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A Medium With a Message: Inside TV's Long History of Tackling Social Issues

These are all timely topics for television drama in 2017. But they were also tackled, with gritty realism, more than a half century ago on two landmark CBS series: “The Defenders” (1961-65), starring E.G. Marshall and Robert Reed as crusading father

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Heritage Metalworks TD10243EG Marshall University Thermal Drink Green

Heritage Metalworks (Miscellaneous)

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Heritage Metalworks MC10243EG Marshall University Money Clip Green

Heritage Metalworks (Miscellaneous)

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Alfred Hitchcock Presents-Season 3

Alfred Hitchcock Presents-Season 3

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Price: $22.64

The Master of Suspense returns with all 39 Primetime Emmy Award-Nominated Season Three episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents! Filled with tales or murder, madness, intrigue and suspense, this unforgettable series was renowned for its riveting storytelling and compelling characters. It's no mystery why it featured some of television's most illustrious guest stars, including William Shatner, Jessica Tandy, Jack Klugman, E.G. Marshall, Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Joseph Cotton, Fay Wray, Hume Cronyn and many more! Nominated for an astounding 15 Emmys, this beloved series is an essential for every DVD collection!

Kennedy-Complete Series

Kennedy-Complete Series

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Martin Sheen (The West Wing, When the Bow Breaks, JFK) stars in the title role in this mini-series which centers on the momentous presidential years and the loves, lives, triumphs and tragedies of one of the most controversial families of this century. John F Kennedy was Americas 35th President, its first Roman Catholic President, its richest, the youngest to die in office and, arguably, its most celebrated and beloved. His administration attracted some of the most brilliant young men and women in America and together they recreated the twentieth century version of King Arthurs court at Camelot. He and his beautiful wife Jackie captured the imagination of people the world over. Kennedy is the behind-the-scenes story of JFKs dynamic Presidential years, from the night before his election in November 1960 to the afternoon of his assassination on 22nd November 1963. It covers momentous events including the abortive invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs, the turmoil of violent racial conflict, the escalation of Americas involvement in Vietnam and the Missile Crisis. It also explores the private life of the man - the tragic death of his son aged only 39 hours and his chronic womanizing, scrutinized by the FBI under the leadership of the sinister and obsessive J. Edgar Hoover. Kennedy features an outstanding cast. Martin Sheen stars as John F. Kennedy, John Shea is Bobby Kennedy; EG Marshall stars as the family patriarch, Joe Kennedy.

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Lightning: Principles, Instruments and Applications

Lightning represents a natural phenomenon of substantial interest. Due to its complex nature, research continues in many countries and reveals amazing results. Lightning is actively observed because of its relevance to Earth climate and air composition in addition to the classical aspects of related human fatalities and damage to forests, buildings, power lines, aircraft, structures and electronic devices. In this volume, the most important contemporary questions on lightning are addressed and analyzed under many experimental and theoretical aspects. Lightning detection techniques using ground-based and space-borne methods are described, along with network engineering and statistical analysis. Contributions detail research on atmospheric electricity, cloud physics, lightning physics,...

Blood and Alcohol

This is a biography of my life and the lives that have touched mine as the son of veterinarian Dr. Bob Stapleton and Ruth Carter Stapleton, an evangelist and faith healer in the '70s, and as a nephew to a former president and First Lady, Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter. It uncovers my life's journey of my encounters with the law, the press, the death of my mother and grandmother, as well as the good times with visits to the White House and Camp David, the Democratic National Conventions, the Ryder Cup and Masters, and the births of my children, to finally unveiling my struggle with alcohol.


  1. These are all timely topics for television drama in 2017. But they were also tackled, with gritty realism, more than a half century ago on two landmark CBS series: “The Defenders” (1961-65), starring E.G. Marshall and Robert Reed as crusading father
  2. Geraldine Page plays an interior designer whose separation from her husband (E.G. Marshall) throws her family into turmoil. Woody himself, like God, is nowhere in sight. Screens as part of an Allen retrospective. Digitally projected. Lido, today, 4pm
  3. One latter-day entry in radio dramas worth mentioning — appearing well after radio's "Golden Age" — was the CBS Radio Mystery Theater which ran from 1974-1982 hosted by E.G. Marshall. Nearly 1,400 episodes of the show were produced over that period, 
  1. I had no expectations, but COMPULSION was thoroughly engaging. Welles, Stockwell, Dillman, EG Marshall, all on poin…
  2. #AskKenty What about the Super League idea of players being on loan from Clubs EG Titans injury problem Benji Marshall on loan from Broncos
  3. RT @msbellows: 2/ ... (eg "Marshall's seat" was to be be filled with another African-American) instead of with the president who gets to fi…


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E. G. Marshall - Wikipedia
E. G. Marshall (June 18, 1914 – August 24, 1998) was an American actor, best known for his television roles as the lawyer Lawrence Preston on The Defenders in the ...

E.G. Marshall - IMDb
E.G. Marshall, Actor: 12 Angry Men. With over 150 Film and TV appearances to his credit, E.G. Marshall was arguably most well known as the imperturbable Juror No. 4 ...

Actor E.G. Marshall Dead At 88 - CBS News
E.G. Marshall, the Emmy Award-winning character actor who played so many politicians, lawyers and judges that he was sometimes confused with the real thing ...


Band of Brothers:  The La Fiere Bridge over the Merderet River
This isn't an Easy Company 506th site, but this set is dedicated to all of the paratroopers, and I think you'll be interested in this. In this picture, I'm standing on the La Fiere Bridge over the Merderet River, about 1-2 km west of Ste Mere Eglise. On D-Day, this field was flooded. The Germans had jammed the lock on a dam to flood a lot of fields that were potential airborne landing site. One thing I learned about the consequence is visible in this picture. If you were a paratrooper and you landed in that field, you were in about three feet of water. If you landed in the river, you were in over your head. I read the account of one trooper who landed in the river and had to use his Mae West life preserver to surface. Then as he gasped for air, he had to cut himself out of his harness with his knife, then was able to drag himself to safety. Another account I read was about a trooper who landed in this field, and wind gusts blew him, face down (so he was drowning) across the...
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