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Herbert Lom as Chief Inspector Dreyfus - Part 1/2- Scenes from Pink Panther Movies


A tribute to one of my favorite characters Chief Inspector Dreyfus (played by a great actor Herbert Lom ). Scenes from: A Shot in the Dark The Return of the Pink.

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The film was frequently remade thereafter, notably by Claude Rains in 1943 and Herbert Lom in 1962; a Spanish version turned up in 1960, and in 1974 Phantom of the Paradise told of a ghostly disc-jockey terrorizing teenyboppers at a disco. Clearly

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Herbert Lom

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Education 2000 754309063289 The Paris Express

Education 2000 754309063289 The Paris Express

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This powerful cast creates a powerfully intriguing tale which interwines the themes of embezzlement, murder and adultery. From the outset, the chess-game develops between Popinga, the bookkeeper (Claude Rains), DeKoster, the employer (Herbert Lom) and Mr. Luca, the detective (Marius Goring) who suspect erveryone suspectable Add the necessary sugar and spice and everything nice and the plot thickens. 83 minutes. Color. c2005.

Return Of The Pink Panther

Return Of The Pink Panther

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RETURN is the third installment in the popular Pink Panther series and a reunion for director Blake Edwards and comedian Peter Sellers, who had not made a Panther film since A SHOT IN THE DARK a decade earlier. This time the bumbling French detective Inspector Clouseau is reluctantly called back into service by Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) when someone swipes the infamous Pink Panther diamond from the museum in Lugash. The prime suspect is the smoothly aristocratic jewel thief Sir Charles Lytton (Christopher Plummer), aka the Phantom. Clouseau creates his usual comic mayhem in an assortment of European watering holes as he attempts to track down the jet-setting criminal. While Lytton, who is, on this rare occasion, innocent of the crime in question, joins in the pursuit of the real criminals to avoid arrest, his lovely wife, Claudine (Catherine Schell), leads the myopic Clouseau on a wild-goose chase. As usual, Clouseau's creative methods of deduction drive Inspector Dreyfus ever closer to the brink of insanity. Sellers's comic genius is set off by a fine cast and spectacular European locations, including Gstaad and the French Riviera as well as Marakesh and Casablanca.

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Dr Guillotine

Explores the French Revolution from the points of view of Joseph Ignace Guillotin, inventor of the machine; Charlotte Corday, an idealist eager to help the cause of the revolutionaries; and Jean-Paul Marat, an impotent yet power-hungry autocrat

Enter a Spy


  1. The film was frequently remade thereafter, notably by Claude Rains in 1943 and Herbert Lom in 1962; a Spanish version turned up in 1960, and in 1974 Phantom of the Paradise told of a ghostly disc-jockey terrorizing teenyboppers at a disco. Clearly
  2. A reworking of ideas previously explored in the classic Rosemary's Baby, The Devil's Daughter sees a young teacher, Miriam (Kelly Curtis, sister of Jamie Lee) encounter an old man (the great Herbert Lom) who wants her to sire the son of Old Nick himself.
  3. The movies showcase a magical combination of Blake Edwards' masterful directing, writing, and producing skills; Peter Sellers' hilarious verbal and physical antics as Clouseau; sparkling performances from, among others, series staples Herbert Lom, Burt 
  1. We downloaded The Return of the Pink Panther , it is really our fave film. It includes Herbert Lom
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Twice-Baked New Potatoes (bacon, basil, garlic, green onion, monterey jack cheese, black pepper, red potatoes, salt, sour cream, vegetable oil)

Simple and Healthy Poached Salmon (black pepper, salmon, salt)


Herbert Lom - Wikipedia
Herbert Lom (Czech pronunciation: [ɦɛrbɛrt lom]; 11 September 1917 – 27 September 2012) was a Czech-born British film and television actor who moved to the ...

Herbert Lom - IMDb
Herbert Lom, Actor: Spartacus. Born September 11, 1917, Herbert Lom made his film debut in the Czech film Zena pod krízem (1937) and played supporting and ...

Herbert Lom - Biography - IMDb
Herbert Lom was born Herbert Charles Angelo Kuchacevich Schluderpacheru on September 11, 1917. He has had an interesting film career, playing "Napoleon Bonaparte" in ...


Hymns (and a 'good bye' to 2012)
Sorry I don't have a specific 2012 photo'; but here are my - largely positive - reflections on the year. We saw in: 65 Olympic Medals for Britain Andy Murray winning the U.S. Open and Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour de France The Diamond Jubilee The Leveson Report The discovery of the Higgs Boson Plebgate Francois Hollande as French President and second terms for Barack Obama and Boris Johnson We saw off: Etta James Andrew Huxley Ray Bradbury Ernest Borgnine Gore Vidal Bernard Lovell Neil Armstrong Hal David Herbert Lom (the last surviving 'Lady-killer') King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia (with whose death, Michael of Romania and Boris of Bulgaria are the only surviving heads of state who ruled during W.W.II) Elliott Carter Patrick Moore Ravi Shankar William Rees-Mogg (amongst many others) Thanks to everybody who's visited my photo's over the past year - regular and occasional - who have added so much joy and education to this hobby.
TV Shows We Used To Watch - Christmas 1959
Christmas 1959 Christmas Eve 1959 - Thursday 24th December 1959 BBC Television 2:30pm Watch with Mother (Watch With Mother was a cycle of children's programmes created by Freda Lingstrom. Broadcast by BBC Television from 1952 until 1973, it was the first BBC television series aimed specifically at pre-school children, a development of BBC radio's equivalent Listen with Mother, which had begun two years earlier. In accordance with its intended target audience of pre-school children viewing with their mothers, Watch With Mother was initially broadcast between 3:45 pm and 4:00 pm, post-afternoon nap and before the older children came home from school. The choice of Watch With Mother for the title of the series was intended "to deflect fears that television might become a nursemaid to children and encourage 'bad mothering'" 2:45pm "The Man from 1997", comic fantasy with Charles Ruggles 3:30pm Faraway Look 4:40pm "The Apple Tree with the Golden...
Herbert Lom;
in "Night and the City" 1950.

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