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Byron Mann

Byron stops by to tell us about all the projects he has coming out in the next month. including his top secret roll in the hit series "Arrow".

Exclusive Jasmine Artwork Cuts Through the Rain

There's a sexiness to the locations as well as a sense of continuous danger. It's been a while since I've been interested in checking out a solid Asian thriller but perhaps Jasmine could spark that up again. Jasmine stars Jason Tobin, Byron Mann

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Steven Seagal & Byron Mann & Siu-tung Ching-Belly of the Beast

Steven Seagal & Byron Mann & Siu-tung Ching-Belly of the Beast


Price: $17.97

Steven Seagal is Jake Hooper, once an operative on the inside on his way to retirement, when he receives some startling news. While vacationing in Thailand, his daughter has been kidnapped by a notorious terrorist group, Abu Karaf. The C.I.A. launches an attack mission to save her, but thats not good enough for Hopper. He has never been one to play by the rules and this time there are no rules.

Rick Yune & Russell Crowe & RZA-The Man with the Iron Fists

Rick Yune & Russell Crowe & RZA-The Man with the Iron Fists


Price: $14.98

Quentin Tarantino presents The Man with the Iron Fists, an epic action adventure inspired by classic kung fu movies. When the emperor?s gold is hijacked, every kung fu warrior, assassin and hired gun in China will battle to claim the fortune. Starring Academy Award winner Russell Crowe, RZA, and Lucy Liu, The Man with the Iron Fists Unrated Extended Edition includes jaw-dropping martial arts action that you couldn?t see in theaters. Also starring Rick Yune, David Bautista, Jamie Chung, Cung Le and Byron Mann. Its no exaggeration to say that martial arts movies have informed The RZAs entire professional career, with his work with The Wu-Tang Clan, his solo projects, and his soundtracks for folks like Jim Jarmusch and Quentin Tarantino all displaying a pure and abiding love for the genre. (His commentary track on the DVD of the classic 36th Chamber of Shaolin is a profoundly geeky thing of beauty.) The Man with the Iron Fists, in which RZA directs, writes, does the music, and stars as the title character, is unquestionably a vanity project of the first degree-the sort of thing that occasionally feels like watching someone elses home movie, albeit one that can afford to bring in Russell Crowe. Here, however, the filmmakers passion for the source material is intense enough that it transcends a mere ego trip to become something like the chopsocky equivalent of Buster Keatons Sherlock Jr.: the work of a man so besmitten by the genre that hed go to any length to get inside the screen. Trimmed down from an initial four-hour cut, the story (cowritten by Eli Roth) follows a humble blacksmith tasked with making weapons for a number of warring animal-themed clans, including Lions, Jackals, Wolves, and, as seen for a few delirious moments, Birds. After suffering a grievous insult to his person, the blacksmith teams up with a drunken cowboy (Crowe, channeling Oliver Reed) and a shady brothel owner (Lucy Liu) to set things right. Everything that can possibly get chopped in half,

Actor M Guide

The Alginian Quest

The Encyclopedia of Superheroes on Film and Television, 2d ed.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a complete guide to over 50 years of superheroes on screen! This expanded and updated edition of the 2004 award-winning encyclopedia covers important developments in the popular genre; adds new shows such as Heroes and Zoom; includes the latest films featuring icons like Superman, Spiderman and Batman; and covers even more types of superheroes. Each entry includes a detailed history, cast and credits, episode and film descriptions, critical commentaries, and data on arch-villains, gadgets, comic-book origins and super powers, while placing each production into its historical context. Appendices list common superhero conventions and cliches; incarnations; memorable ad lines; and the best, worst, and most influential productions from 1951 to 2008.


  1. There's a sexiness to the locations as well as a sense of continuous danger. It's been a while since I've been interested in checking out a solid Asian thriller but perhaps Jasmine could spark that up again. Jasmine stars Jason Tobin, Byron Mann
  2. The Samoan centre was back in the action in the 26th minute, when a lovely flick pass found Kurt Mann who did his best Superman impression to touchdown. Prop Russell Packer left the field briefly for a concussion test midway through the first half, but
  3. Fair warning: this recap includes spoilers for The Expanse that may turn your leaves yellow—don't say we didn't warn you ahead of time! The hunt for Dr.
  1. RT @TMML: New Trailer... JASMINE (2015): #Jasmine #JasonTobin #ByronMann #SarahLian #DaxPhelan…
  2. RT @TMML: New Trailer... JASMINE (2015): #Jasmine #JasonTobin #ByronMann #SarahLian #DaxPhelan…
  3. New Trailer... JASMINE (2015): #Jasmine #JasonTobin #ByronMann #SarahLian #DaxPhelan


Byron's Ginger Chocolate Chip Cookies (baking soda, butter, shortening, crystallized ginger, eggs, flour, brown sugar, salt, semisweet chocolate chips, skim milk, vanilla extract, sugar)

Byron Potatoes (potato, cheddar cheese, cream)

Chocolate & Macadamia Baked Bananas (banana, chocolate, macadamia nuts)

Onion Cucumber Salad (celery seed, cucumber, green pepper, onions, salt, sugar, white vinegar)


Byron Mann - IMDb
Byron Mann, Actor: The Big Short. Byron Mann was born as Byron Chan. He is an actor, known for The Big Short (2015), The Man with the Iron Fists (2012) and Hell on ...

Byron Mann - Wikipedia
Byron Mann (Chinese: 文峰; pinyin: Wén Fēng; Jyutping: Man4 Fung1) is a Chinese American actor who has made films in both Hollywood, Hong Kong and Mainland China.
In my latest for Medium, I draw the obvious connection between rap music, the crack epidemic, Iran-Contra, hipster racism, Rex 84, so on and so forth.


Bristol trade directory 1871 - Carpenters, Cabinet Makers, Upholstererers etc
Carpenters and Joiners Arnold C. A. 35 College street Ashley C. 15 Charles street Ashley H. 6 Upper Montague street Baker J. 7 Rosemary street Bailey Richard, The Grove Bailey William. 10 Carter’s building, Clifton Ball John, 9 Charles place, Hotwells Barrow R. W. 7 Alma street Batt Stephen, 10 Dighton street Bayle D. Cambridge place, Stapleton road Biles Thomas, Trinity road Bird George, 26 Old Market street Blackmore Henry, 26 Beaumont street Blackmore Job, 21 Cumberland street Boaden George, Union terrace. Cathay Box Alfred, Grove avenue, Queen sq Boyd A. 18 Avon crescent Broom J. 14 Montague street Bryant R. M. 52 Old Market street Burgess W. 2 Trafalgar place Burrows John, 4 York street Bush J. Oakfield road Bussell J. H. 8 Paul street Bussell S. 69 Old Market street Capel J. Summer’s place Carter --. 7 Portland street Chapple F. 43 Triangle place Coles John, 5 Redcliff hill Cook G. Anchor lane Cook J. 8 Gloster street, Clifton Coombs William, 20 Cathay Cox W. Clarke street...
2007 LEO Awards at the Westin Bayshore
Raj Taneja and Byron Mann at the LEO Awards. Photo courtesy Michael Schratter, 24 Hours. Check for more information.

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