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Robert Wyatt - Blues in Bob minor

from "Shleep"

Bill Clinton tells Detroit workers good times will return with Hillary

And Bob Minor, a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers from Port Huron, said “You've got to vote for the people who have your best interests at heart.” And for him, at this moment, that's Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton and her

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dot and bob

dot and bob

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bob seger guitar collection

bob seger guitar collection

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Eugene O'Neill's Last Plays

This study draws on research concerning the lives of Eugene O'Neill, his family and his circle. It corrects and expands the biographical record on him and distinguishes the man and his life from the creations that were inspired by, and drew on, that life. Included are his attempted suicide, his tuberculosis, and his relationship with his parents.

The Autobiography of Lincoln Steffens

Rediscover a man Americans turned to not only for news but for humor and wisdom as well. Growing up in Sacramento, Steffens (1866-1936) was an editor at the New York Evening Post, and later at McClure's Magazine. As popular as he was cantankerous, he brushed shoulders with presidents and corporate barons, tsars and dictators.

Feds Drop Corruption Case Against Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell - NPR

Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, in the wake of the Supreme Court's June reversal of his conviction on corruption charges. The decision, which became public in a court filing, represents a major victory for McDonnell, who was once considered a rising star in the Republican Party. McDonnell and his wife Maureen were found guilty in 2014 of accepting more than $165,000 in gifts and loans from a businessman in exchange for political favors. The day he was originally indicted, McDonnell apologized for using "poor judgment" and acknowledged receiving the loans and gifts. At his sentencing in 2015, McDonnell received a two year term in prison. But his fortunes rebounded in June when the U. S. Supreme Court overturned the convictions of both McDonnell and his wife. The justices ruled that McDonnell had not violated federal bribery laws when he had agreed, for example, to do something as minor as arranging a meeting for a financial supporter. In his opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts called McDonnell's actions "distasteful," and even "tawdry," but not illegal. The decision not to retry McDonnell was welcomed by William A. Buruck, the attorney who represented Maureen McDonnell. "We thank the Department of Justice for the care with which they reviewed the case," Buruck said. But the Washington Post reports that the decision to drop the McDonnell case wasn't without controversy within the Justice Department. Such an apparent disagreement is not uncommon, said Anthony Capozzolo, a former federal prosecutor who handled public corruption cases in New York. But he told the Two-Way that the Justice Department's action is a "game changer" that could impact other public integrity cases. "The government had a good case in terms of jury appeal," Capozzolo said. "But it appears the department's decision is solely based on the view that McDonnell's activity did not rise to the level of the standard in the Supreme Court decision.


  1. And Bob Minor, a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers from Port Huron, said “You've got to vote for the people who have your best interests at heart.” And for him, at this moment, that's Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton and her
  2. You wonder why the New York Mets , the defending National League champions and in the middle of another playoff race, would open themselves to ridicule by signing Tebow to a minor-league contract, and you listen to Mets general manager Sandy Alderson
  3. Some of the biggest news in the medical and vaccine worlds right now is that southern California pediatrician Bob Sears is at risk of losing his medical license 
  1. Johann Jacob Froberger Suite No.7 in E minor Bob van Asperen via @YouTube
  2. @bob_owens @nobamamustgo Or when Kennedy got shot and @SecretService took him to his minor daughters apartment? Yeah, me neither.
  3. "I got into this as I heard Bob Dylan play G, A minor C.. and I thought I could do that.. " Richard Clapton


Bob Minor - IMDb
Bob Minor, Stunts: Glory. Big, brawny and imposing actor and stuntman Bob Minor was born on January 1st in 1944 in Birmingham, Alabama. The 6' 2" onetime champion ...

Robert Lee Minor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Robert Lee Minor or Bob Lee Minor (born January 1, 1944) is an African-American stunt performer, television and film actor, best known for doubling many celebrities ...

Robert Minor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Robert Berkeley "Bob" Minor (1884 – 1952) was a political cartoonist, a radical journalist, and, beginning in 1920, a leading member of the American Communist Party.

Hollywood Is Here : Bob Minor

Hollywood Is Here : Bob Minor
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Bob Minor - Actor -

Bob Minor - Actor -
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Bob Minor

Bob Minor
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Tiny Tim and Bob Cratchit  -  Explored
GhostWorks Xmas 2011 Text & Texture Alpha Challenge Textures, thanks to skeletalmess: 1. royal grunge at 2. olderthandirt at 3. oldgold at Start:: my photo of a figurine in my Christmas village "Timothy Cratchit, called "Tiny Tim", is a fictional character from the 1843 novella A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. He is a minor character, the young son of Bob Cratchit, and is seen only briefly, but serves as an important symbol of the consequences of the protagonist's choices. . . When Scrooge is visited by The Ghost of Christmas Present he is shown just how ill Tim really is, and that Tim will die unless he receives treatment (which the family cannot afford due to Scrooge's miserliness). When visited by The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come all he sees of Tim is his crutch, as Tim has died. This, and several other...
2016 - Road Trip - Crimson Lake Alberta - 2 of 2
A view of the setting sun from my brothers home on Crimson lake. The sun is shining on "Main Beach" - the primary swimming location on the lake. A History of the Park: From the Cottgae Owners website: A Brief History (by Bob Teskey and Darwin Park) While there have been cottages on Crimson Lake since the early 1930's, it is only relatively recently that Owners have been organized in any meaningful way. The first cottages were 7 log structures built in 1932 where the public beach is now located. Those were followed by another log cottage on the south side of the Lake, built in 1933 and still in use today. A couple of other frame cabins were built on the south and west sides of the Lake in the later 1930's. New development started in the 1950's when the present cottage road was constructed in several stages and lots were opened up by the Province. No purchase price was required from lease holders and the lease payment was $5 or $10 a year. To the extent that there...
Spotted Sandpiper
There's nothing like a high-overcast summer day for bird photography to help with colour and exposure. One of those lucky shots, it's not cropped and straight out of the camera, aside from minor adjustments. Typically quite shy, this Spotted Sandpiper came very close and deliberately perched on the creek bank in front of me, making quite a fuss. He was trying to decoy me away from his newly hatched chicks running around nearby. The males defend their nest and territory, and the females are 'polyandrous', laying up to five clutches with different males. Fairly easy to identify, they constantly bob their tail up and down. See below:
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Cardinals gave Alan Benes a crash course in pitching
Working with Cardinals coaches Mark Riggins and Bob Gibson after his promotion from the minor leagues to St. Louis in September 1995, Alan Benes adjusted his approach, mixing off-speed pitches with his fastball, and delivered a double-digit strikeout ...

Dr. Bob Sears Could Lose License For Medical Negligence -- Not Vaccine Choice
Some of the biggest news in the medical and vaccine worlds right now is that southern California pediatrician Bob Sears is at risk of losing his ... about the complaint — it may seem a relatively minor offense. The specific charges Sears faces in this ...

Anxious days for candidates
Treanor only recently signed up with the minor party. But he will show his membership card to the hard-core party members who vote in primaries, even if Conservative leaders endorsed Flynn. Already ensconced on the Republican line for November, Treanor ...

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