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The Guv'nor

THIS IS THE CLASSIC BOOK THAT STARTED AN ENTIRE GENRE – THE STORY OF THE MOST ICONIC HARDMAN OF THEM ALL. Lenny McLean was one of the deadliest bareknuckle fighters Britain has ever seen. He had dear, powerful friends, but he also had terrible enemies. So much so that he had two bullet wounds in his back – each from a different attack. He was also stabbed repeatedly – always from behind. But Lenny was also a warm, big-hearted grizzly bear of a man, whose main weakness was an overwhelming desire to put the welfare of his mates ahead of his own well-being. In his extraordinary autobiography, he tells of how the mafia flew him to New York to take on their greatest bareknuckle boxer in a multi-million pound illicit bout. The Mafia’s man lasted less than three minutes. When the IRA fronted...

The Guvnor Tapes - Lenny McLean's Unpublished Stories, As Told By The Man Himself

"The Guv'nor" was a classic book that started an entire genre. It was the original and incredible true story of the world's greatest hard man, Lenny McLean. Ever since it was published, fans of Lenny have been clamouring to know more and more about this legendary figure. Now, at last, Lenny's co-author Peter Gerrard has gathered together the stories that Lenny told about his life that did not make it into the original book...Lenny McLean's life story is an inspirational one. A bare-knuckle fighter by profession, he was one of the most notorious figures ever to emerge from the East End of London. Whoever you were, if you did right by the Guv'nor, you'd have a friend for life; if you crossed him, it would be at your peril. His untimely death in 1998, following a battle against cancer, was...

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Lenny McLean - Wikipedia
Leonard John McLean (9 April 1949 – 28 July 1998), also known as "The Guv'nor", was an English boxer, bouncer, criminal and prisoner, author, businessman, bodyguard ...

Lenny Mclean - YouTube
Great interview with the Governor, worth watching.

Lenny Mclean, Roy Shaw, Hard Men | AVForums
Who do you reckon was the Govnor when these 2 men were around. Apparently Lenny Mclean won 2 out of 3 fights between them and was given the Govnor...

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