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XENITH promotes Coach Bobby Hosea's "Helmet-Free" Tackle Training System.

Xenith & Coach Bobby Hosea have combined TECHNOLOGY & KNOWHOW, to increase on the field tackling safety this coming 2011 football season.

Is tackle football safe for young kids? Questions remain over when – or if – safety will come

Before Pop Warner adopted Heads Up in 2014, Orange Empire coaches learned tackling technique through an annual leaguewide coaches clinic run by local coach Bobby Hosea. During Hosea's camp, coaches ran through individual tackling drills 

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Newton's Football

In the bestselling tradition of Freakonomics and Scorecasting comes a clever and accessible look at the big ideas underlying the science of football. Did you hear the one about the MacArthur genius physicist and the NFL coach? It’s not a joke. It’s actually an innovative way to understand chaos theory, and the remarkable complexity of modern professional football. In Newton’s Football, journalist and New York Times bestselling author Allen St. John and TED Speaker and former Yale professor Ainissa Ramirez explore the unexpected science behind America’s Game. Whether it’s Jerry Rice finding the common ground between quantum physics and the West Coast offense or an Ivy League biologist explaining—at a granular level—exactly how a Big Mac morphs into an outside linebacker, Newton’s...

Is tackle football safe for young kids? Questions remain over when – or if – safety will come - OCRegister

Andrew Su repeats these first two commands in a warm cadence, as three lines of kids crouch into position, chopping their feet with varying degrees of enthusiasm. ” Su yells to the 8- and 9-year-olds wearing blue Bulldogs T-shirts as they practice in a shaded corner of Garden Grove Park. It’s a Sunday evening in July, the first day of Garden Grove Pop Warner’s five-night safety and conditioning camp, and the sun is disappearing behind the trees. Su, 26, is a technical sales engineer and one of the younger football coaches here. This is his second year. But this particular responsibility, walking kids step by step through proper tackling technique, is new. Su is Garden Grove’s player safety coach, tasked not only with teaching all 60 of the league’s coaches Heads Up Football – a safety initiative launched by the NFL’s youth football arm, USA Football, in 2012 – but also monitoring the safety of more... “I stepped up,” he says. Coaches are the crux of USA Football’s strategy for overhauling youth football safety, at a time when unease over concussions has reached a fever pitch. But the issues facing youth football are more complex than the strategy suggests. Five years after a tragic injury shook Southern California, a deeper look into the state of youth football safety reveals misrepresented data and less-than-enthusiastic attitudes about reform still exist at the national and local levels, even as... As the NFL finds itself awash in legal fees for its handling of the concussion crisis , youth football soon might face its own legal challenges. Pop Warner has settled two lawsuits this year, and a recent class-action lawsuit filed against Pop Warner accuses the nation’s largest youth football organization, as well as USA Football, of negligently putting children in danger of head trauma. But as parents desperately seek reassurance that isn’t there, youth leagues increasingly are betting on USA Football and its Heads Up model. Funded in large part by a 2014 grant from the NFL, Heads Up Football, according to USA Football, was embraced by more than 6,300 youth sports organizations in 2015, an increase of 14. 5 percent over the previous year. Last year, almost 2. 2 million kids ages 6 to 14 played football, a slight increase from 2014, according to data from the Physical Activity Council. For youth football leaders, the uptick was spun as great news – the first sign in five years that more kids were starting to play football. But that ignores a larger truth: Participation remains well under what it was as recently as 2010, when 3 million kids ages 6 to 14 played youth football, according to a 2013 report by ESPN. Still, as USA Football sets its sights on universal acceptance at the youth and high school levels, the organization has trumpeted Heads Up and a modest growth in youth participation as a “culture change. Officials at USA Football and Pop Warner strongly believe they’ll see another slight increase in participation when numbers are tallied this season. Parents, they say, are starting to come around. But as another football season continues, it’s fair to wonder: Is the progress heralded by youth football leaders really progress at all. GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS. Scott Hallenbeck has a fondness for football metaphors. And as he addressed the USA Football National Conference in February 2015, Hallenbeck, the organization’s executive director, told a crowd in Indianapolis that the effort to evolve and expand Heads Up Football had finished “the first quarter. “And the one thing I can tell you right now,” Hallenbeck continued, “is the game plan is working. A week earlier, USA Football had published what it believed to be compelling evidence of its safety initiative’s success. USA Football commissioned a study that was conducted by the Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research and Prevention. Ten youth leagues were monitored, six of which used Heads Up, and the preliminary results were promising. According to Datalys, 76 percent fewer injuries and 34 percent fewer concussions occurred during games in Heads Up leagues. For over a year, USA Football happily touted the study’s results in media and promotional materials. But that changed recently, when The New York Times reported that the final version of the Datalys study actually told a very different.


  1. Before Pop Warner adopted Heads Up in 2014, Orange Empire coaches learned tackling technique through an annual leaguewide coaches clinic run by local coach Bobby Hosea. During Hosea's camp, coaches ran through individual tackling drills 
  2. Hosea looks very similar to Simpson and when the movie was broadcast 21 years ago, just as the trial of the century was getting underway, it was a big hit. The film also starred an unknown Terrence Howard as A.C. Cowlings. “It was one of the highest
  3. Bobby Ed Phillip Smith, 34, of 118 Hosea St., was arrested Wednesday on warrants stating that on Oct. 29, he got in an argument with the victim's father and then shoved the 4-year-old victim to the ground, causing bruising. He also struck another
  1. RT @bijancbayne: .@bomani_jones Lemuel Penn, James Meredith, Medgar Evers, Hosea Williams were all veterans, as was Bobby Seale.
  2. .@bomani_jones Lemuel Penn, James Meredith, Medgar Evers, Hosea Williams were all veterans, as was Bobby Seale.
  3. 4:18 Their drink is sour: they have committed whoredom continually: her rulers with shame do love, Give ye. Hosea


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Coach Bobby Hosea's B.I.G. H.I.T.T.S. Tackle Training System
Coach Bobby Hosea is fast becoming known as the foremost authority on the subject of "injury preventive" tackle training in the world! Since 1997, Coach ...

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Bobby Hosea - The Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary ...

Bobby Hosea - The Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary ...
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Bobby Hosea - Actor - CinemaRx
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Bobby Hosea

Bobby Hosea
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