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Come To My Garden by Norman/Simon/Leavitt

Joseph Community Chorus, under the artistic direction of Frank D. Thomas and founded in 1980, presents interesting, challenging and diverse programs.

Rosalind R. Lee

She attended Leavitt Area High School and later graduated with her son, Norman, in the “Class of 1983.” She spent her time caring for her family and home. Rosalind enjoyed going to yard sales, camping, painting, crafts, family outings and she

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Southern Utah University: A Brief History

The history of Southern Utah University has been one of constant evolution and perseverance. The school began as a Branch of the State Normal School under supervision by the University of Utah who acted as its mother-institution. Normal schools were created to train high school graduates to be teachers. In essence it was a teachers college. The institution was known as Branch Normal School from 1897 to 1913. In 1913 after much lobbying on behalf of Cedar City the Branch Normal School changed to the Branch Agricultural College. This transfer to the BAC meant not only a change in mother-institutions, but also a change in purpose. The Utah Agricultural College located in Logan became the new supervisor and the school was able to offer classes outside the field of teacher education. Agriculture, domestic science, commerce and engineering courses were now offered in addition to the normal school coursework. The institution retained the title of Branch Agricultural College for 40 years. The college had experienced expanded influence over the growth and development of southern Utah. It had become more than a community colleg. There were many people who had been bothered that the name of the institution was simply the name of the school that governed it. The college needed a name that would more accurately reflect its history and mission. In June 1953 the Board of Trustee’s approved the name change and the Branch Agricultural College officially became the College of Southern Utah. The change of the name did not signify any change in status. In fact, the full official name was College of Southern Utah, Branch of the Utah State Agricultural College. But that title was so cumbersome that it was known simply as the College of Southern Utah. The school kept growing and progressing. In 1961 the athletic department moved into competitive athletics with four-year schools. It was receiving accreditations and recommendations from governing bodies to move to an independent four-year institution. In 1965 with the efforts of Senator Dixie Leavitt, President Royden C. Braithwaite, and Hazen Cooley, the College of Southern Utah became an independent four year liberal arts college. For the first time in its 68 year history the school would have a governing Board of Trustees whose sole concern was the well-being and progress of the institution. The school was now officially a state school and many people believed the name should reflect the school’s status. In 1969 the College of Southern Utah changed its name to Southern Utah State College. The school grew in size and prestige. It became clear that this state college in the South had become a force in higher education. The mission and role of SUSC aligned with the mission and roles of other institutions nationwide that were operating under the title of university. There was some opposition in the state with people saying that there would be too many universities, that SUSC was too small, or. that their focus wasn’t enough on research, thus not deserving the university title. However with the diligent efforts of Regent Michael Leavitt, Senator Dixie Leavitt, Representative Haze Hunter, Institutional Council Chair Kay McIff, and the untiring efforts of President Gerald Sherratt the mission was accomplished. At 11:15 on February 14, 1990 Governor Norman Bangerter signed legislation into law which changed SUSC to Southern Utah University. The change in name officially took place at midnight on January 1, 1991. A New Year and a new era for the school began in style with community festivities filling the night and the following day. After years of sacrifice and service, Cedar City was now home to a university – to the one and only, Southern Utah University.


  1. She attended Leavitt Area High School and later graduated with her son, Norman, in the “Class of 1983.” She spent her time caring for her family and home. Rosalind enjoyed going to yard sales, camping, painting, crafts, family outings and she
  2. Business leaders say that the Metra train that stops in downtown Northbrook doesn't provide enough transportation to fill local jobs. Business leaders say that the Metra train that stops in downtown Northbrook doesn't provide enough transportation to
  3. 44, Shalom Hiser, SUM, 25:27.00. 45, Ian Norman, JB, 25:51.80. 46, Evan Gaudette, JB, 26:02.20. 47, Kayin Jaska, ORO, 26:37.10. 48, Austin Rumill, SUM, 26:52.10. 49, Chenbin Yu, FOX, 26:53.70. 50, Nolan Jacobs, HOUL, 26:58.50. 51, Long Bui, FOX, 27:07


