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Tim Larson - College Tennis Recruiting Video


Tim Larson Class of 2014 Bloomington, MN timlarson4700@comcast. net 4700 W 112th St Bloomington, MN 55437.

Tim Larson Directs THE WIZ As Circle Players Kicks Off 2017

Tim Larson helms the new Circle production of The Wiz. A veteran director known locally for his large-scale musical productions, including previous Circle productions of Sister Act, Ragtime and Titanic, Larson's creative team includes William (Bill

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Unknown (Folk Music)

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Theory of a Deadman - Theory of a Dead Man

Roadrunner (Miscellaneous)

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Tim Larson - No Weapons No Allies CD

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Give Up the Body

The characters ... Adeline O’Hara, ex-WAC and reporter for the Teneskium (Oregon) Pioneer, also country correspondent for the Portland Press, who tells the story. She is young, red-headed, and Irish. She meets Titus Willow, the pudgy passionate professional philanthropist, who is a badly frightened man. He is visiting Carson Delhart, the Portland millionaire, who dislikes giving interviews , and who wants to marry Titus Willow’s daughter Daisy Willow, small and babyish, with a penchant for suicide. She is engaged to Arthur Frew, Titus Willow’s assistant, a very sullen young man who dislikes everyone and everything. He causes Adeline a lot of trouble. Also involved is Glory Martin, beautiful ice-blonde ward of Carson Delhart. She is rumored to be his mistress, and has definite tendencies...

Horses, Rifles & Other Loves

Wade Dellums adventure continues as he trails into Northern California pursuing his Winchester rifle sales, his wanderlust and his new love, Darcy Larson. Dellums, a quiet unassuming cowboy, becomes a man of action when the situation requires; as he travels through California mining town and camps, charming folks he meets and selling his firearms. Everywhere he trails his help seems to be needed. When he rides out of a town, he leaves folks the better because of his presence . . . and Darcy loves him for it. In this second novel chronicling Dellums travels and adventures, the author spins his tale around historical places, events and folks. The result is a fiction-nonfiction story to be enjoyed by all western fiction readers.

Things Recently Read on Russia, Obama, Democracy, Christianity, & Community

Reshared this week at First Things Magazine is an article where David Novak asked 21 years ago: must community exist prior to democracy. If it does, then it is possible, Novak argues, that the community, particularly the Jewish community, can be religious and its governing democracy secular. Opposite the idea of several religious communities being collectively governed by a secular democracy is Tolstoy, who sought, in Thomas Larson’s recent words in the Los Angeles Review of Books , “spiritual self-reliance. ” And Count Tolstoy finds the best examples of spiritual self-reliance in the lives and beliefs of Russian peasantry—something that espoused by someone today might lead them to later be accused of promoting an ideology of what Tim Strangleman at... ” But, as Strangleman points out, nostalgia tells us more about our attitude toward the present than any understanding we may have (or think we have) of the past. On the other hand, as Emma Green finds out in the Atlantic Monthly , there are currently some liberals who do not believe outreach toward religious conservatives will be rewarding:. I [Michael Wear, a former Obama White House staffer] think Democrats felt like their outreach [to religious conservatives] wouldn’t be rewarded. It was literally met by protests from the pro-life community. Now, there are reasons for this—I don’t mean to say that Obama gave a great speech and the pro-life community should have [acknowledged that]. But I think there was an expectation by Obama and the White House team that there would be more eagerness to find common ground. Cornel West, who is in some ways a religious conservative, wrote in the Guardian this week a severe critique of the Obama Presidency. More than Obama himself, West focuses his criticism on Obama’s “cheerleaders” who refuse to bear the blame for Hillary Clinton’s defeat as well as the neoliberal economic failures of the Obama administration. On this latter issue West poses the question of whether commercial brands compel their consumers to shun integrity, and he suggests commonwealth of American society in the name of pure profit-seeking. On this last point, it is interesting to compare a passage from Benjamin Nathans’ “ The Real Power of Putin ” from back in the September New York Review of Books :. The Soviet Union from which Russia emerged in 1991 was the most purpose-driven... Yet Laqueur struggles to put his finger on what he calls “the emerging ‘Russian idea,’” partly because so many doctrines are competing for influence (Russian Orthodoxy, Eurasianism, antiglobalism, nationalism), and partly because, as he concedes,... As Alistair Roberts points out on his blog Alastair Adversaria , whether in Russia or America or elsewhere people hunger for truth, not only in purely rational terms, but hunger for truth in other people. We hunger for truth from the doctor when we ask what’s wrong and we hunger for the perceived truth in our leaders (whether or not the truth is actually there). This doubt of whether the truth is or isn’t there in that particular moment is like the wavering, lingering, roving sense of exile. And as Kate Harrison Brennan has recently written of the Western Christianity’s alleged perception of exile from rest of the participants in secular democracy, she reminds her flock that exile is a temporary condition.


