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Medicine, Patients and the Law

Embryo research, cloning, assisted conception, neonatal care, savior siblings, organ transplants, drug trials modern developments have transformed the field of medicine almost beyond recognition in recent decades and the law struggles to keep up. At the same time legal claims against doctors and the NHS has grown and doctors feel under siege. In this highly acclaimed and very accessible book, Margaret Brazier and Emma Cave provide an incisive survey of the legal situation in areas as diverse as fertility treatment, surrogacy, patient consent, euthanasia and the definition of death, malpractice and medical privacy. The sixth edition of this book has been fully revised and updated to cover; Over 50 new cases, including the latest cases on assisted dying, court-authorised sterilisation,...

The Battered Body Beneath the Flagstones, and Other Victorian Scandals

A grisly book dedicated to the crimes, perversions and outrages of Victorian England, covering high-profile offences - such as the murder of actor William Terriss, whose stabbing at the stage door of the Adelphi Theatre in 1897 filled the front pages for many weeks - as well as lesser-known transgressions that scandalised the Victorian era. The tales include murders and violent crimes, but also feature scandals that merely amused the Victorians. These include the story of a teenage man who married an actress, only to be shipped off to Australia by his disgusted parents; and the Italian ice-cream man who only meant to buy his sweetheart a hat but ended up proposing marriage instead. When he broke it off, his fiancée's father sued him and the story was dubbed the 'Amusing Aberdeen Breach...

A Life in Focus: Celebrity Big Brother star who seared her personality onto the nation's psyche - The Independent

Goody's achievements were certainly remarkable. She remained in the public eye long past the perceived sell-by date of the average reality TV star. Yet for many years Goody's fame appeared to be grounded in her unpopularity. Newspaper columnists and fellow Big Brother housemates ridiculed her ignorance of basic geography (prompted by her talk of “East Angular”). She was pilloried for her appearance, outspokenness, lack of education, dysfunctional relationships and thirst for the limelight. In 2007 she sparked a fierce Anglo-Indian row after making apparently racist comments about the Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty during a stint on Celebrity Big Brother. From the age of five, Bermondsey-born Goody missed out on her education in order to stay at home and care for her mother Jackiey Budden after she sustained injuries in a motorbike accident, leaving her blind in one eye and with one arm paralysed. From as early as she could remember, Goody would roll joints for her mother. When the police raided their home looking for stolen goods, she hid her mother's stolen chequebooks in the freezer. Her father Andrew was a heroin addict who was in and out of prison throughout Goody's childhood and died from an overdose in 2005. Budden had ejected him from the family home years earlier after discovering he had been hiding guns under his... During Goody's teens Budden developed an addiction to crack cocaine. “The fact that she chose drugs over me was like being kicked in the teeth,” said Goody in her second autobiography Jade: Catch A Falling Star. By 2001 Goody was enduring regular domestic violence, a situation that, she said, prompted her to audition for Big Brother. During her time on Big Brother , Jade was the target of a vicious hate-campaign by the red-top press who called her variously a “monster”, a “pig” and “the most hated woman in Britain”. Psychologists warned Big Brother producers that they feared for Goody's sanity and safety when she came out. But upon leaving the house her celebrity cachet became clear after she gave an interview to the magazine Heat. It was a breakthrough issue for the publication, selling an unprecedented 650,000 copies, and heralded the start of the magazine's obsession with reality TV stars. Goody's post- Big Brother years were lived in the glare of publicity. She provided the media with unparalleled access to her life, with each development providing material for documentaries, autobiographies and newspaper and magazine heart-to-hearts. TV appearances included Celebrity Wife Swap , Celebrity Driving School , Celebrity Stars In Their Eyes , The Weakest Link , Jade's Salon and What Jade Goody Did Next. Meanwhile, the Jade Goody brand continued to go from strength to strength. By 2007 she had opened her own beauty salon, released three exercise DVDs, published two autobiographies and launched her own perfume called “Shh. Jade Goody”, the third most popular in the country after Kylie Minogue's and Victoria Beckham's. A relationship with the television presenter and fellow reality show regular Jeff Brazier, with whom she had two sons, Bobby Jack and Freddie, collapsed after three years. Goody later castigated Brazier for his lack of financial support. She subsequently began a relationship with the model Jack Tweed, who had appeared alongside her on Celebrity Big Brother , and whose lack of job and difficult behaviour led Goody to split up with him on several occasions. In 2008 Tweed served four months of an 18-month prison sentence after he was convicted of assaulting a 16-year-old boy. Throughout her career, Goody was clearly under no illusions about her talents and viewed the drawbacks of fame, notably the paparazzi intrusion, with equanimity. If it wasn't for someone writing some horrible things about me one week, the next week someone wouldn't write something.


  1. and launched her own perfume called “Shh Jade Goody”, the third most popular in the country after Kylie Minogue's and Victoria Beckham's. . Goody later castigated Brazier for his lack of financial support. She subsequently began a
  2. LOCAL trucker Ashley Brazier has been carting hay to drought-stricken parts of NSW for the past few months as the state's big dry gets worse. Mr Brazier said he has collected stock feed from Victoria and South Australia. "But the feed is running out


Victoria Sponge Cake (baking powder, butter, powdered sugar, eggs, flour, milk, vanilla extract)

Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe (flour, heavy cream, strawberry jam, sugar, butter, cake, raspberries, eggs, powdered sugar, milk, baking powder, salt, vanilla extract, zest)

Taqueria Victoria's Banana Cake (flour, baking soda, banana, butter, eggs, powdered sugar, sour cream, sugar)

Apple Glazed Pork Chops Victoria Recipe (pork, thyme, basil, summer savory, vegetable oil, beef broth, sugar, apple, apple cider, orange zest, lemon zest, butter, flour, red wine, thyme)


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