco Ibanez (trumpet); Julien Chirol, Jose Marie Guillamo, Juan Jos Puntas (trombone); Pedrito Lucas (piano); Alex Tenas, Richard Moreno (drums)

Shadow's Bliss

Shadow's Bliss

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Sydney Stewart needs a man, and not just any man, she needs Joseph. Joseph is tall, handsome and Ivy League educated. He works in the stock market and tells wonderfully descriptive tales of his days traveling the globe. Sydneys friends will love Joseph; they will welcome him into their throng with open arms but there is one small problem: Joseph doesnt exist. Noel Potter has a similar issue. He needs a new boyfriend to scare off his ex, but not just any boyfriend. He needs Stefan, an underwear model with all his buttock clenching, post-meal purging and obvious hatred for anyone not body beautiful. Like Joseph, Stefan doesnt exist. Enter Daniel Bliss, a classically trained New York actor with one thing in mind: Becoming the next Robert De Niro. There is one small problem: No one will hire him. He is stuck performing bit-parts and acting as stand-ins. But then Daniel comes up with a new business venture, one that pays handsomely and keeps him true to his aspirations of becoming a great actor: He starts acting in real-life roles, situations where a trained thespian can fill the void, becoming Joseph, Stefan and anything anyone is willing to pay for. Every actor should own this book. Richard Montoya. Choreographer and Broadway Performer *Author: Smith, Darren *Binding Type: Paperback *Number of Pages: 304 *Publication Date: 2006/04/01 *Language: English *Dimensions: 9.00 x 6.00 x 0.68 inches


  1. Written by Richard Montoya and directed by Sean San José, and starring both artists, the play, whose full title is “Nogales: Storytellers in Cartel Country,” was motivated by the 2012 killing of an unarmed 16-year-old boy, José Antonio Elena Rodríguez
  2. Richard Montoya, of the iconic Los Angeles-based performance group Culture Clash, is brilliant — a deeply socially committed playwright who's eloquent, poetic and funny. As an actor, he can portray just about any type of character, comic or dramatic.
  3. At the time of San José and Montoya's visit, the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., had just happened. Something in the air felt strange, not just in Arizona, not just in Missouri, but in the whole country. That's what the two artists wanted
  1. @TeronBriggs @TxZambrano @robsmontano @Butta1231 @Gabriel_Montoya @steveucnlive - no that wasn't Richard that was Gomez
  2. @dougiefischer @Lightning_JL @Gabriel_Montoya @steveucnlive who was it who said "We all know Richard Schaefer is Golden Boy"
  3. RT @210_Rod1: @Gabriel_Montoya - I'm not a fan of Al's plan or Richard. I'm just saying Oscar is no victim. Played w/fire, got burned.


Richard and Suzanne's Famous Red Beans and Sausage (sausage, bacon, bay leaves, olive oil, garlic, green pepper, green onion, red pepper, red pepper flakes, salt, butter, water, yellow onions)

Grilled Cabbage by Richard (butter, cabbage, olive oil, black pepper, salt)

Richard's Chicken Breasts (butter, chicken, rosemary, flour, marsala wine, mozzarella cheese, olive oil, onions, mushrooms, poultry seasoning)

Richard and Suzanne's Famous Spaghetti Sauce (basil, bay leaf, black pepper, garlic, green pepper, green onion, olive oil, onions, salt, water, sugar)


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Richard Montoya

Richard Montoya
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Richard Montoya

Richard Montoya
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Richard Montoya (@rdmontoya) | Twitter

Richard Montoya (@rdmontoya) | Twitter
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Media Kick Off Party San Diego Latino Film Festival 2014
Media Kick Off Party San Diego Latino Film Festival 2014
100m Round 1, Heat 1 - Tyson Gay, Richard Thompson
Tyson Gay (USA). Richard Thompson (Trinidad and Tobago), Gerald Phiri (Zambia), Jaysuma Saidy Ndure (Norway), Angel David Rodriguez (Spain), Jurgen Themen (Suriname), Isidro Montoya (Colombia) and Foo Ee Yeo (Singapore) London 2012 Olympics 100m Heats The heats for the men's 100m (one hundred metres) event at the London Olympic Games. Olympic Stadium, Olympic Park Stratford
Burro Alley Mural - Santa Fe by Richard Montoya
Old Town Santa Fe
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Serio-comic ‘Nogales’ peels away sheriff’s bigotry
Richard Montoya is a double threat kind of guy. The co-founder of famed Chicano performance troupe Culture Clash has palpable talents as thespian and playwright — and skillfully uses them playing bigoted Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio in “Nogales,” a ...

Chicago Opera Theater Presents THE FAIRY QUEEN
Together with Mitisek, COT's contemporary adaptation of "The Fairy Queen" is written by Culture Clash, a California-based performance troupe founded by Richard Montoya, Ric Salinas and Herbert Siguenza, who have been writing and performing together for ...

DeSales top Lyle-Wishram, 43-24
“Austin Richard did a great job snapping the ball in very adverse ... DeSales — Leahy 58 run (Campos kick). L-W — Montoya 39 pass from Ostrander (Montoya run). DeSales — Campos 31 field goal. DeSales — J. Elmenhurst 20 run (Campos kick).

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