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Christopher Kennedy Lawford on "FOX & friends" May 14, 2014

New York Times best selling author, CHRISTOPHER KENNEDY LAWFORD, guests on morning tv's leading daily program, "FOX & friends" to discuss his new .

Christopher Kennedy Lawford Marries in Hawaii

Christopher Kennedy Lawford, the son of actor Peter Lawford and President John F. Kennedy's sister Patricia, married Mercedes Miller in Maui, Hawaii, over the weekend. Lawford, 59, met his bride, a yoga teacher, 34, in Maui, where they both live part time.

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MGM 883904256861 Spellbinder (1988) - DVD

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Healing Hepatitis C - Christopher Kennedy Lawford - Paperback

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Moments of Clarity


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The author of Symptoms of Withdrawal recounts the dramatic 1986 realization of the full extent of his substance-abuse problem, in an account that traces his efforts to recover while documenting the addiction struggles of such figures as Alec Baldwin, Jamie Lee Curtis and Anthony Hopkins. Reprint. 30,000 first printing. *Author: Lawford, Christopher Kennedy *Subtitle: Voices from the Front Lines of Addiction and Recovery *Publication Date: 2010/02/09 *Number of Pages: 265 *Binding Type: Paperback *Language: English *Depth: 0.75 *Width: 5.50 *Height: 8.25

When Your Partner Has an Addiction


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Your partner?s addiction takes a toll on both of your lives. That doesn?t mean you should turn your back on the person you love. We?ve been told that staying with a partner who struggles with addictionwhether it be with drugs, alcohol, or addictive behaviorsmeans that we?re enabling their destructive behavior. That wanting to help them means we?re codependent, and that the best thing for both of us is to walk away from the relationship entirely. But is that true?How to Love an Addict challenges the idea that the best chance for recoveryfor the addict and their partneris to walk away. Instead, it makes the revolutionary claim that you, and the love you have for your partner, can be a key part of his or her journey to recovery. Together, addiction activist and bestselling author Christopher Kennedy Lawford and psychotherapist Beverly Engel, MFT, take a fresh look at addiction and codependencythe latest research on what causes them and what the two have in common. Rather than treat addiction or codependency as disease or weakness, How to Love an Addict honors the trauma and shame that often lie at their source and shows you how to use your love to combat that shame, allowing you to more effectively support your partner and heal yourself. The research proves that, while you cannot fix? your partner, you can have a positive impact on their recovery. Whether you suffer from codependency, and whether your partner is already in recovery, How to Love an Addict provides you with proven techniques and strategies to drastically improve your relationship and help get your partner the help he needswithout leaving and while taking care of yourself in the process.


  1. Christopher Kennedy Lawford, the son of actor Peter Lawford and President John F. Kennedy's sister Patricia, married Mercedes Miller in Maui, Hawaii, over the weekend. Lawford, 59, met his bride, a yoga teacher, 34, in Maui, where they both live part time.
  2. The eldest child and only son of Patricia Kennedy (sister of slain President John F. Kennedy) and actor Peter Lawford, the 60-year-old says addiction runs in both sides of his family. He'll talk about his battles and his sobriety at the O'Brien House
  3. contributing editor Dotson Rader spoke with members of the Kennedy family about their lives. In this three-part series, each member answers questions about political service, their future plans and finding happiness. Christopher Kennedy Lawford


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Christopher Lawford - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Christopher Lawford; Born: Christopher Kennedy Lawford (1955-03-29) March 29, 1955 (age 61) Santa Monica, California, U.S. Nationality: American: Other names

Christopher Lawford - IMDb
Christopher Lawford is the first child of Peter and Pat Kennedy Lawford, born on March 29, 1955. Lawford attended Tufts and Georgetown Universities, and went to ...

Christopher Lawford - Official Site
Christopher Kennedy Lawford is a New York Times Best selling Author, Activist, and Actor. Lawford battled substance abuse and alcoholism and now promotes...

Christopher Lawford

Christopher Lawford
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names christopher lawford christopher lawford

names christopher lawford christopher lawford
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... in Celluloide - Attore Christopher Lawford (Foto 1 - Foto film 1

... in Celluloide - Attore Christopher Lawford (Foto 1 - Foto film 1
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