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Is Donald Trump's election changing LGBTQ behavior in Tennessee?

(WEINBERG) “No. ACLU does not interpret it. That's the way it's been interpreted by the Department of Education and others.” Chris Sanders says a Donald Trump, Mike Pence administration will likely interpret federal regulations very differently. Rep

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Sales Management Simplified


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Why do sales organizations fall short? Every day, expert consultants like Mike Weinberg are called on by companies large and small to find the answer?and it?s one that may surprise you. Typically, the issue lies not with the sales team?but with how it is being led. Through their attitude and actions, senior executives and sales managers unknowingly undermine performance. In Sales Management. Simplified. Weinberg tells it straight, calling out the problems plaguing sales forces and the costly mistakes made by even the best-intentioned sales managers. The good news: with the right guidance, results can be transformed. Blending blunt, practical advice with funny stories from the field, this book helps you: Implement a simple framework for sales leadershipFoster a healthy, high-performance sales cultureConduct productive meetingsCreate a killer compensation planPut the right people in the right rolesCoach for successRetain top producers and remediate underperformersPoint salespeople at the proper targetsSharpen your sales storyRegain control of your calendarAnd moreLong on solutions and short on platitudes, Sales Management. Simplified. delivers the tools you need to succeed.

Is Donald Trump's election changing LGBTQ behavior in Tennessee? - WMOT

(WMOT) -- A leader in Tennessee’s gay community says some LGBTQ residents are changing their public behavior out of fear following the election of Donald Trump. Chris Sanders heads the Tennessee Equality Project. “I’m hearing from same sex couples that they’re more hesitant to hold hands with their spouse in public because of this,” Sanders said. Sanders says some couples have told him they’ve even stopped sitting close together in public. He says the fear level increased after a November 5 incident in Putnam County. Sander’s says his organization is gearing up to resist new attempts he expects Tennessee legislators will soon launch in an effort to curb the rights of LGBTQ individuals. “We’ve been meeting with clergy around the state who will be allies for us. We have three days on the Hill planned for next year. Just one example, Sanders says he expects Mt. Juliet Republican Rep. Susan Lynn to revive a bill that would prevent transgender students from using the school restroom or locker room that matches their gender identities. The bill sparked some fierce debate on Capitol Hill earlier this year, including this exchange between ACLU Director Hedy Weinberg and former Rep. Rick Womick over the federal definition of gender. (WOMICK) “Title IX doesn’t say ‘gender identity,’ it says ‘gender. ’ (WEINBERG) “But that’s not how it’s…” (WOMICK) “But you interpret it as gender identity. ” (WEINBERG) “No. ACLU does not interpret it. That’s the way it’s been interpreted by the Department of Education and others. Chris Sanders says a Donald Trump, Mike Pence administration will likely interpret federal regulations very differently. Rep Lynn insisted that her bill was intended to protect the rights of all students, but she withdrew the measure under intense pressure.


  1. (WEINBERG) “No. ACLU does not interpret it. That's the way it's been interpreted by the Department of Education and others.” Chris Sanders says a Donald Trump, Mike Pence administration will likely interpret federal regulations very differently. Rep
  2. “This is to address hate, and this is to address the response and emotions from that hate,” said Weinberg sophomore Justine Kim, one of the bill's authors. The resolution was penned to help soothe Northwestern students' fears after Donald Trump won 
  3. Does Millville's Mike Trout deserve to win the American League Most Valuable Player award? (I vote yes). Will Atlantic City ever regain its status as a major boxing town? (Doubtful). Should local high school football teams do away with 6 p.m. kickoffs?
  1. RT @RussThoman: You can’t manage #sales people, whose primary job is to interact w/ other people, by staring into your CRM screen @mike_wei…
  2. Iolani School is so impressive. Weinberg, Ching and Sullivan Foundations are so generous!… https://t.co/oVcutktyAa
  3. This also makes me (and most of STL) happy. And not a surprise: The Rams rank 31st in total offense & last in scoring offense #ha! #kroenke


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Mike's Drunken Mussels (black pepper, vegetable oil, jalapeno, lime, mussels, onions, red pepper, tequila, water)


Mike Weinberg - IMDb
Mike Weinberg, Actor: Life as a House. Mike Weinberg wrapped his role as Adam in Irwin Winkler's Life as a House (2001) on February 16, 2001, his eighth birthday. It ...

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Mike Weinberg @ mike_weinberg. Consultant, Speaker & Author of two #1 Bestsellers: Sales Management. Simplified. & New Sales. Simplified. NY Pizza, Porsche, NFL & MLB fan

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Mike Weinberg at age 6 in 1999

Mike Weinberg at age 6 in 1999
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Mike Weinberg

Mike Weinberg
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Mike Weinberg

Mike Weinberg
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Melissa Varon Weinberg
Melissa Varon Weinberg of Morgan's Jewelers with the LA King's mascot
Master Mike
Photo by Lindsay Weinberg 2009 ASU Graduation Commencement with President Barack Obama
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EDITORIAL: Don’t waste time on impeachment
Loretta Weinberg, D-Bergen, has asked Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto ... On Friday, it was announced that he was replaced as head of Trump’s transition team by Vice President-elect Mike Pence. Christie will be relegated to the role of transition adviser.

Top N.J. Democrat pushing Christie impeachment requests FBI Bridgegate records
Weinberg noted Bridget Anne Kelly ... Trump's office, however, announced Vice President-elect Mike Pence was placed in charge of the effort. Christie has reportedly been under consideration for a job in the Trump administration, which would have him ...

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