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Dale and Holley with Keefe's Freestyle Friday Hours 3 & 4 - Hernandez Verdict Reaction

Dale and Holley which keep Sports Radio WEE. Fourth and final hour. Dale hollow with key Sports Radio WEEI you've heard us at the end of last hour talking to Michael McCann a sports law professor. SI dot com. He wrote a lengthy piece today on SI dot

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John McLaughlin & Jaco Pastorius & Tony Williams & & 0 more - Trio of Doom

John McLaughlin & Jaco Pastorius & Tony Williams & & 0 more - Trio of Doom


Price: $8.98

The only recordings by the jazz-rock fusion power trio to end all power trios! McLaughlin, Pastorius and Williams only played one gig, at the historic 1979 Havana Jam concert in Cuba, and this disc collects their complete performance plus their one subsequent studio session. John McLaughlin produces and provides an introduction to the notes. 10 tracks, all but two unreleased the jazz world is buzzing about this one! Recorded at the 1979 Havana Jazz Festival, this short and powerful set, with Miles Davis alumni, drummer Tony Williams and guitarist John McLaughlin, and Weather Report bassist Jaco Pastorius, was one for the ages. The previously unreleased selections, one through five, are explosive, but mis-miked live tracks. Williams? "Drum Improvisation" segues into McLaughlin?s fuzz-toned "Dark Prince," which does not swing in a silent way. Pastorious? theme song "Continuum" is scaled down to its essential twilight textures, while the drummer?s "Para Oriente" - which later became a stable in V.S.O.P?s book, and was recast as "Angel Street" ? is rendered here in a funky, pre-grunge mode. The guitarist?s "Are You the One, Are You the One?" previews the jam band craze. The rest of the cuts were recorded a week later in a New York studio, But the warts-and-all original sides are unmatched for their primal power. -Eugene Holley, Jr. 1. [2:26] Drum Improvisation (Live) 2. [6:36] Dark Prince (Live) 3. [5:11] Continuum (Live) 4. [5:42] Para Oriente (Live) 5. [4:51] Are You the One? Are You the One? (Live) 6. [4:08] Dark Prince 7. [3:49] Continuum 8. [1:05] Para Oriente (Alternate Take 1) 9. [0:20] Para Oriente (Alternate Take 2) 10. [5:28] Para Oriente

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Gulls and Plovers

In the early years of this century a Scottish doctor speculated on the evolutionary origin of human tears. It seemed to him that with the increase in brain size and cognitive powers of our early ancestors many events in the struggle for existence would be just too distressing to observe. How comforting then, for the mother, distraught by the sight of her child being devoured by a lion, to cloud her vision with a flood of tears! Just so, though if the good doctor had pondered further, the following picture might have occurred to him, comfortable in his speculative armchair, and given him some pause for thought. ' ~ . . . . ~ . . ~ ~ . . •. . u" . . , ~- . ' _ . . . . . . . vii viii SERIES EDITOR'S FOREWORD These stories do not, of course, get us very far in understanding the evolution of...


  1. Dale and Holley which keep Sports Radio WEE. Fourth and final hour. Dale hollow with key Sports Radio WEEI you've heard us at the end of last hour talking to Michael McCann a sports law professor. SI dot com. He wrote a lengthy piece today on SI dot
  2. Michael holly and Ritchie sees he's ever green team ever going podcast the podcast about the Celtics from red to Russell brown took bird and and parish to pierce everything C. So let's get to Michael holly and Ritchie elite evergreen podcast. The north
  3. A Brooklyn man says he was out enjoying himself with his sister days after Thanksgiving two years ago when police shocked him with a stun gun him for no reason, then arrested him on bogus gambling charges. Tony Holley beat the criminal case and has 
  1. 10 Interesting Facts About the Real-Life Tony Stark, Elon Musk
  2. RT @BurkhardtPhoto: Tony Holley @Onlymephoenix
  3. RT @BurkhardtPhoto: Tony Holley @Onlymephoenix


Tony's Summer Pasta (black pepper, garlic, garlic salt, mozzarella cheese, olive oil, tomato)

Tony Romas Baby Back Ribs - Copycat Recipe (corn syrup, ketchup, pork chops, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, sugar, hot sauce, vinegar)

Tony Romas Blue Ridge Smokies Sauce Recipe (ketchup, red wine vinegar)

Tony Roma's Baked Potato Soup (basil, butter, chicken broth, cornstarch, flour, half and half, potato, black pepper, potato, salt, thyme, water, onions)


Tony's – Naples Influenced. Milan Inspired. Houston Cherished
Tony's is Houston's premier destination for innovative fine dining, led by Tony Vallone, one of the architects of the Italian food and wine renaissance in the United ...

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Old cars at Copley Motorcars, Needham MA: 1966 Ford Mustang GT 350
Pasting from Copley Motorcars: 1966, Ford Mustang GT 350 Exterior color Acapulco Blue Interior color white Mileage 8,100 Price $54,800.00 Shelby GT350 re-creation superbly restored and created in 2004, new Ford 302ci V8 with 347ci stroker kit from HP/Probe Industries with Coach Hi-Po Street Fighter forged pistons, Edelbrock aluminum heads, competition cam shaft and lifter kit, Edelbrock dual aluminum quad intake with 2 Holley 600 carburetors, Mallory Unilite ignition, modern Ford heavy duty T5 transmission with Ford Motorsports HP clutch and pressure plate, 4 wheel disc brakes, rebuilt suspension, Vintage Air heating and air conditioning, power convertible top with plexi-glass rear window, fresh major servicing by Tony Calise’s Thunder Road Performance. • • • • • Pasting from Wikipedia: Ford Mustang (first generation): The first-generation Ford Mustang was the original pony car, manufactured by Ford Motor Company from 1964 until 1973. Contents • 1 Conception and...
Bristol Rugby Club 1888-2014
The club was formed as Bristol Football Club in 1888 when rivals Carlton Club, Redland Park and Westbury Park merged to form a single club that would represent the whole city. The team played it's home fixtures at The County Cricket Ground in Ashley Down and started life by losing an away match in Cardiff. Bristol began wearing it's famous navy blue and white hooped shirts in the 1891-92 season when it won twenty of the twenty four matches played and the club saw it's first player capped by England in 1900 when J.W. Jarman was called-up to play against Wales. The outbreak of The First World War stopped all rugby in England and the club was reformed as Bristol United in 1919 when many returning servicemen joined the team. For the first two years the club played it's home matches at Radnor Road in Horfield or at the grounds of Bristol Rovers and Bristol City football clubs before moving to the Memorial Ground in 1921. The club celebrated it's 50th anniversary in 1938 and a Bristol...
California Department of Technology and IBM Announce CalCloud
Sacramento, CA, July 24, 2014: At a launch event at the California Lottery Building in Sacramento, California, Government Operation Agency Undersecretary Tony Perez and IBM Fellow Kerrie Holley announced CalCloud, a new technology model powered by cloud computing to build and deliver more innovative government services and savings. [For more information: Sara Galligan, 917.868.4502,]

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