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Passionate & Profitable: Why Customer Strategies Fail and 10 Steps to Do Them Right!

Passionate & Profitable: Why Customer Strategies Fail and 10 Steps to Do Them Right!


Price: $27.56

Binding: Hardcover Author: Lior Arussy Language: English Publication Date: 2005-03-01 Number of Pages: 204 Publisher: Wiley "I'Ve Always Said That Education Without Execution Is Just Entertainment €" And Lior Illustrates This Beautifully In His Book. It Is Important To Learn How To Implement A Successful Customer Focus Strategy And You Need Knowledge And Process To Do It Well. Read This Book And Learn."-Tim Sanders, Author Of "Love Is The Killer App'lior Brings Original Thought To The World Of Business, Ideas Drawn From Reality, Based On Solid Observations With The Clear Objective Of Helping People Make Money. Read This And Profit."-Jerry Vass, Author Of "Soft Selling In A Hard World" And President Vass Consulting "You Might Not Like This Book. It'S Not Filled With Easy Shortcuts And Feel-Good Platitudes. But, When You'Re Ready To Walk The Walk And Not Just Talk The Talk) About Treating Your Customers Right And Growing Your Business, Lior'S Book Is A Fine Place To Start Down That Rarely-Followed, Very Profitable Path."-Seth Godin Author, Purple Cow & Free Prize Inside "Lior Arussy Is A True Customer Advocate. This Book Is A Must-Read For Anyone Who Knows That The Only Sustainable Competitive Advantage Is To Create A Unique And Meaningful Customer Experience."-Ginger Conlon, Editor-In-Chief, Crm Magazine According To Strativity'S 2003 Cem Global Study, 45% Of Executives Surveyed Do Not Believe They Deserve The Customer'S Loyalty. Following A Decade Of Customer-Centric Books, The Market Is In A State Of Crises With Over 50% Customer Focused Projects Fail. Passionate And Profitable Is A New Book That Takes A Critical Look At The State Of The Companies' Commitment To Customers And Exposes The Fatal Mistakes Companies Make And The Lip Service They Pay To Their Customers. Full Of Examples And Statistics, Passionate And Profitable Argues That Customer Strategies Success Depends On Making Serious Tough Choices And Not Cosmetic Works. It Is Those Tough

Letters: Tariffs threaten jobs; Bend should sponsor movie nights; Don't hurt pain victims; Wyden and New York - Bend Bulletin

Tariffs threaten jobs. President Trump continues his trade wars with China. The latest tariff on goods imported from China is impacting $50 billion worth of products and services. Polls conducted in early August report 45 percent approve of Trump’s presidency. The potential of more expensive school clothes isn’t eroding the president’s support so far. Politicians will argue about what tariffs will do to the economy. Trump won the election in Deschutes County. Likely we’re not of one mind what his tariffs mean. But, all Central Oregonians care about jobs. I hope they can agree with their political opponent that long-term tariffs will negatively affect jobs here. The Wall Street Journal writes, “All of this and more are examples of the real and growing damage that Mr. Trump’s arbitrary and punitive trade policy is doing to U. S. companies and workers. Two years ago Central Oregon exported goods valued at $215 million. Roger Lee, executive director of Economic Development Central Oregon, says EDCO has no position on the new U. S. tariffs. He adds that past free trade terms provided for healthier economies and jobs. John Kasich says, “Trade was not responsible for the majority of American job losses in the last generation: technology was. Republicans support Trump. Democrats are upset about his actions with immigration and Russia. Focus on tariffs. The two divergent party faithfuls might agree how tariffs can threaten jobs here. Tim Conlon. Bend should sponsor movie nights. In the “Should Bend sponsor movie nights” editorial, the editorial board stated that the city of Bend should not spend money on sponsoring a screening of “Miss Representation” no matter how important the film’s message. The point about budget being reserved for core city functions is valid. however, we feel the value of seeing a powerful film in a community setting should not be diminished regardless of the funding source. When it comes to watching issue-driven films, it’s always better to gather for a shared viewing experience and ensuing conversation. Film is an important and powerful tool for discussion that builds empathy and can bring communities closer. There will never be a substitute for learning something new together, hearing perspectives that differ from your own and feeling compelled to take action. We at BendFilm encourage nonprofits, government entities or any local group with a social mission to reach out to us. We host more than 25 screenings year-round and actively seek partnerships when we see a film that will resonate in the community. In fact, we screened “Miss Representation” at Bend High in 2013 because we knew breaking down gender stereotypes was a crucial concept to discuss with young people. We regularly organize panels, bring in filmmakers and gather experts to enrich screenings because the nuances in a film are meant to be debated. In an age where it’s easy and tempting to stay at home and binge watch a show, remember how important it is to gather, connect and share. Don’t hurt pain victims. There’s a great expression in golf: “Don’t chase a bad shot with a stupid shot. Oregon and the rest of the country are in the grips of a tragic opioid crisis with multiple villains: the medical community’s lack of oversight and the pharmaceutical industry’s naked greed, among others. But to chase a solution by punishing not just chronic pain sufferers in general but specifically those who can’t afford the medications they desperately need — now that would be a superbly stupid shot. Wyden and New York. Your July 26 editorial failed to mention a glaring example of Oregon Democrats’ hypocrisy on the issue of an elected official’s residence. has no real permanent Oregon residence and when not in Washington lives with his wife and children in New York City.


  1. Tim Conlon. Bend. Bend should sponsor movie nights. In the “Should Bend sponsor movie nights” editorial, the editorial board stated that the city of Bend should not spend money on sponsoring a screening of “Miss Representation” no matter how important 
  2. 40 for the Heat other than Udonis Haslem, who has committed to a 16th season with the team (Sylvester Gray, Kurt Thomas, Marty Conlon and Tim James). By contrast, seven others have worn Dwyane Wade's No. 3. Pat Riley offers this thoughts on moving 
  1. Join us on the beautiful campus of Ohio Christian university for a powerful evening as we honor and remember First… https://t.co/lycuc7HFrK
  2. RT @RobertJosephHa2: This could not have taken place without the help and guidance of many You Tubers And a lawyer that took the case no ch…
  3. This could not have taken place without the help and guidance of many You Tubers And a lawyer that took the case no… https://t.co/9pxNaJUOmQ


Tim and Tracy's Chocolate Cake (Boiled) (baking soda, butter, cocoa powder, eggs, flour, sugar, water)

Tim Horton's Style Oatmeal Muffins (flour, baking powder, eggs, milk, oats, salt, vegetable oil, sugar)

Tim Mcgraw's Chicken and Dumplings! (bay leaf, black pepper, butter, carrot, celery, celery, cube chicken bouillon, cloves, water, cornstarch, sage, thyme, flour, parsley, sweet peas, garlic, onions, chicken, salt, water, yellow onions)

Tim's Green Bean Casserole Extraordinaire (butter, butter, cornflakes, flour, sour cream, swiss cheese)


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The Trains - Bombs Away Exhibition in Berlin
Bombs Away Graffiti Show curated by Tim Conlon at the Strychnin Gallery in Berlin-Friedrichshain. More Infos at Berlin Streetart Blog
Lawyers in Frederick Maryland
Custody Lawyers in Frederick MD Tim Conlon at work.

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