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Teacher: God save public schools from clutches of Betsy DeVos

As a public school teacher of nearly 30 years, I found Phil Handy's guest editorial regarding Betsy DeVos quite interesting. Unlike DeVos, who did not attend public schools, who did not send her children to public schools, and has never taught a day in

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William Shakespeare - The Tempest (McKellen)

xos Audiobooks (Miscellaneous)

Price: $9.74 ( Show details )

Scott's/Ortho ZRSI71133 71133 Broadscast Spreader

Scott's (Miscellaneous)

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Scott Folded Towel Dispenser

Scott Folded Towel Dispenser

(Bulk Office Supply)

Price: $68.99

Folded towel dispenser features a universal construction to conveniently hold a variety of Scott towels. Its sleek, curved style creates a graceful look to blend seamlessly into any contemporary environment. Handy view window on both sides lets you quickly glance at the current fill level to ensure you always have towels available. Folded towel dispenser is designed for use with Scott multi-fold, c-fold, single-fold and Scottfold towels (each sold separately).

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Still Surprised

An intimate look at the founding father of the modern leadership movement Warren Bennis is an acclaimed American scholar, successful organizational consultant and author, and an expert in the field of leadership. His much awaited memoir is filled with insights about the successes and failures from his long and storied life and career. Bennis' life and career have traversed eight decades of first-hand experience with tumultuous episodes of recent history-from Jewish child in a gentile town in the 30's, a young army recruit in the Battle of the Bulge to a college student in the one of the first progressive precursors to the civil rights movement to a patient undergoing daily psychoanalysis for five years, and later a university provost during the Vietnam protests. Reveals the triumphs and...

Hawbuck Grange


  1. As a public school teacher of nearly 30 years, I found Phil Handy's guest editorial regarding Betsy DeVos quite interesting. Unlike DeVos, who did not attend public schools, who did not send her children to public schools, and has never taught a day in
  2. Drew Scott is officially off the market, and he's got a sweet treat to show for it.
  3. but the hairy hero puts his own spin on the seasonal classic in this brilliant new video. Youtube channel How It Should Have Ended has updated a legendary 1993 recording by Andersen and added some great clips. There's also some handy lyrics, in
  1. RT @BrianNormoyle: Keep handy for when Trump claims he made economy great again (and he will): - Unemployment 4.6% - Wage growth 2.5% - 3Q…
  2. Unclogged the drain with baking soda and vinegar and am feeling like an environmental domestic goddess handy person right now #zerowaste
  3. Wishing Everyone a Happy Christmas and Merry New Year.......Don't forget to have your #Hycosan Fresh handy followin…


Scott Hibb's Amazing Whisky Grilled Baby Back Ribs (black pepper, black pepper, brown sugar, molasses, garlic powder, honey, liquid smoke flavoring, onions, onion powder, paprika, chile pepper, chile pepper, salt, tomato paste, vegetable oil, water, whiskey, white vinegar, worcestershire sauce)

Scott Ure's Clams And Garlic (butter, clams, olive oil, garlic, white wine)

Scott's Savory BBQ Sauce (apple cider vinegar, black pepper, brown sugar, garlic powder, lemon juice, paprika, red pepper flakes, salt, worcestershire sauce)

Chef Scott's Pico de Gallo (black pepper, white vinegar, garlic, jalapeno, lime juice, red onions, salt, tomato, vegetable oil)


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CAMS - Confederation of Australian Motor Sport
The website of the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport

Scott's Historic Home Improvement Contractors List
When my wife and I bought our home in 2001, I started a list of recommended contractors with referrals from friends. Because so many people contacted me to get names ...

Scott Handy | Actors | Men | Pinterest

Scott Handy | Actors | Men | Pinterest
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Scott Handy profile, movies list, weight, pics & latest twitter ...

Scott Handy profile, movies list, weight, pics & latest twitter ...
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Scott Handy

Scott Handy
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Flip Mino
I finally got the Flip Mino! After a few hours of testing, I can confidently say that this gadget rocks! Both hardware and software are well made and I have not encountered any problems recording and sending video to someone online. Video and sound are great. Of course it does not compete with more expensive HD video cameras but for the price and size, this is worth having. A very simple, no frills, very portable, it goes wherever I go, video camera. I originally got this so that I can record short videos to send to my son but it looks like I will be using this for other things as well. PS, I got that flimsy tripod from Scott Sherman of "The Digital Photography Show Podcast" . Turns out to be handy for the Flip Mino!
The Fix Is In
Fix-It Felix joins an exclusive club whose members include legendary mechanics who inspire us to make the world a better place. Seen here are: - Montgomery Scott - Bob the Builder - Pops Racer - Fix-It Felix - Rosie the Riveter - Handy Manny - B.A. Baracus -- See detailed setup info and learn more about this image at the source. Source:
30.07.14 (Creative 365 Project) #creative365_michmutters_2014 "Never miss a party...good for the nerves--like celery.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby Girls Procamera7 Snapseed Handy Photo Photofx Ultra Camera Awesome
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Chewbacca singing Silent Night SHOULD be the Christmas Number 1
There's also some handy lyrics, in case you feel like growling along. Is Rogue One TOO MUCH for kids? 12-year-old Star Wars superfan review How to make the special pasta from Elf: Watch this video The video was created by James Covenant, with full credit ...

Holland board hits recycling bump
Resident Scott Lien spoke at the meeting in favor of the board considering ... There will also be a limited number of smaller carts available to those residents. Charlie Handy of the La Crosse County Planning Department, who is leading the Blufflands ...

Killer Climate (The Campervan Bushman Mystery Series Book 1) by Alannah Foley
Just as well! Because some of these come in handy as the mysteries unravel. Although Scott’s the main character, Penny and Red, his sidekick crew filming the Campervan Bushman TV show, all work together to try and solve the puzzling events that take place.

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