Denice Kumagai


12 NIGHT COURT woman in fur coat

The lovely Denice Kumagai in fox fur coat in "Night Court" (1988 - S05 E21)

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''The Simpsons'' (Season 8)

TV's M*A*S*H: The Ultimate Guide Book

Prepare yourselves, M*A*S*H fans, for the most comprehensive book on the show ever written. Written by fans and for fans, this book covers material never covered in previous books. Aside from an astounding amount of researched info for nearly every episode of the series, this book covers every aspect of the show from the opening theme to the production codes, including a season by season analysis. But even more importantly, there is fresh commentary from over 45 MASH alumni who were contacted just for this book with never-before published experiences and anecdotes. With a foreword and all new M*A*S*H dialogue by Larry Gelbart, a "History of MASH" with commentary by William Self and even more interviews and commentary from most major players, the original producers, writers, directors,...


  1. Songs from Great Leap's rock musical “Chop Suey” were performed by (from left) Denice Kumagai, Marilyn Tokuda, “Atomic Nancy” Sekizawa, Nobuko Miyamoto, Deb Nishimura, Peter Kwong, Michael Paul Chan, and Mike Hagiwara. Great Leap celebrated 
  2. Marilyn Tokuda, Denice Kumagai, Judy Momii, and Irma Escamilla found the Asian-American sketch and improv comedy group Cold Tofu in Los Angeles. The company, which is considered the first Asian-American improv troupe, will boast multicultural 


Taco Roll-Ups (cheddar cheese, onion soup mix, picante sauce, sour cream, taco seasoning)

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