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actor Ralph Meeker - A Tribute


A tribute to the life & career of actor Ralph Meeker. A talented actor of stage & screen,Meeker was also an accomplished musician (piano,cornet,drums.

WV Book Team: Cut holiday sweetness with hardboiled detectives

I'm not going to dwell on Mickey Spillane and Mike Hammer except to mention the film “Kiss Me Deadly” with Ralph Meeker as Hammer. It is one of the strangest noir films produced. It is worth the effort to find it. There are a number of good websites

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Kiss Me Deadly, Ralph Meeker, 1955

Unknown (Posters & Prints)

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Kiss Me Deadly, Ralph Meeker, 1955

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Mod-Big House USA B and W

Mod-Big House USA B and W

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A tough and realistic crime drama unfolds as ruthless convicts (Broderick Crawford, Charles Bronson, Ralph Meeker, Lon Chaney, Jr, and William Talman) execute a successful prison escape to secure $200,000 in hidden ransom money.

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Ralph Meeker and the Great Whatzit


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Reviews of Classic Movies: ‘Paths of Glory’

The term “anti-war movie” probably conjures certain images in your head. Many of the more well-known films in the category rely on visuals that present armed combat in grindingly realistic sequences: the often-cited D-Day landing in Saving Private Ryan , the sudden bursts of violence during the river voyage in... All of these movies use violence to hammer audiences with the bitter tragedies brought about by war. But there’s another kind of anti-war movie, one that requires a bit more thought to get right (as well as some close reading by the audience). These movies use satire or drama to make their arguments against war, and often aim to expose the bureaucratic incompetence behind a failed strategy. One director especially drawn to the theme was Stanley Kubrick , who worked anti-war ideas into many of his movies, perhaps most obviously in Dr. Strangelove , Barry Lyndon and Full Metal Jacket. However, there’s an earlier film by Kubrick that sometimes feels like a testing ground for concepts he’d expand even further in his later work: 1957’s Paths of Glory. Produced as a vehicle for star Kirk Douglas and his company Bryna Productions, Paths of Glory follows Colonel Dax (Douglas), an officer in the French army during the First World War. Ordered by his generals to take a well-fortified German position with no reinforcements, Dax does his best to lead the charge, but the attack collapses and the French suffer crushing losses. In a desperate attempt to scare some morale into the troops, General Mireau (a perfectly snide George Macready ) demands that one man from each company be court martialed and executed for cowardice. But instead of closing on an angry note, Kubrick captures a heartbreaking moment that deserves to be mentioned alongside some of his best-known sequences. Paths of Glory may be one of Kubrick’s earlier features, but it still possesses the confident storytelling and camera work that distinguished his work even when he started out as a staff photographer for Look magazine in the 1940s. Relatively... Yet Kubrick didn’t intend for the battle to be the scene that conveys his message – instead, that’s accomplished much later, during the trumped-up court martial and the darkly funny dialogue exchanges between Douglas, Macready and Adolphe Menjou... Douglas is clearly in full movie-star mode here, playing an almost improbably virtuous and clever officer with no flaws of his own. This shouldn’t diminish the passionate work he puts into Colonel Dax, but out of everything in the movie, it’s perhaps one of the few elements of Paths of Glory that doesn’t age as well as the cinematography or the boundary-pushing story (for... The other surprising detail about Paths of Glory by modern filmmaking standards is its length. While it could be argued that the movie is narrowly focused to a fault, Paths of Glory still offers a lesson in restraint for modern filmmakers, who may feel that the scope of war can’t be portrayed without multiple lead characters and a... I finished Paths of Glory with the feeling that more people should see it, and more mention should be made of the film in Kubrick retrospectives at galleries and festivals. It may not have the kind of flashy images, edits or music cues that Kubrick burned into our brains with his later films, but Paths of Glory is just as effective – advice that can’t be repeated often enough in the industry, it would seem. Paths of Glory gets three and a half stars out of four. Have you seen Paths of Glory. Can current war films learn a thing or two from it. Or did Kubrick shy away from the real conflict.


