Brian Clark


Brian Clark - A 9/11 Survivor's Story

Clark was invited to Mesquite ISD to share his story at 10th anniversary of 9/11 memorial service. Students too young to understand ten years ago now.

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Whose Life is it Anyway?

When sculptor Ken Harrison is permanently paralysed in an accident, he resolves to die rather than live with his physically helpless state. His struggle for the right to die makes a powerful play which raises important issues of human dignity and medical ethics. It is witty and compassionate, toughtful and fast moving.

Identifying as another race not a problem at one university - WTSP 10 News

TAMPA, FL – Multiple reports circulating the internet claim Brown University is making a move to help students feel more included by essentially picking their race. According to the school’s newspaper, The Brown Daily Herald, the Graduate School will “change its application for the upcoming admissions cycle to allow students to self-identify as a student of color. The school identifies historically underrepresented groups as “American Indian, Alaskan Native, African American, Hispanic or Latin, and Native Hawaiian and/or Pacific Islander. The Herald report says complaints from students on the Graduate School Advisory Board claim international and Asian-American students were not being considered historically underrepresented groups. That led to those students being left out from invitations to diversity events on campus, according to a grad student quoted in the article. However, officials with Brown say there is no change and this has always been the policy to let students self-identify. “As has been the case for years, Brown’s application for graduate admission asks prospective students to voluntarily self-report information on race and ethnicity,” Brian Clark, Director of News and Editorial Development for Brown, told 10 News by... A 2015 report from the school, Pathways to Diversity and Inclusion: An Action Plan for Brown University , addressed the terms “students of color,” “minority” and “HUG” (Historically Underrepresented Groups). Part of the report has a section called “Proposals Received” and includes these bullet points:. Include all Asian American faculty as “HUG” within the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts. Disaggregate data in the Asian/Asian American and Pacific Islander category to address the underrepresentation of Hmong, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander students. Expand definition of HUG to include first-generation and low-income students, regardless of race, ethnicity, or background. Also, the Department of Physics page at Brown says its committed to increasing the representation of women and students who “self-identify” as one of those seven ethnic groups mentioned as historically underrepresented. Last month, a 10 News report about a person born a white male, but identifies as a Filipino woman sparked a global conversation about transracialism.


  1. “As has been the case for years, Brown's application for graduate admission asks prospective students to voluntarily self-report information on race and ethnicity,” Brian Clark, Director of News and Editorial Development for Brown, told 10 News by e
  2. Mr. Cluff said he thought of his childhood friend, Brian Clark, at the time of the attack. Mr. Clark worked in the second building that was hit in New York that day. Story continues below advertisement. Story continues below advertisement. "I thought I
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  2. RT @samolens: Much congrats @bohannonbrian. FB: Brian Bohannon Named AFCA Region 2 Coach of the Year - Kennesaw State Athletics https://t.c…
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Brian Clark (September 11 survivor) - Wikipedia
Brian Clark (born July 4, 1947) is a Canadian survivor of the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Clark worked for the American international ...

Brian Clark (@brianclark) | Twitter
2,168 tweets • 632 photos/videos • 186K followers. "I can't even. Late 2017 version."

About Brian Clark - Further
Brian Clark is a writer, traveler, and serial entrepreneur. He heads up Copyblogger and StudioPress, and is co-founder and chief evangelist for Rainmaker ...


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