Samuel S Hinds


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Samuel S. Hinds - Life and career

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Supporting Actors in Motion Pictures

Supporting Actors in Motion Pictures By: Dr. Roger L. Gordon Supporting Actors in Motion Pictures is a compilation of biographies of supporting actors that spans from the advent of sound through the present day. Supporting actors, known also as character actors, often play in roles that complement the lead with comedy, drama, or other means, and are the backbone of any good film, television program, or stage performance. This book contains over 300 biographies that highlight the careers of the many talented actors and actresses that have appeared on the big screen throughout the past 100 years.

Lew Ayres

A biography of Lew Ayres, an accomplished actor, pacifist, and conscientious objector of World War II.

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  2. 71 years ago we had David Rounds, Floyd Peters, and Samuel S. Hinds. Now we have no rounds, no peters, and no hinds.


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Samuel S. Hinds - Wikipedia
Samuel Southey Hinds (April 4, 1875 – October 13, 1948) was an American actor and former lawyer. He was often cast as kindly authoritarian figures and appeared in ...

Sam Hinds - Wikipedia
Samuel Archibald Anthony Hinds (born 27 December 1943) is a Guyanese politician who was Prime Minister of Guyana almost continuously from 1992 to 2015.

2 Samuel 22:34 He makes my feet like hinds' feet: and sets ...
He makes my feet like hinds' feet: and sets me on my high places. maketh [heb] equalleth to . 2 Samuel 2:18 And there were three sons of Zeruiah there, Joab, and ...


Bewell's Cross, also called Gallows Cross stood in the Gallows Field at the top of St Michael's Hill. This stone is set into the base of the wall enclosing Cotham Parish Church. The cross also served as a boundary marker of the County of Bristol. Bewell's Cross was one of many in the Bristol area, such as the High Cross in the High Street; St Peter's Cross near St Peter's church; the Stallage Cross in Temple Street; and Don John's Cross at St George. Interestingly, there is a wayside cross at Kings Weston called Bewys Cross which was apparently 'held in high estimation by sailors who paid their devotions to it on landing'. With the Bristolian tendency to add an 'L' to the end of words, Bewell may well be the same name as Bewy. The line of the old county boundary was drawn in a lozenge shape up to the top of St Michael’s Hill. A gallows existed at the highest point of the hill (roughly at the Cotham Road/Cotham Hill junction) and St Michael’s Hill would have been an important...
Montague Close
This is Monday 21st June 1897 which was designated 'Thanksgiving Day'. Church services were held all over the country to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. In this case the venue is St. Saviours Church which later became Southwark Cathedral in 1905. The Soldiers on Parade are members of the 3rd Volunteer Battalion The Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment also known as the 'Bermondsey Volunteers". The Colonel of the Battalion was Samuel Bevington a former Mayor of Bermondsey and a well known figure locally. The west end of the church is to the left of the photographer and the narrow street ahead leads into St. Mary Overie Dock or St. Saviour's Dock, there is also a St. Saviour's Dock just downstream of London Bridge at Shad Thames, this one is just upstream of London Bridge on the south bank, it is now the home of a replica of Sir. Francis Drake's 'Golden Hind' . Just opposite the dock is a very popular tourist pub called 'The Thameside Inn' which was granted a...
Looking Down at the Area Where The Snacks Were Handed Out at Break
That's the Prime Minister Samuel Hinds right there in the middle in the sort of rust colored dress shirt.

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