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Christine Lakin - Between The Sheets - Episode 54

Christine Lakin ("Step by Step", "The Walking Dead" video game) talks about her life as a child star, receiving crazy fan mail, surviving the zombie apocalypse, .

Zombies, Hollywood, Emmy...Acting Dead.

Acting Dead stars Brian Beacock, Jillian Clare, Chris Galya, Paul Nygro, Patrika Darbo, John Yelvington, Carolyn Hennesy, John J York, Sean Kanan, Sheila Sheila, Cocoa Brown, Debbie Gibson, Erik Martsolf, Gary and Larry Lane, Peter Vogt, Christine

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Ten Eleven Audiobooks I Have Enjoyed in 2016

I did so well making my list. So, 11 it is. Let's not count how close this is to how many audios I have listened to total for 2016. Let's just applaud I listened to enough that I can make a list of my top 2. | Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor ~ This is one I had... It really takes a play at the story of angels and demons and is done really well. One of my favourite reads of the year. Thoughts on the Audio: Narrated by Khristine Hvam - I loved the narration on this one so much. While I enjoyed the second one, I was disappointed that I didn't go the audio route. I think I may splurge and read book 3 on audio before the end of the year to finish up the trilogy. Khristine Hvam just does such a great job with this one. I have wanted to read this trilogy forever and just never got around to it. It was a really great, nerdy zombie tale that I enjoyed a lot. I am glad I finally got around to reading it. The sequels were great, too. Grant does an awesome job making you care about all of the characters and what happens to them. Thoughts on the Audio: Narrated by Paula Christensen and Jesse Bernstein - The two narrators of this book did a great job. Christensen did the majority of the narration and I really got into her as Georgia. She did well narrating the other characters that had smaller roles as well. Bernstein did Shaun, who had a smaller role in this one than he does in the sequels. The sequels were also really good, but I think this was my favourite. | Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez ~ I loved the graphic novels, so I definitely had to check out this audio adaption. I only just read it recently because I figured it was a great idea for this time of year. Thoughts on the Audio: This is a full cast performance that includes Haley Joel Osment, Kate Mulgrew, Tatiana Maslany, and a bunch of other people. It was really well done and everyone did a great job. I have done other full cast audios, but this was my first dramatic one and considering I knew what to expect from the story, I thought they did an awesome job. | Nevernight by Jay Kristoff ~ Yep, I loved this series with a strong female lead and fantasy and great secondary characters and dark magic and assassins and and. I all ready have the paper back in my list of preorders for next year because I want to have it in a form other than audio. Judging by hardcover prices, I likely will do book 2 by audio as well. Thoughts on the Audio: Narrated by Holter Graham - I was leery about doing this one on audio because it can be hard to keep track of fantasy story-lines when you are listening instead of reading. I still find something taking my attention away from audios and missing parts here and there. (One of those things is talking to me as I am attempting to write this post. ) But, Graham did a great job narrating and I found myself getting into the story no issue. | Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel ~ This book got a lot of buzz when it first came out so I grabbed a copy on audio because you know me and science-fiction and fantasy. I am not sure if the story itself would have wowed me so much if I had read it. It was good and I am curious to see what happens next. Plus, I enjoy books written in letters, blog posts, etc. So, it should be a 'me' book all things considered. I plan to reread it before the sequel comes out and we will see what happens. Thoughts on the Audio: Narrated by Full Cast - And, see, it was the audio that I loved. I thought it was so well done and you could really get into the events with it. I think that it is definitely my favourite audio performance of the year so far. It just captured the story so well, and probably worked so well because there were different people narrating each character and the novel is epistolary form so it worked really well. I definitely plan to do the sequel on audio. | To the Bright Edge of the World by Eowyn Ivey ~ I owned The Snow Child in hardcover forever and only got around to it last year because I did.


  1. Acting Dead stars Brian Beacock, Jillian Clare, Chris Galya, Paul Nygro, Patrika Darbo, John Yelvington, Carolyn Hennesy, John J York, Sean Kanan, Sheila Sheila, Cocoa Brown, Debbie Gibson, Erik Martsolf, Gary and Larry Lane, Peter Vogt, Christine
  2. Get your fix of breaking news and cute photos of celebrity babies, kids, moms and more with the Celebrity Baby Blog.
  3. Christine Lakin, the 37-year-old actress synonymous with her breakout role as Al Lambert on Step by Step, gave birth to her first child, daughter Georgia James 
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Christine Lakin | Actress | Producer | Choreographer ...

Christine Lakin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Christine Helen Lakin (born January 25, 1979) is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Alicia "Al" Lambert on the 1990s ABC/CBS situation comedy Step ...

Christine Lakin - IMDb
Christine Helen Lakin was born on January 25th, 1979 in Dallas, Texas. After moving several times as a child, her family finally settled in Atlanta, Georgia, where ...

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... (Christine Lakin) фото (Christine Lakin) Christine Lakin photo
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Christine Lakin Pictures

Christine Lakin Pictures
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christine lakin american actress birth name christine helen lakin date ...

christine lakin american actress birth name christine helen lakin date ...
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Christine Lakin of The CW's "Valentine"
Photo by Phil Thomas Di Giulio
Christine Lakin of MRC's "Valentine" at the 2008 NYTVF
Photo by Phil Thomas Di Giulio
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Zombies, Hollywood, Emmy...Acting Dead.
Acting Dead stars Brian Beacock, Jillian Clare, Chris Galya, Paul Nygro, Patrika Darbo, John Yelvington, Carolyn Hennesy, John J York, Sean Kanan, Sheila Sheila, Cocoa Brown, Debbie Gibson, Erik Martsolf, Gary and Larry Lane, Peter Vogt, Christine Lakin ...

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