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Bernie Mac "Live" Las Vegas Kings of Comedy

com/walter-latham also, on @YouTube http://youtube. com/walterlatham @tubiTV.

Bernie Mac's Widow Opens Up About How She's Keeping His Legacy Alive Today

In the late comedian and actor Bernie Mac's case, that great woman was his wife, Rhonda McCullough. August 9 will mark nine years since Mac died from complications related to sarcoidosis, an incurable inflammatory disease that often attacks the lungs

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The Bernie Mac Show: Season 1 [4 Discs]

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I Ain't Scared of You: Tribute to Bernie Mac

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Bernie Mac Show - Season 1 DVD

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Starring: Bernie Mac; Camille

Bernie Mac Show-Season 1

Bernie Mac Show-Season 1

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Price: $12.00

Taking care of kids can be tough on anyone, but watching a busy stand-up comic raise his sister's three children while she's on a state-sponsored vacation is enough to make you scream with laughter! Inspired by his own life experiences, Bernie Mac's outrageous brand of comedy turns the family sitcom on its head and sets it spinning (The Washington Post). Now you can share Bernie's hilarious old school ideas of discipline and parenting with the complete first season of The Bernie Mac Show on DVD!

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I Ain't Scared of You

"My granddaddy would get mad at all of us. He couldn't just get mad at one of us. 'Ain't nobody got... You know what? Go to bed! All y'all, go to bed!' It'd be like two o'clock in the afternoon. 'Go to bed!'" Bernie Mac, the royal king of the Original Kings of Comedy, is salty and pissed off. The Chicago-bred performer has issues to get off his chest, and he doesn't mince words when he lets loose. No surprise, his live appearances have earned him a reputation as perhaps the truest voice of modern humor. Now, Mac has captured his comedic genius in print with his hilarious debut book. Tearing through a wide range of topics with equal parts insight and irreverence, Bernie Mac shares views that may not sit well with everyone -- especially if you're caught in the crosshairs of his rants...

Maybe You Never Cry Again

By the tender of age of five, Bernie Mac had found his calling:making others laugh. Now this amazing comedian delves deep inside to share the poignant story of his childhood and the people who shaped him into the strong, self-reliant man and ruthlessly funny comedian he is today. When Bernie was just sixteen, he lost his mother to cancer. A tough but loving teacher, she showered the unwilling boy with life lessons and "Mac-isms" that would later carry him through many hardships and give him strength during his slow rise to stardom. Maybe You Never Cry Again recounts this ascent in hilarious detail, from eight-year-old Bernie's stand-up comedy performance at a church dinner to open mike nights in Chicago, the jobs he juggled to make ends meet and eventually, his success in entertaining...


  1. In the late comedian and actor Bernie Mac's case, that great woman was his wife, Rhonda McCullough. August 9 will mark nine years since Mac died from complications related to sarcoidosis, an incurable inflammatory disease that often attacks the lungs
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  3. But what's most disturbing about our laughter is that it demonstrates our inability to recognize that there's something fundamentally wrong with beating a child until “the white meat shows,” as Bernie Mac famously threatened his nieces and nephews.
  1. Bernie Mac’s Widow Opens Up About How She’s Keeping His Legacy Alive Today
  2. @IAmSteveHarvey Question to you Mr. Steve why all people honor people when they are dead just like Bernie Mac an example ???
  3. I'm weak asf watching Bernie Mac rn


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Bernie Mac - Wikipedia
Bernard Jeffrey "Bernie" McCullough (October 5, 1957 – August 9, 2008) better known by his stage name Bernie Mac, was an American comedian, actor and voice artist.

Bernie Mac - IMDb
Bernie Mac, Actor: The Bernie Mac Show. Bernard Jeffrey McCollough was born in Chicago in 1957. He grew up in Chicago, in a rougher neighborhood than most others ...

Мак, Берни — Википедия
Берни Мак: Bernie Mac: Мак на съёмочной площадке фильма Блюзмены: Имя при рождении: Бернард ...


Bernie Mac & Billy Holiday ( Impossible celebrity couples w1k entry )
Bernie Mac attack.
Shot off screen randomly while flipping stations: IMDB informs me this is Jeremy Suarez in his role as Jordan Thomkins in the Bernie Mac show.

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