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SOFTBALL: Luttrell's homer starts rally, CPHS beats Claremore, 8-0, at regional

With a 1-0 lead in the top of the fourth, sophomore Elizabeth Luttrell hit a solo home run over the left field wall, and it started a five-run rally. Rachel Blair and Kimi Presnell hit back-to-back doubles to the wall, and freshman Felicity Horn added

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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

This is an in depth reference work devoted to the movie trivia game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. It is far better and more complete than the terrible, short book by the games creators, which was mostly pictures and empty space on the page.

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Summer Reading Book Report Part 1

So we will just say it now, most of these books I did not read but listened to through the app Hoopla using my library account. You cannot beat free audio books. I do read but I have much more time to listen to books while I am getting ready in the morning, making dinner, or doing the dishes or any other cleaning for that matter. It was first read to me in my 8th grade English class by my teacher Mr. Robbins (my dad's best friend since they were old enough to walk). I love this story and how it tells of growing up, gaining understanding, learning how the world is different depending on if it is seen from the eyes of a child or an adult, people are regularly inaccurately judged based on heresay. It is of course a book about racial inequalities and the struggle this country had to find a way of making all men equal. I look at our world today and wonder if we have actually made it. I know we are better than we are but it seems now we have so many fears about being politically incorrect that we are hiding our past which will lead to forgetting it and accepting... It is a book that will pull at your heart strings. This is a true story that takes place here in Fort Worth, TX. There are amazing people in this world who earnestly seek to do good for others and not just once but every day or every week. They can then pull the best out of other people who may have forgotten that they had that kind of goodness or strength or value in them. This book was truly inspiring to me and I am so excited to see the movie. This book was still a good and interesting storyline but in the end I was really disturbed by what the author was having these children do and say. Nine year old kids should not be turned into blood thirsty soldiers with mouths to match any adult military person. The language was so awful by the kid characters in this book I could not bring myself to read the final book in the series. I also have no desire to see the movie that has been made of the first book. I have reflected on this book a great deal and been so bothered by the child soldiers and how wrong it felt. Then just last week I heard a story on NPR about how ISIS (and I know many other radical groups in the world) take children as young as 9-12 and turn them into soldiers. Suddenly this sci-fi-fantasy book of child soldiers killing in cold blood did not seem too far off from what some parts of the world are already like. After feeling so heavy and disturbed by the above book, I need something light hearted and this was a good pick. I loved the characters and the Cinderella like story of a common girl becoming a princess. Like many trilogies I think the first book was the best but the others were not bad and kept my interest. There is one more companion novel that I have not read but I did not really have a desire to read it. The plot was a bit predictable in places but overall I really enjoyed these books and moved through them quickly. This author popped up as a suggested author based upon the books I had already listened to and so why not. I loved these books. She is a midwife and in this (yes) post end of society as we know it, setting she has to deliver up the babies she delivers to the enclave within 90 minutes of delivery. There are so many things that happen and parts of this book made me ponder on some of the practices that have taken place throughout the world like the one child rule and the overall lower birth rates in the world. More than one civilization in this series is struggling to survive due to a limited gene pool but they struggle to make the hard decisions necessary to improve the situation. I have been really wanting and needing to fix our budget and saw this book and thought, why not. It was a good book with lots of suggestions. There were several things that I looked into that are just no worth my time to make such a small return. But, ultimately this book and my desires led me to talking with my good friend Lindsey Maas about her new budgeting plans. That conversation took place just before our summer vacation and so I picked up her recommended book from the library just before we left:. Peter and I read the whole book while driving in the car. It was interesting that as we read and discussed we would say one.


