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MTA Ventilation Plant Will Tear Up Park Ave's 'Front Yards,' Neighbors Say

“I want to stress the amount of MTA-Long Island Railroad East Side Access construction work that has occurred in Murray Hill over the past eight years,” he wrote. “Any overlap between the two projects should be extensively studied to evaluate its

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MTA Ventilation Plant Will Tear Up Park Ave's 'Front Yards,' Neighbors Say - DNAinfo

“We’re not saying ‘not in my backyard,’ because in reality we’d love to have this in our backyard,” Cohen said. ► See Also: MTA Plans to Build Ventilation Plant Beneath Park Avenue. Representatives of the agency have said the plant is a necessary safety improvement to the tunnel, which doesn’t have an emergency ventilation system between East 33rd Street and Grand Central. But neighbors question whether the project is as necessary as the MTA says. Ned Putnam, who also lives on Park Avenue, said the agency has not proven that a subway line that has existed for a century without a ventilation plant is truly in need of an immediate update. “They say it’s an emergency, but I don’t think they’ve demonstrated that,” Putnam said. “The only need for this seems to be the need to use available funds in the capital budget. There’s also the issue of the project’s timeline, residents say, which the MTA has estimated will take about four years. “If the East Side Access project is any indication, we have no confidence in their ability to get this done in a timely manner,” said Parce Ainsworth, who also lives near the corner of Park Avenue and East 37th Street. And some neighbors, who say traffic along Park Avenue is already barely passable on some days, worry that tearing up a lane of traffic will cause years of gridlock and noise and air pollution as cars idle and honk outside. Cohen, who lives just three stories above where some of the construction would likely occur, said he’s not looking forward to an indefinite stretch of time in which he can’t open his windows. “Anyone who’s endured the East Side Access Project knows congestion and air pollution are a problem,” Cohen said. Representatives of the agency who spoke to neighbors at a public hearing on the project in June said the MTA has drafted a list of possible locations for the plant, which include:. ►Underneath the northbound lane of Park Avenue between East 36th and East 37th streets, between East 37th and East 38th streets, or between East 38th and East 39th streets. ►Underneath the divider separating Park Avenue between East 39th and East 40th streets. ►Underneath the divider separating Park Avenue between East 37th and East 38th streets. ► Underground, between Lexington and Park avenues or between Park and Madison avenues, at East 36th, East 38th or East 39th Street. Locations east of Park Avenue would cost an estimated $93. 9 million, while locations west of Park Avenue would run the agency an estimated $96 million, and a plant built directly underneath Park Avenue would cost about $85. 5 million, the agency... According to Cohen, they’ve suggested three options that would be less disruptive to their lives, including putting the plant further up Park Avenue toward Grand Central, where there are more businesses and fewer residents, or using existing... “I understand the need to ensure that the subway system is safe but there are other ways to make it safe without impacting lives of people in the neighborhood,” said Ned Putnam, who lives nearby and has joined the effort to block the project. At the scoping meeting in June, MTA officials highlighted what they described as the high need for a ventilation plant here, in the case of an emergency anywhere between 33rd Street and Grand Central. A 1994 study of ventilation at 242 segments of tunnel in the New York City transit system found the stretch between 33rd Street and Grand Central to be number five in terms of priority, according to the agency. But it wasn't until the 2015-2019 capital program that funds became available for the work, according to Emil Dul, an environmental engineer at the MTA who spoke to residents at the June hearing. Given the time that has passed since the 1994 study, residents like Cohen are not buying the MTA’s argument that this is a crucial safety initiative. According to Cohen, a Freedom of Information Law request showed that in the past 20 years, there have been just 95 small track fires in the section of tunnel in question, leading him and his neighbors to question whether the MTA was hyping up the... The Park Avenue neighbors have gotten some support from local representatives.