  1. Tim Larson helms the new Circle production of The Wiz. A veteran director known locally for his large-scale musical productions, including previous Circle productions of Sister Act, Ragtime and Titanic, Larson's creative team includes William (Bill
  2. Tim Larson, D-East Hartford and co-chairman of the legislature's Public Safety Committee, which oversees gaming, said Friday he hadn't seen the bills proposed by Storms. "At this point, I would leave this up to the respective towns and whether a
  3. Tim Larson, D-East Hartford, Sen. Tony Guglielmo, R-Stafford Springs, and Rep. Joe Verrengia, D-West Hartford. With the state Senate split evenly between Democrats and Republicans, legislative leaders agreed a Republican Senator would co-chair each 


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Kyle Larson - NASCAR Driver | FOX Sports
See Kyle Larson bio, stats, news, notes, pictures, videos and more information on the NASCAR driver for Target at FOX Sports.

Tim Robbins - IMDb
Tim Robbins, Actor: The Shawshank Redemption. Born in West Covina, California, but raised in New York City, Tim Robbins is the son of former The Highwaymen singer Gil ...

Nancy Larson® Science - A complete hands-on elementary ...
A complete hands-on elementary science curriculum with challenging content that engages students and is easy to teach.



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Senator Tim Larson

Senator Tim Larson
Image by www.senatedems.ct.gov

Tim Larson

Tim Larson
Image by wjon.com

Tim Larson

Tim Larson
Image by news.utvguide.net


Harlequin (prototype)
Opening Of Version Festival Territories Group Exhibition @ Zhou B Center (1029 W 35th St) www.zbcenter.org 7-10pm – exhibition runs through May 3 Opening night of Version 10 begins with Territories, a group exhibition. Meet participating artists and get an advanced look at the festival program ahead. Features work by: Tomas Moreno, Chad Gerth, Hui-min Tsen, Chris Larson, Hideous Beast (Josh Ippel, Charlie Roderick), Tim Graham, Jennifer Mills, Xavier Nuez, Miguel Guzman, Monument 1.5, Alexa Loftus, Peter Feigenbaum, Aron Gent, Aaron Delehanty, Holly Holmes, Before Cake after Dinner, Se Young, Brian Murer, Erik DeBat, Sarah Ross, Bill Mackey, Mike Slattery, Tom Burtonwood, Kariel ( Karri Kuoppala and Muriel Laesser), Heloisa Escudero, Jeff Zimmerman, Lise Haller Baggesen, Gitte Bog, Gudrun Hasle, Anni Holm, Berit Nørgaard, & Niels Post. Curated by Dayton Castleman & Ed Marszewski (Exhibition runs through May 3rd, Open Sat 12-5pm and by appointment: 773 837 0145)
Larson & DCP Commissioner Harris Discuss Current Status of Crumbling Foundations Investigation
At the request of Senator Tim Larson, Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) Commissioner Jonathan Harris attended a special meeting of the South Windsor Town Council Monday, where the commissioner gave an in-depth presentation on the current status of the state’s investigation into crumbling concrete foundations and urged residents who have not yet filed reports with the DCP to do so. (April 11, 2016) www.senatedems.ct.gov/pr/larson-160412.php
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Protesters gather in the South against Trump's inauguration
Credit: Tim Helweg-Larson "This protest gives us a chance to really stand-up to the far right. We don't want anyone to be at risk of oppression. We hope to bring community groups together."

Concrete foundation bills aplenty this session
Sens. Catherine Osten, D-Sprague, Timothy D. Larson, D-East Hartford, Stephen T. Cassano, D-Manchester, and Tony Guglielmo, R-Stafford, also filed a bill that would also address the concrete issue. It would establish required testing for concrete aggregate ...

Man “Open Carrying” a Cat Harassed Then Illegally Arrested by Police in Mena, Arkansas
During the video, Officers Mike Wolf and Paul Larson give some very bad excuses for their initial harassment of Timothy. The fact that Officer Larson sees someone walking on the side of a road does not necessitate a “welfare check.” Even if he chooses ...

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