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Fires Are Engulfing California's Wine Country. Here's What You Need to Know.

The situation is most dire in the city of Santa Rosa, home to some 175,000 people 50 miles north of San Francisco. As the Tubbs Fire spread from nearby Calistoga toward Santa Rosa's center, a large swath of the city's northern and western ends

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Judge Dredd (Blu-ray)

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Cold War on Maplewood Street

Cold War on Maplewood Street

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Cold War anxieties play out in a sensitively told story set during the Cuban missile crisis in the 1960s, perfect for fans of Gary Schmidt and Kristin Levine. Joanna can't get over how her brother broke his promise to never leave like their dad did. Sam is thousands of miles away on a navy ship, and no matter how often he sends letters, Joanna refuses to write back. When she makes a promise, shekeeps it. But then President Kennedy comes on TV with frightening news about Soviet missiles in Cubaand that?s where Sam?s heading. Suddenly Joanna?s worries about being home alone, building up the courage to talk to a cute boy, and not being allowed to go to the first boy-girl party in her grade don't seem so important. Maybe sometimes there are good reasons to break a promise. The tense timeline of the Cuban missile crisis unfolds alongside a powerful, and ultimately hopeful, story about what it means to grow up in a world full of uncertainty.

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Family Law

Placing key judgments and expert commentary at your fingertips, Family Law: Text, Cases, and Materials presents everything the undergraduate student needs in one volume. Drawing on their extensive experience, the authors offer a detailed and authoritative exposition of family law illustrated by materials carefully selected from a wide range of sources. The book has two principal aims: to provide readers with a thorough understanding of the law relating to the family, and to do so in a way that stimulates critical reflection on that law. Readers are encouraged to consider how and why the law has developed as it has, what policies it is seeking to pursue, whether it achieves the right balance between the rights and interests of individual family members and the wider public interest, and...

Joanna Miles

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Joanna Miles (born March 6, 1940) is an American actress. Miles was born in Nice, France, the daughter of Jeanne Miles, an American painter, and Johannes Schiefer, a French painter art curator. She immigrated to the United States, and was naturalized a citizen, in 1941. She was a graduate of The Putney School, a progressive independent high school in Putney, Vermont in 1958. Miles won the two Emmy Awards for her portrayal of Laura Wingfield in the 1973 production of Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie: Best Supporting Actress in Drama (for a Special - Program, a One-Time Appearance in a Series - or a Continuing Role) and Supporting Actress of the Year.


  1. The situation is most dire in the city of Santa Rosa, home to some 175,000 people 50 miles north of San Francisco. As the Tubbs Fire spread from nearby Calistoga toward Santa Rosa's center, a large swath of the city's northern and western ends
  2. The celebrity contractor already has a new gig, and it's miles from his Magnolia businesses. RELATED: Chip Gaines Recalls Ill-Fated Mexico Trip That Had Joanna Threatening, 'You Have Three Days to Get Back to Texas, or This Relationship Is Over' 
  3. "It is with both sadness and expectation that we share the news that Season 5 of 'Fixer Upper' will be our last," the couple wrote on their blog Tuesday. The Gaineses said the decision to end their show was not easy but they are "confident that this is
  1. RT @j2bryson: Apparently referencing also our Science paper! Ht @Miles_Brundage
  2. Apparently referencing also our Science paper! Ht @Miles_Brundage
  3. RT @KTLAMorningNews: Magnitude 4.1 Earthquake Shakes Bay Area; Epicenter About 12 Miles from San Jose…


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Creamy Green Beans and Potatoes (flour, parsley, evaporated milk, green beans, lemon pepper, potato, sugar, water)

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Joanna Miles - IMDb
Joanna Miles, Actress: Judge Dredd. Joanna Miles, the Emmy Award-winning American actress, was born on March 6, 1940 in Nice, France to expatriate American abstract ...

Joanna Miles - Wikipedia
Joanna Miles (born March 6, 1940) is an American actress. Miles was born in Nice, France, the daughter of Jeanne Patterson Miles, an American painter, and Johannes ...

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Road Trip T-Shirt (zazzle_shirt)

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Black Hole-Powered Jets Plow Into Galaxy (NASA, Chandra, 05/15/13)
This composite image of a galaxy illustrates how the intense gravity of a supermassive black hole can be tapped to generate immense power. The image contains X-ray data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory (blue), optical light obtained with the Hubble Space Telescope (gold) and radio waves from the NSF’s Very Large Array (pink). This multi-wavelength view shows 4C+29.30, a galaxy located some 850 million light years from Earth. The radio emission comes from two jets of particles that are speeding at millions of miles per hour away from a supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy. The estimated mass of the black hole is about 100 million times the mass of our Sun. The ends of the jets show larger areas of radio emission located outside the galaxy. The X-ray data show a different aspect of this galaxy, tracing the location of hot gas. The bright X-rays in the center of the image mark a pool of million-degree gas around the black hole. Some of this material may eventually...
That Was the Year That Was - 1977
1977 The first Apple Computer goes on sale. Quebec adopts French as the official language. Jimmy Carter is elected as the President of United States and the first oil flows through the Trans Alaskan Oil Pipeline. The precursor to the GPS system in use today is started by US Department of defense. Elvis Presley Dies from a heart attack aged 42. British Public sector trade unions including Firefighters strike for wage increases over the 10% ceiling imposed by the British government. The first ever Quadraphonic concert in London by Pink Floyd. The first commercial flight Concord London to New York. NASA space shuttle makes its first test flight off the back of a jetliner. Voyager I and Voyager II are launched unmanned to explore the outer solar system. When Britain's fire crews walked out on national strike, members of the public were advised to take matters into their own hands. Although the armed services, with their so-called "Green Goddess" fire engines, were drafted...
I've Seen Better Times
December 13th, 2010 - Mile End, London, England This is the view through the window from the Art Pavilion in Mile End, which boasts Joanna Lumley as a patron, and more importantly is currently hosting an exhibition featuring a number of works by my mother. Looks better Lightboxed.

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