3-Step Pork Chops (W/ Mushroom Gravy) (cream of mushroom soup, garlic powder, milk, vegetable oil, pork chops, salt, water)

Chipotle Sauce (adobo seasoning, lime juice, heavy cream, sherry vinegar, sour cream)

Fish Couscous (cabbage, carrot, cayenne, celery, couscous, fish, harissa, vegetable oil, onions, saffron, salt, peas, tomato, turnip, water, zucchini)

Golden Pineapple Chutney (allspice, allspice, apple cider vinegar, black pepper, ginger, pineapple, apple, hot sauce, mango, papaya, pear, red onions, salt, sugar)


Norman Leavitt - IMDb
Norman Leavitt, Actor: Trackdown. Norman Leavitt was born on December 1, 1913 in Lansing, Michigan, USA as Norman Turner Leavitt. He was an actor, known for Trackdown ...

Norman Leavitt - Wikipedia
Norman Leavitt (Lansing, 1º dicembre 1913 – Solvang, 11 dicembre 2005) è stato un attore statunitense. Ha recitato in oltre cento film dal 1946 al 1975 ed è ...

Leavitt Name Meaning & Leavitt Family History at
Leavitt Name Meaning (of Norman origin) nickname from Anglo-Norman French leuet ‘wolf cub’ (see Low 3). habitational name from any of the various places in ...

Norman Leavitt (via )

Norman Leavitt (via )
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Norman Leavitt - Mayberry Wiki

Norman Leavitt - Mayberry Wiki
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Norman Leavitt - "The Rifleman"

Norman Leavitt - "The Rifleman"
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1932 graduating class, University of Illinois College of Medicine
Photographer: Gibson Studios, Chicago Description: University of Illinois College of Medicine Class of 1932, as pictured, left to right, top to bottom * indicates photographed graduate not listed in June 11, 1932 Board of Trustees report † indicates faculty/staff John Oscar Firth, Lester White Baird, Runyon Hungate Irvin, Daniel Feiman, Joseph Allan Hubata, Maurice Irwin Edelman, Vaheh M. Seron, Irving Maurice Harter, John Todd Reynolds, John William Wall, Milton Mitchell Mosko, William Frank Sayle, Benjamin Highman John Albert Layman William Hester Walton Max Boyd McQueen Paul Lawrence Shallenberger Isadore Elihu Steck C. J. Gustafson * (Carl Julius Gustafson in 1932-33 Circular of Information, 4th year class 1931-32) Theodore Julius Nereim Charles Herbert Phifer MD † Carl A. Hedblom BA MA PhD DSc † Sidney Strauss AB MD † William Henry Browne, Secretary † Harry Woodburn Chase PhD LLD, President † David John Davis BS PhD MD, Dean † Charles Spencer...
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Leavitt Funeral Home & Crematory
Tonia was born on October 12, 1974 and passed away on Saturday, September 17, 2016. Tonia was a resident of Parkersburg, West Virginia at the time of her passing. Funeral services will be Friday at 5:00 PM at...

Joseph Basil Norman Leavitt
LEAVITT, Joseph Basil Norman - Peacefully at the West Lake Terrace Nursing Home on Friday June 14, 2013, Joe Leavitt, at the age of 96. Predeceased by his parents William and Georgianna (nee Wildman) Leavitt, sister Zora Stewart and brothers Harry and Grant.

Season 3, Episode 16 Man in a Hurry
Businessman Malcolm Tucker (Robert Emhardt) grows impatient when he tries to get his broken-down car fixed on Sunday, only to discover that Wally the mechanic doesn't work on the Sabbath. Pastor: William Keene. Gomer: Jim Nabors. Wally: Norman Leavitt.

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