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UBCevents Preview of The Seagull


We join three of the cast members for a quick teaser of what you can look forward to in UBC Theatre's production of The Seagull By Anton Chekhov, translated .

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Dreaming in the Rain

Vancouver is now North America's third largest center for film and television production, recently witnessing the filming of Halle Berry's Catwoman and Will Smith's I, Robot, among others. But Vancouver has been hosting filmmakers for years, coming into its own in the early 1970s when Robert Altman, Warren Beatty and Julie Christie made McCabe and Mrs. Miller and Mike Nichols, Jack Nicholson and Candice Bergen filmed Carnal Knowlege. Dreaming in the Rain tells the story of how Vancouver became North by Northwest, from its early days as a Hollywood studio backlot to its becoming home to a vibrant indigenous scene that is among the most acclaimed, provocative, independent filmmaking communities anywhere. But with Hollywood's growing concern over "runaway" productions, Vancouver's growing...

X-Treme Possibilities

'Open your mind to extreme possibilities' Scully's desire to be recognised as 'a medical doctor', ooze, mouthfuls of difficult dialogue and the tendency for characters not to make it through the pre-titles sequence were just a few of the tragically underexamined elements of THE X-FILES phenomenon - until the first edition of this book. Now the authors take their study of televisions weirdest show through to the end of series five, and THE X-FILES movie. X-TREME POSSIBILITIES presents a unique analysis of the programme that transformed US television. While sometimes witty and light-hearted, this volume is also a serious study of the elements that made the show such a success. As well as a detailed episode guide of the first five seasons, the book pieces together the nature of the series'...


Aunt Kathleen's Caramels (brown sugar, condensed milk, margarine, sugar, vanilla extract, walnut, karo)

Fresh Strawberry Sorbet (apple juice, strawberries, sugar)

Barbecue BLT Chicken Salad (bacon, barbecue sauce, celery, chicken, lemon juice, mayonnaise, black pepper, salad greens, salt, tomato)

Sausage Spinach Bake (sausage, eggs, garlic, green onion, half and half, monterey jack cheese, parmesan cheese)


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The Call of the Wild was TV show based on novel of same name Main Cast Nick Mancuso as John Thornton (13/13), Shane Meier as Miles Challenger (13/13), Rachel Hayward ...

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The Call of the Wild was TV show based on novel of same name Nick Mancuso as John Thornton, Shane Meier as Miles Challenger, Rachel Hayward as Adoley Thornton ...

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Call of the Wild is a 2000 adventure television series based on Jack London's eponymous 1903 novel. It was originally broadcast on Animal Planet, and the 13 episodes ...

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