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Werner Herzog on Virtual Reality, the Future of Humanity, and Internet Trolls


In this installment of VICE Talks Film, Ben Makuch sits with the legendary German filmmaker and esteemed existential thinker, Werner Herzog to discuss virtual .

Werner Herzog hilariously probes 'glories of the internet, also the ...

At once deadly earnest and utterly comical, Werner Herzog has turned his unique and unflinching gaze upon the internet in his latest documentary.

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Werner Herzog Documentary Collection [Blu-ray] [2 Discs] DVD

Werner Herzog Documentary Collection [Blu-ray] [2 Discs] DVD


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ferocious reality documentary according to werner herzog

ferocious reality documentary according to werner herzog

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The Wild Eight lights its campfire in early access

If you’ve played Don’t Starve you’ll be familiar with the basic idea. You’re in a harsh world and you’ve got to gather wood, ore, meat, mushrooms, bones, fur and so on. Keep gathering and hunting, upgrading your little tent and workshop to build more things to help you survive for longer. But here you’ve also got up to seven other pals doing the same thing. They all have different strengths (some make better medicine, some make more reliable tools) and the idea is that teamwork pays off. You can build little boxes to share things with the group, or save your friend’s life by throwing some mushrooms in the snow and hastily typing “eat dat m8”. I’ve played a bit. For a co-operative game about bunching together to stay alive, I have seen some acts of kindness and co-operation. Here’s some of the things I have learned. Your pals might have been on the server long enough to have something spare. You won’t last long without it. There’s barely time to make your first axe and pick before you start to starve. This is definitely a game about watching meters. Cook your mushrooms. The plane fire never goes out. Normal campfires need to be fuelled constantly and will die out. In a blizzard, the fire won’t stay lit for more than a few seconds. But the fire by the crash is always burning and blizzards don’t affect it. It’s very warm. You are what you eat (ie. yourself). When you die you drop all your gear. But you also drop a single steak of delicious human flesh. Find your old body and belongings and gather them up, then cook your previous body’s meat. I hope that’s been helpful for you all. There are some story quests and things to explore as you investigate the wilderness around the crash site. But I have no idea what they might reveal, because I never live long enough to find out. Here’s hoping you do better. It’s just filler. The mere mention of it when I looked at wild eight on steam made me click the not interested button. Only Subnautica and I think Starbound (which I loathed on its release but that is not the point), propose to disable their hunger meters, and that is the best choice ever when you are facing such dumb basic mechanics.


  1. At once deadly earnest and utterly comical, Werner Herzog has turned his unique and unflinching gaze upon the internet in his latest documentary.
  2. The subject is everyone's – the internet – but it takes less than a minute for Werner Herzog to make it entirely his own. The LA-based German filmmaker's fascinating documentary Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World opens in the grounds of the 
  3. PARIS – Werner Herzog (“Grizzly Man”) will receive the Carrosse d'Or award at this year's Directors Fortnight, the section which runs parallel to the Cannes Film 
  1. RT @jdrrr: New show. Interviews with Martin Scorsese and Werner Herzog. https://t.co/0qSLJFSQ8G https://t.co/VmjzkrJ9H0
  2. With Lo And Behold, Werner #Herzog Offers Up A Humanist History Of The Internet https://t.co/eiDCIffhNz #gadgets
  3. New show. Interviews with Martin Scorsese and Werner Herzog. https://t.co/0qSLJFSQ8G https://t.co/VmjzkrJ9H0


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Werner Herzog - Official Site
Werner Herzog: 50 years of potent, inspiring, disturbing films What’s real? And what’s false? It’s easy to get lost down the rabbit hole with Herzog.

Werner Herzog - IMDb
Werner Herzog, Director: Grizzly Man. Director. Writer. Producer. Has studied history, literature and theatre, but hasn't finished it. Founded his own ...

Werner Herzog - Wikipedia
Werner Herzog (German: [ˈvɛɐ̯nɐ ˈhɛɐ̯tsoːk]; born 5 September 1942) is a German screenwriter, film director, author, actor, and opera director.



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Let's pretend "Queen of the Desert" never happened.

Werner Herzog Reads Where's Waldo

Werner Herzog Reads Where's Waldo
Image by www.picturebooksreview.com

Werner Herzog Documentary: Watch Trailer for "Lo, and Behold Reveries ...

Werner Herzog Documentary: Watch Trailer for "Lo, and Behold Reveries ...
Image by realtytoday.com

Werner Herzog | El tornillo de Klaus // Revista de cine //

Werner Herzog | El tornillo de Klaus // Revista de cine //
Image by eltornillodeklaus.com


(english follow) Werner Herzog, un grand cinéaste, a un jour déclaré que « l’univers était monstrueusement indifférent à la présence de l’homme »….S’il a raison, c’est de cette petite maison perdue sur les rivages des Îles de la Madeleine au Québec, que je voudrais voir l’univers se foutre de moi! (patrice) ————— Werner Herzog, a great filmmaker, once said that "the universe is monstrously indifferent to the presence of man" ... .If he is right, it is from this small house lost on the shores of the Magdalen Island in Quebec, that I would like to see the universe not give a damn of me!
I Believe in Werner Herzog
Center City, Philadelphia c. 2013 | Lulu Höller
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Winston Honored by German Government
Winston received the award for her scholarly and literary translations of more than 35 works of fiction and non-fiction by Werner Herzog, Peter Handke, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Günter Grass, Christoph Hein, Golo Mann, Rainer Werner Fassbinder ...

Why a Nosferatu Remake is a Great Idea
Let’s not forget that Nosferatu has already been redone once before, in Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979), which in itself is a prime example of how a remake can be fantastic when done the right way, by the right people. One of the most ...

Werner Herzog on his doc 'Lo and Behold' and his relationship with the Internet
TORONTO — Werner Herzog has a rather distant relationship with the subject of his new documentary, "Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World." The film traces the evolution and revolution of the Internet, from its triumphs to its perils and how ...

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