Walter Breaux


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The Instrument Man

New Orleanian Nicolas Dominick "Nicky" Le Beau was mentored and tutored by a group of New Orleanians, his agape family, on his journey and mission. Just like many great New Orleanians, he helped create and disseminate a most profound contribution, unity. For America's vision was stated by Abraham Lincoln in his 1863 speech (The Gettysburg Address) and affirmed by John F. Kennedy in his 1963 speech (Ich bin ein Berliner). Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speech (I Have a Dream) stated the American dream's goal and Nicky Le Beau's (sixth chapter) speech (For The Younger Brother) spot-lighted the instrument for that dream's fulfillment, (the vote).

Getting Off at Elysian Fields

No city in America knows how to mark death with more funerary panache than New Orleans. The pageants commemorating departed citizens are often in themselves works of performance art. A grand obituary remains key to this Stygian passage. And no one writes them like New Orleanian John Pope. Collected here are not just simple, mindless recitations of schools and workplaces, marriages, and mourners bereft. These pieces in Getting Off at Elysian Fields are full-blooded life stories with accounts of great achievements, dubious dabblings, unavoidable foibles, relationships gone sour, and happenstances that turn out to be life-changing. To be sure, there are stories about Carnival monarchs, great philanthropists, and a few politicians. But because New Orleans embraces eccentric behavior, there...


  1. Benedict Drive 6620: Walter Bailey to Eugene Jenkins and Salida Jenkins, $85,000. Blanche St. 2817: Jarrad A. Breaux to Victor S. Lachute, $152,500. Cedarlawn Drive 2532: John P. Bourgoyne Jr. to Timothy G. Foley, $529,000. Colony Court subdivision
  2. Just a few months ago, 80 year old father of six, grandfather of 18 and great grandfather of 7 Walter Breaux suffered from shortness of breath and wasn't able to do his every day chores. "The heart was not working right. It would stop and go and they


Walter's Pizza Crust Recipe (flour, yeast, sugar, salt, water)

Emeril Lagasse's Crawfish Etouffee (bay leaves, green pepper, butter, cayenne, celery, crawfish, flour, green onion, onions, parsley, salt, water)

Vichyssoise Recipe (buttermilk, heavy cream, seasoning, leek, chives, butter, vegetable broth, white pepper, potato)

One Giant Blueberry Muffin For Your Summer Bake-ation Recipe (eggs, flour, milk, butter, streusel, sugar, sugar, butter, salt, salt, lemon zest, cinnamon, baking powder, vanilla extract)


Walter Dix - Wikipedia
Walter Dix (born January 31, 1986) is a retired American sprinter who specializes in the 100 meters and 200 meters. He is the fourth-fastest 200-meter runner ever ...

A Cajun icon: Walter Mouton returns to Jazz Fest -
Though last year’s Jazz Fest was not meant to be for Walter Mouton, what was meant to be was his destiny to become one of the best Cajun accordionists.

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Mark, Walter and Dan

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