  1. With a 1-0 lead in the top of the fourth, sophomore Elizabeth Luttrell hit a solo home run over the left field wall, and it started a five-run rally. Rachel Blair and Kimi Presnell hit back-to-back doubles to the wall, and freshman Felicity Horn added
  2. Stargate Atlantis co-star Rachel Luttrell is headed to Arrow, guest starring in next week's new episode of the DC Comics superhero show. Luttrell — Atlantis's Teyla Emmagan — will play a character named Rosie, who from the looks of the photo released 
  3. Rachel and Michael Tomlin from the Brett and Kamia Knight Living Trust, 32 NW 147, $365,000. Bruce J. Heng 2010 Revocable Trust . Ronald S. and Sarah P. Luttrell from LLM Investments LLC, 15912 Mendoza Drive, $255,000. Phuong Ma and Sharon 
  1. @wheltonkayleigh @racheloleary9 that wasn't about Rachel
  2. @flaniganfan @JewelStaite @JoeFlanigan @dhewlett @rachel_luttrell thanx!! How lovely they all (almost) are! Too bad there's no Torri or Paul


Rachel's Tomato Basil Soup (basil, butter, heavy cream)

Rachel's Wasabi Cocktail Sauce (brown sugar, ketchup, lime juice, wasabi)

Eggs Rachel Recipe (eggs, eggs, milk, mushroom, pastry, pastry shells, salt, sauce, butter, sherry)

Rachel's Special Occasion Lasagna (lasagna noodle, cottage cheese, cream cheese, ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese, chives, dijon mustard, salt, mustard powder, black pepper, garlic, egg whites, eggs, pasta sauce, nonstick cooking spray, mozzarella cheese)


Rachel Luttrell - Wikipedia
Rachel Zawadi Luttrell (born 19 January 1971) is a Tanzanian-Canadian actress best known for her role as Teyla Emmagan, an Athosian warrior leader on Stargate Atlantis.

Rachel Luttrell - IMDb
Rachel Luttrell is an accomplished actress and singer who has worked in film, television and on stage. Rachel Zawadi Luttrell was born in Dar Es Salaam ...

Rachel Luttrell - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Rachel Zawadi Luttrell es una actriz nacida en Lushoto, Tanzania, aunque creció en Canadá desde los cinco años. Es conocida por haber participado en numerosas ...

rachel luttrell images rachel luttrell HD wallpaper and background ...

rachel luttrell images rachel luttrell HD wallpaper and background ...
Image by www.fanpop.com

rachel luttrell images rachel luttrell HD wallpaper and background ...

rachel luttrell images rachel luttrell HD wallpaper and background ...
Image by www.fanpop.com

Rachel Luttrell - Filmweb

Rachel Luttrell - Filmweb
Image by www.filmweb.pl


Cast members from both Stargate shows (SG1 and Atlantis) took the stage to talk about their time on the shows. Torri Higgenson (Dr. Weir) and Rachel Luttrell (Teyla).
Stargate Atlantis cast
The awesome David Hewlitt (Dr. Rodney Mckay), Paul McGillion (Dr Carson Beckett), Rachel Luttrell (Teyla Emmagan) and one of the writers or producers of the show.
Rachel Luttrell - Teyla Emmagan
To Richard So Lovely To Meet You! All My Best Rachel Luttre
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Local Roundup: Snowden leads Lancers past Wootton
Rachel Walchuck had one goal ... MSD leaders: Emelia Beldon, 12 digs; Brooke Bonheyo, 12 assists, 7 digs; Karita Lewis, 14 kills, 7 digs; Kaela Luttrell, 7 digs; Kaitlyn Weeks, 11 assists. MSD record: 11-3. GERMANTOWN — Victoria Doing and Shannon ...

STATE BOUND: Lady Sandites win regional championship
Stillwater grabbed the lead again in the fourth, but Luttrell reached first on an error, scoring a run, and Rachel Blair’s two-RBI single to right gave Sand Springs a 7-5 advantage. In the bottom of the fifth, Taber hit a two-RBI double that scored ...

Commonwealth Detail and Canvas
Commonwealth Cleaning and Canvas is in search of a seamstress with background in marine canvas and upholstery repair. MUST be able to follow detailed directions, work without supervision, and possess excellent attention to detail. As a 1099 contractor ...

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