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31, 1972) George Murdock and Claude Akins. George Murdock (June 25, 1930 -- April 30, 2012).

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Breaker! Breaker! / Killer Force (Chuck Norris, George Murdock, Telly Savalas)

Breaker! Breaker! / Killer Force (Chuck Norris, George Murdock, Telly Savalas)


Price: $38.70

Breaker! Breaker! / Killer Force (Chuck Norris, George Murdock, Telly Savalas)

George Maharis & Martin Milner & Alvin Ganzler-Route 66: Season 1

George Maharis & Martin Milner & Alvin Ganzler-Route 66: Season 1


Price: $29.93

Get Ready To Hit The Open Road On Route 66! When two friends - Tod Stiles (Martin Milner) and Buz Murdock (George Maharis) - set off across the country in their beautiful new Corvette convertible, they never imagined the series of adventures in which theyd find themselves. Join Tod and Buz on Route 66 as they drive from town to town, helping anyone who needs it, in the classic television series that helped immortalize this scenic stretch of American highway.

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Cutting Costs and Generating Revenues in Education

Much has been written about how to achieve new expectations in the realm of student achievement. Much has also been written about the need for accountability and the restructuring of how education dollars are spent. Unfortunately, most of the input regarding the need for 'belt-tightening' is unaccompanied by any tangible solutions or suggestions and results only in hollow rhetoric or convenient political sound bytes. Tim Adsit and George Murdock's journey into meaningful avenues for cost-savings in public education is clearly an exception. In this book, readers will find many practical ideas for saving money, which can be readily implemented.

Atlas of World Cultures

The publication of Murdock’s Ethnographic Atlas in 1967 marked the first time that descriptive information on the peoples of the world—primitive, historical, and contemporary—had been systematically organized for the purposes of comparative research. In this volume, Murdock has completely revised this work, selecting 563 societies that are most fully and accurately described in ethnographic literature. The identification of each society gives its geographical coordinates and date, its identifying number in the Ethnographic Atlas, and an indication of whether it is included in the Human Relations Area Files or the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample. In addition, bibliographical references are offered for each society. The information and suggested research techniques will be of value to...


  1. The department's last administrator, Jim Setzer, resigned a month ago, marking the third person to helm the department in five years, according to the county, plus Commissioner George Murdock filled in twice. The county was not expecting Setzer to
  2. PENDLETON, Oregon – Umatilla County Board of Commissioners Chairman George Murdock has served as interim public health director twice and there have been four department managers during his tenure. When Jim Setzer resigned recently, he decided 
  1. RT @RedEyeGal51: Happy birthday to George Maharis who will always be for me Buz Murdock on Route 66.
  2. RT @BenVolin: Today's win gave Bill Belichick 251 regular season wins in his career, moving him past Tom Landry for third-most in NFL histo…
  3. RT @Evolving_Moloch: This illustrates why, at the end of his career, anthropologist George Murdock said "I feel no hesitation in rejecting…


Old Fashioned George Dickel (bitters, maraschino cherries, orange, sugar, lemon, water)

George's Fruit Cookies (flour, baking soda, cinnamon, cloves, eggs, molasses, raisins, salt, shortening, vanilla extract, walnut, water, sugar)

George Washington Pie ( Dessert) (butter, cherry pie filling, cool whip, cream cheese, graham crackers, powdered sugar, walnut)

George's No Meat Shepherds Pie (butter, butter, carrot, cheese, cornflour, cracked black pepper, eggs, garlic, milk, mushroom, potato)


George Murdock - Wikipedia
Early life. Born in Meriden, Connecticut to a family that had farmed there for five generations, Murdock spent many childhood hours working on the family farm and ...

One Murdock Descendant Report - Win.Net
Descendants of One Murdock. Generation One. 1. One MURDOCK. Children of One Murdock include: + 2 i. Captain John MURDOCK, born in VA; married Katherine Barton.

Morris Murdock Travel
Morris Murdock Travel has relationships with the worlds top cruise lines, tour operators, hotels, and airlines, and more which ensures you receive destination ...


Old City Hall Building & Signage, Route 66, "The Strengthening Angels," 1960
Route 66 Season 1, Episode 5, "The Strengthening Angels" Original broadcast aired on November 4, 1960 The two handsome young stars of the acclaimed road-trip drama "Route 66" were Martin Milner (December 28, 1931 - September 6, 2015) and George Maharis (b. September 1, 1928), who played the two young drifters driving across America in their Chevrolet Corvette convertible during the early 1960's. Guest cast member in this episode included Suzanne Pleshette (January 31, 1937 - January 19, 2008), Harry Townes, John Larch, Gina Gillespie, Warren Stevens, Tom Reese, and Hal Smith. Episode recap, via IMDb: Tod and Buz, driving through California "West by North" in a rainstorm, nearly run over a young woman. After giving her a lift to the next town, they discover she is on the run from a murder charge. Despite the protests of the Sheriff, the townspeople, and the woman herself, Buz feels there is more to the story than obvious guilt. This episode was...
Day 3 - W100K
Day 3 of the W100K in Crawford, TX. Photo by Layne Murdock for the George W. Bush Presidential Center.
David & Sampson beam blowing engines (1851) Blists Hill, Ironbridge 25.11.1994 Scans078
David and Sampson are beam engines that blew air into the Lilleshall Company's blast furnaces at Priorslee. Built in 1851 by Murdock Aitken and Company of Glasgow they were in regular use until 1900 and standby engines until 1952. They were moved to the Museum and reconstructed in 1971. The Lilleshall Company was the largest industrial concern in the northern half of the East Shropshire Coalfield for over 150 years, and once had extensive iron and steel works, engineering works, coalmines, brickworks and a private railway network in and around the Oakengates, St. George’s and Donnington Wood areas. [Source:]

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