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Mark Metcalf

Best known for his roles in Animal House, Angel, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mark Metcalf joins us before he packs up and moves out of Wisconsin.

Actor Stephen Furst, Flounder in 'Animal House,' dies at 63

In this April 25, 2015, file photo, Peter Riegert (Boon), Karen Allen (Katy), Martha Smith (Babs), Mark Metcalf (Niedermeyer), Judy Belushi, widow of John Belushi (Blutarsky), and Stephen Furst (Flounder) gather in front of the Mahaiwe at an "Animal

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Metcalf, Byron / Roach, Steve / Seelig, Mark - Nada Terma CD

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Price: $15.95

Track Listing: Nada Terma 1; N

Metcalf, Byron / Roach, Steve / Seelig, Mark - Wachuma's Wave CD

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Track Listing: Wachuma's Wave;


  1. In this April 25, 2015, file photo, Peter Riegert (Boon), Karen Allen (Katy), Martha Smith (Babs), Mark Metcalf (Niedermeyer), Judy Belushi, widow of John Belushi (Blutarsky), and Stephen Furst (Flounder) gather in front of the Mahaiwe at an "Animal
  2. Beulah Mae Sebastian Conn, age 89, of Cartersville, Ky., widow of the late Marvin Conn, died peacefully Wednesday June 28, 2017 at her daughter's home in Cartersville, Ky. Mrs. Conn was born on December 14, 1927 to the late Mary Jude Gabbard and 
  3. Last year, nearby resident Mark Metcalf recounted a desperate drive to the airport that eventually took him and his family at break-neck speeds over the potholes, arroyos, uneven surfaces and other hazards on the 7.1 miles of previously unpaved Wilmot
  1. RT @avalanche_edin: Things Mark E. Smith dislikes via @RamAlbumClub
  2. Mark Metcalf (the dad in the video) is literally every angry, militant, misogynist guy on social media.
  3. Mark Metcalf, would you kick her out of bed for eating crackers?


Mark's English Sausage Rolls (dijon mustard, eggs)

Mark's Clam Chowder (butter, celery, flour, half and half, clams, onions, black pepper, potato, salt)

Mark's Nearly Famous Sloppy Joes (barbecue sauce, ground beef, black pepper, brown sugar, celery, parsley, green pepper, ketchup, lemon juice, liquid smoke flavoring, onions, salt, white vinegar, worcestershire sauce, mustard)

Mark's Mambo Margaritas (limeade concentrate, tequila, lime, strawberries, lime)


Metcalf Sawmill Products | Featuring Port Orford Cedar
Metcalf Sawmill products features Port Orford Cedar along with maple, myrtlewood, and redwood. We custom mill to customer specs and produce lumber from select tight ...

Metcalf Foundation
The Metcalf Foundation is a private family foundation, based in Toronto, working with Canadians to improve the health and vibrancy of our communities, our culture ...

Laurie Metcalf — Wikipédia
Laurie Metcalf en 1992 Données clés Naissance 16 juin 1955 (62 ans) Carbondale (Illinois) Nationalité américaine Profession Actrice Films notables Recherche Susan ...


WE - Historical Bristol Street Directory 1871
Mathews' Bristol Street Directory 1871 Weare's Buildings, York Road, Bedminster Weare's Gardens, Newfoundland Lane Weare Street, Bath Road to St Luke’s Road Mrs Crook, shopkeeper George Osborne, grocer, etc Mary Ann Cole, ginger beer manufacturer William Osborne, boot maker St. Luke's National School In 1898 for boys, girls and infants. Also noted that there was a Binding and Printing Nursery in connection with it. Demolished 1972. Some members of staff as listed in directories, etc: Mr Shears (Master), Mrs Corke and Miss F Johnson (Mistresses) 1885 Mr Tempest (Master), Miss F Johnson and Miss F Morse (Mistresses) 1898 Notes: In January 1886 George Furse, a boy who had been engaged to clean the school, was charged at Bristol Police Court with stealing 10s 6d from the drawer of Mr John Shears, the schoolmaster. Mr Shears stated that he had been a very good boy at the school and asked the court to deal leniently with him. He was sentenced to 10 strokes of the birch. Edwin...
Wikipedia - Cancer Survivor
Magazine ads for the Wikipedia campaign. Many people tend to view Wikipedia as an unreliable source of information because anyone can edit entries on the website. Our concept was to present an everyday person as an "expert" on a specific subject in order to show that whether the information comes from a university professor or from an avid gamer, it is still reliable. Each piece shows a straight view of each persona and a mind map of their thought process. We felt this approach humanizes the experience of Wikipedia. The campaign consists of three magazine ads, two posters, one t-shirt, one direct mailer, and a tv-spot (not shown). Our tag reads: "I [edit] wikipedia" The brackets around the word "edit" are a reference to the brackets around the edit links on the actual wikipedia site. Art Direction II Assignment Professor: Holly Shields Art Directors: Mike E. Perez, Mark Decker, Jacob Brubaker Model: Linsey Metcalf
Midsummer Twilight by William Leroy Metcalf, 1890
In the later 1880s, Willard "Willy" Metcalf visited and summered four times at Giverny, northwest of Paris. Giverny had been home to the famous impressionist Claude Monet since 1883. Although Metcalf knew the older French painter, it was the rustic village itself that drew the young American to the area. The calm structure of Giverny's plowed fields, stone-walled roads, and tile-roofed farmhouses fascinated many painters. Here, several building eaves and crop lines point toward the shimmering orb of a full moon rising through rosy clouds over the eastern horizon...Sunset imparts a yellow warmth to the stuccoed walls, while the complementary color of violet marks the lengthening shadows of late afternoon. The deep blue-greens of the foreground bushes similarly balance and contrast with the red-oranges of the terracotta roofs...Metcalf traveled incessantly, painting Italian villages in the Tuscan hills, Arab markets in Tunisia, and Zuni pueblos in New Mexico. Despite his...

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