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Fox Hunter Pie (pie crust, flour, butter, semisweet chocolate chips, cocoa powder, eggs, sugar, pecan, salt, vanilla extract)

C. O. R. N. Chicken Noodle Soup (chicken broth, chicken, garlic powder, black pepper, margarine, onions, pasta, poultry seasoning, salt, vegetable)

C.o.m.f.y. ! Casserole (carrot, monterey jack cheese, broccoli, garlic powder, black pepper, milk, elbow macaroni, smoked sausage)

R C Pasta Recipe (green pepper, chicken, dry pasta, salt, onions, sweet and sour mix, vegetable oil, sauce)


William Henry Fox Talbot — Wikipédia
William Henry Fox Talbot, né le 11 février 1800 à Melbury, dans le Dorset, et mort le 17 septembre 1877 à Lacock dans le Wiltshire, est un scientifique ...

Wm. Fox & Co Fine Men's Clothing in Washington, D.C.
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Henry Fox Talbot - Wikipedia
William Henry Fox Talbot FRS FRSE FRAS (/ ˈ t ɔː l b ə t /; 11 February 1800 – 17 September 1877) was an English scientist, inventor and photography pioneer who ...


Fox Lane, Baptist Mills, Bristol
from batch of old photos marked as Easton Bristol (date unknown) Looking along Fox Lane, Baptist Mills, Campbell Terrace off to the right leading to Baptist street, River Frome to the left (now built over by M32) Listed public house: Joseph Brunt, North View Inn, Fox Lane, Baptist Mills, Bristol. Named Old Fox Lane from the Old Fox, a pub which was in existence as early as 1752. See photo link www.flickr.com/photos/brizzlebornandbred/15810267049/ Can you add any other information to this photo? (Adjust your display settings, make image larger, click on view all sizes) (See Comments Below) Bristol Directory 1958 Fox Road & Lane Mina road to Stapleton road 1. Crates Philip 3. Ward Miss Ellen Mary 4. Brown Mrs. Caroline 5. Day Mrs. Kate 6. Mills Arthur Henry 7. Holley Miss Margt 8. Gordon Mrs. Caroline (Guble Road? & Campbell Terrace intersect) 9/10. Harris R. A. upholsterer 21. Ball Arthur 22. Scull James C 23. Fox Charles James 24. Flook Fras. W 25. Ridgeway...
AW 650 Argosy N1430Z at Fox Field
Armstrong Whitworth Aviation (AWA) Argosy AW 650 RAF XP447, c/n 6779 US FAA registration N1430Z For more about this particular aircraft, see: www.argosyair.co.uk/2nd20.html#447 For more information about the Argosy series generally, see: www.argosyair.co.uk/index.html General William J. Fox Airfield (WJF) Lancaster, California November 1998 (Camera: Nikon FM2, scanned 35mm color negative)
If Only It Were This Simple
William Dam is a 72 year old. On Healthgrades, he gets a 3.5 out of 5 rating. He is a good man, but he is also a simpleton who should know better, since he lived in a corrupt town and helped destroy an incredible amount of corruption. Dam is a simpleton, and a menace to society. He must live with his head stuck up his butt hole. He is from a dump of a town called Fox Lake. The police department is so pathetic, they promoted a rapist rather than fire him. They give drunk drivers "professional courtesy" rides home rather than charge them with DUI. William Dam is a moron! A fool. A pansy ass. Worthless.

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