  1. “I want to stress the amount of MTA-Long Island Railroad East Side Access construction work that has occurred in Murray Hill over the past eight years,” he wrote. “Any overlap between the two projects should be extensively studied to evaluate its
  2. Dulaney junior Matt Owens had two goals in mind in the Class 4A boys race at the Maryland State cross country championship meet at Hereford High.
  3. Watch 'West Wing' star Dulé Hill connect landmark political drama to the Trump era in Rolling Stone's exclusive '100 Greatest TV Shows' video.
  2. Dul Madooba is a hill ridge 40 kilometres southeast of Burao in northwestern Somalia. After this battle, the city of burco was liberated!
  3. RT @holybangtan: armys holding the banners and singing dul!set! together with bangtan im not sobbing im crying https://t.co/dXUKbwFvCd


Apple Hill Cake (apple, baking soda, cinnamon, eggs, flour, nutmeg, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, walnut)

Steamed Sole with Black Bean Sauce (Dul See Zing Tat Sa Yu) (black beans, garlic, sugar, dark sesame oil, rice wine, white pepper, salt, ginger, green onion, soy sauce, salad greens)

Hill Country Peach Custard Pie (pie crust, eggs, milk, peach, sugar)

Blueberry Hill Cupcakes (flour, baking powder, baking soda, blueberries, yogurt, vegetable oil, kosher salt, kosher salt, eggs, lemon zest, whole milk, mint, maple sugar, powdered sugar, sugar, vanilla extract, vanilla extract)


Dulé Hill - Wikipedia
Born: Karim Dulé Hill East Brunswick, New Jersey, United States: Occupation: Actor, tap dancer, Years active: 1988–present: Spouse(s) Nicole Lyn (2004–12)

Happy Hill Sochor: Happy Hill Sochor s.r.o., Krkonoše
Lyžařská škola Happy Hill Sochor. PROVOZ UKONČEN. FOTOGALERIE [ další fotografie] AKTUALITY. UKONČENÍ PROVOZU [ více] ZAHÁJENÍ PROVOZU!

Dulé Hill - IMDb
Dulé Hill, Actor: The West Wing. Dulé Hill (whose first name is pronounced due-LAY) was born in East Brunswick, New Jersey; raised in Sayreville; and is the younger ...

Dule Hill 2013 Dul hill

Dule Hill 2013 Dul hill
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Dul Hill Interview with Kam | Defender Network | Houston's Black ...

Dul Hill Interview with Kam | Defender Network | Houston's Black ...
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An t-Òb 12 / Leverburgh 12, Eilean na Hearadh / Isle of Harris
Tráthnóna fliuch gruama agus muid ag dul i dtír ar Eilean Bheàrnaraigh. Turas cúig mhíle dhéag romhaim ar an rothar! Facing into a fifteen mile cycle on a dreary and wet afternoon in Berneray!
Ostrava, Czech Republic June 2015 Hill on the left is a beginning of a slag heap. Waggons usually carry coal. There was a coal mine here. If you are interested look at this historical photo, which is captured in similar direction (towards the slag heap), but from more remote point of view. This mine has closed in 1993. web / tumblr / facebook / twitter / blurb book / instagram

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Giving it some welly! Heavily pregnant Katherine Heigl covers her bump in loose sweater as she dons rain boots for rare damp day in Los Angeles
Her employer turned lover will be played by Steven Pasquale, and the cast will also feature such names as Laverne Cox, Dulé Hill, Dreama Walker and Elliott Gould.

LRM Exclusive Interview: Jazmyn Simon for BALLERS
[Laughter] Jazmyn Simon: It’s funny. My real life partner is on BALLERS, as well. Dulé Hill plays my work husband’s boss. It’s a very funny triangle we got going on. [Laughter] LRM: Well, that makes everyday life on the set a whole lot easier ...

Theatre Communications Gala Honors Danai Gurira
Newly announced Gala Committee Members include Angela Bassett, James Earl Jones, Lynn Nottage, Dulé Hill, Debbie Allen, Oskar Eustis, Brian Dennehy, Liesl Tommy, La La Anthony, Jessica Hecht, Emily Mann, Kenny Leon, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Daryl Roth ...

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