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Mcdonalds Made Me Fat????

omg mcdonalds made me fat. I call to tell mcdonalds how angry I am :(

Roxbury students given opportunity to attend MMA

The president of Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Rear Adm. Francis McDonald, on Tuesday traveled to the Roxbury high school to announce a new partnership that would guarantee admission and full financial aid coverage for up to 24 qualified students a 

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  1. The president of Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Rear Adm. Francis McDonald, on Tuesday traveled to the Roxbury high school to announce a new partnership that would guarantee admission and full financial aid coverage for up to 24 qualified students a 
  2. “We're talking about kids with a fairly steep climb,” said Rear Admiral Francis McDonald, the academy's president. “This can be a game-changer for a family.” In a school system in which many students are plagued by poverty, the Maritime Academy has 
  3. Rear Adm. Francis McDonald, president of Massachusetts Maritime Academy talks, to students at John D. O'Bryant High School in Roxbury during an 
  1. RT @CommonWhiteGrls: while she's getting interviewed after winning a scholarship her dad took a selfie with Ronald McDonald…
  2. RT @WalshFreedom: McDonald's Worker: I demand $15 an hour Corp: We have lovely touch screens that ensure accuracy. So, bye.…
  3. @Kingsley_52 Anything by Matt Chandler, Francis Chan, Levi Lusko, James McDonald, Judah Smith will be worth your time.


Cheddar Mashed Potatoes (bacon, butter, cheddar cheese, chives, black pepper, potato, salt, sour cream)

Oatmeal Waffles (baking powder, baking soda, buttermilk, eggs, milk, molasses, oats, salt, vegetable oil, flour)

Coconut Cranberry Bars (butter, cranberries, flaked coconut, graham crackers, pecan, white chocolate chips)

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Inshore Fire Support Ship LFR-525 St Francis River
NavSource Online: Amphibious Photo Archive Contributed by Mike Smolinski Contributed by David Buell USS St Francis River (LFR-525) ex USS St Francis River (LSMR-525 ...

McDonald Toole Wiggins, P.A.
McDonald Toole Wiggins, P.A. is dedicated to representing businesses that generate economic growth and provide jobs. Such businesses face legal challenges in a ...

Xavier High School - A Community of Learners, Believers ...
St. Francis Xavier Catholic School System located in Appleton, Wisconsin, is a co-educational, fully accredited Catholic school community comprised of more than 1,500 ...


Francis Mcdonald
193-? Bust, to right, moustache, spectacles, pipe in mouth. Visit our catalogue to download a hi-res copy or find out more about this image: Want to find more pictures from the State Library of Victoria's collections? Army soldier with seventeen and a half inch moustache
The Pilgrim Inn, A. E. Norton 1923
Notes: Alice Eliza Norton (1865-1948) The artist Alice Eliza Norton was born 18 November 1865 in the Sydney suburb of Paddington to James Norton and Isabella née Stephens. She married her cousin Francis Allan Quintin Stephens at Woollahra in 1912 and died on 19 March 1948 at Chatswood aged 83; her estate was valued for probate at £39,000 (over $2 million in 2015 terms). Francis died the following month on 9 April, his estate was valued for probate at £62,000. There are no children mentioned in either will. Her artistic output has been largely overshadowed by her cousin and contemporary, Ethel Stephens (1864 - 1944) who was the first pupil of Julian Ashton, a member of many art associations, promoter of all women exhibitions, studied art in Paris in the 1920s, and taught art from her studio ‘Eaglesfield’ in bohemian, inner-city Darlinghurst. Alice painted and sketched widely in locations around Australia including rural and coastal NSW, Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria, and...
Oh the joys of the open road!
Timeline of motoring history 1940 - 2008 1940 Car production in Britain is put on hold as most factories go over to munitions production. The German Luftwaffe destroys the centre of Coventry. Oldsmobile and Cadillac offer the first fully automatic transmission. Enzo Ferrari leaves Alfa Romeo to establish Auto-Avio Costruzioni Ferrari. In Japan, Toyo Kogyo produces its first passenger car. 1941 Lord Austin dies aged 74 Louis Chevrolet dies aged 63. He is buried at Indianapolis, scene of his greatest racing victories. Packard are the first car manufacturer to offer air conditioning. Chrysler introduces the Fluid Drive transmission, a manual transmission with a fluid coupling instead of a clutch. 1943 American passenger car production falls to just 139 vehicles as war production requirements take over. 1944 Volvo focus on occupant safety with the introduction of a safety cage. Louis Renault is arrested and imprisoned for collaborating with the Germans. He dies at...

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