  1. I'm not going to dwell on Mickey Spillane and Mike Hammer except to mention the film “Kiss Me Deadly” with Ralph Meeker as Hammer. It is one of the strangest noir films produced. It is worth the effort to find it. There are a number of good websites
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  1. RT @BobbyRiversTV: Born #OTD in history: Broadway & screen actor Ralph Meeker of KISS ME DEADLY, THE DIRTY DOZEN and PATHS OF GLORY. Very g…
  2. RT @cpsouthon: Ralph Meeker, born 21/11/20: Kiss Me Deadly, Paths of Glory, The Naked Spur, Big House USA, Jeopardy (here, with Barbara Sta…


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Ralph Meeker - Wikipedia
Ralph Meeker (November 21, 1920 – August 5, 1988) was an American film, stage and television actor best known for starring in the 1953 Broadway production of Picnic

Ralph Meeker - IMDb
Ralph Meeker, Actor: Paths of Glory. Burly American character actor Ralph Meeker first acted on stage at his Alma mater, Northwestern University, alongside other ...

Ralph Meeker - NNDB
Ralph Meeker. AKA Ralph Rathgeber. Born: 21-Nov-1920 Birthplace: Minneapolis, MN Died: 5-Aug-1988 Location of death: Woodland Hills, CA Cause of death: Heart Failure ...

Ralph Meeker - Rotten Tomatoes

Ralph Meeker - Rotten Tomatoes
Image by www.rottentomatoes.com

actor ralph meeker is such a total honey in 'kiss me deadly' that this ...

actor ralph meeker is such a total honey in 'kiss me deadly' that this ...
Image by alookbackinanger.blogspot.com

Ralph Meeker profile - Famous people photo catalog.

Ralph Meeker profile - Famous people photo catalog.
Image by famousdude.com


Ottawa and Area Registered Runners (Running Room) 2011
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1904 graduating class, University of Illinois College of Medicine
1904 graduating class, University of Illinois College of Medicine Photograph credited to Geo. H. Paltridge, 653-655 W. Madison St., Chicago as pictured, left to right, top to bottom * indicates photographed graduate not listed in 1921 alumni record † indicates faculty/staff ‡ indicates photo missing from composite William Lorenza Nuckolls Charles R. A. Windmueller Alfred Stocker MD Spencer Norman Chaffee BS T. C. Haecker * Francis Harvey Gambell MD John Snook MD Oscar Paul Schnetzky MD William Henry Durkee Stephen Tyler Parsons C. F. Baldwin * William Eugene Dickinson Otto Balensiefer PhG T. H. Plank * (there is a Tilman Howard Plank listed in the class of 1905) Arthur Murphy Crandall MD Arthur Lell Leeds BS MD Royal James Dunn C. E. Goodwin * (there is a Charles Edwin Goodwin listed in the class of 1905) Edward Anton Mayer PhG Anson Torence Miller Miles Akin Heffelfinger Orlando Garfield Wood William John Vopata Henry Spencer Capps BS MD Jacob Leonard Eisendrath H. J. H. Hoeve...
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Ralph Louis Meeker
Ralph. L. Meeker, 64, of Eagle Point, Ore. passed away November 23, 2016. A wonderful father, a great friend, kind, and loving, Ralph will be greatly missed. A memorial Mass will be held at 9:30 a.m. December 6, 2016 at Our lady of Fatima Parish, Shady ...

Death Notices
www.congermorris.com ~ Ralph L. Meeker, 64, of Eagle Point, Ore. passed away Thursday, November 24, 2016 at Providence Medford Medical Center. Arrangements by Conger-Morris Central Point Chapel, 541-664-3361.

Additional samples to test for chronic wasting to be taken in state
Assistant deer program coordinator Ralph Meeker said the commission hopes to get 300 samples from deer harvested by hunters in each of the 10 counties in the chronic wasting disease management zone. [CWD IN ARKANSAS: Click here for full coverage of chronic ...

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